22 Awesome RV Desk Ideas That Will Get You Working In Comfort

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly more popular and possible to telecommute for work. This has allowed people to be able to enjoy more frequent travel and time for exploring.

Plus, talk about an office with a view! RV travel allows you to experience an ever-changing landscape while working from a comfortable space inside your RV. Incorporate a comfortable workspace into your RV for a sincerely “at home” feeling when you are on the road exploring the world. Having a quality desk in your RV will inspire you and equip you to maintain a productive lifestyle even when you are adventuring.

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As a bonus, a desk in an RV is multi-purpose; it can serve as an eating surface, a place for additional storage, and more. In any case, a desk is a must-have for your RV. It is an incredible way to transform the interior and make your RV feel more like home.

Luckily, there are plenty of desks on the market that fit inside of RVs; you can also DIY an office space or desk. To save you some time, we have created a list of some of the best options out there for your RV workspace inspiration. Any of these desks will make a great addition to your RV.

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A Classic Touch

Placing this Lumber Jacks desk inside of your RV will significantly enhance your workspace, providing you with plenty of storage and surface area. Additionally, this desk offers a classic, timeless aesthetic. With this RV desk, you can enjoy your travels while also being able to carry your work with you.

Like Home Workspace

A desk setup such as this allows multiple people to utilize the space, resulting in more productivity for the whole family! You won't have to fight over elbow room either; a setup like this is super spacious. What's more, the natural wood with metal accents creates a modern, sleek feel to your workspace.

Space Saving Desk

With a wall-mounted, folding design, this desk lets you easily tuck your work away to allow for more room in your RV. Unfold the desk when you need to sit down and work and fold it back up when you're done. The dark brown finish gives it an attractive, sleek finish that will be a nice touch in any RV interior.

A Modern Office

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Having an RV office compatible with a couple of people to work is easy when you can configure your space with a desk like this one. It can comfortably house three monitors and two chairs for your workspace. Multiple drawer storage helps to minimize desk clutter and allows for secure hideaway storage.

Stand and Work

Utilizing a standing desk has many health and wellness benefits, so adding one of these into your RV is a particularly excellent choice. As you can see, you can also place a bar stool in the space for sitting at the desk when you would like to. This desk can transform into any counter space that you may need as well. Building a standing workspace in your RV adds a unique element of diversity.

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Dinette Conversion

If you are someone who has transitioned into living in an RV permanently and needs office space in your RV, converting your dinette area into a workspace may be an excellent option for you. With the conversion, you can create a dynamic space to fit your needs.

An Unconventional Solution

Creating space for an office may be a slightly tricky task for you in your RV, so this option, while unconventional, does the trick. If your bed flips up for storage, you can easily place a collapsible table in the space for a “pop up” desk and office space. Nothing is impossible with a little bit of creativity!

Corner Utility Space ????

Stay organized and orderly with a desk like this one. This desk's long L-shaped design makes it a great addition to that lonely corner of your RV. This setup boasts of generous storage space along with a sizeable desktop for work.

Mobile Office Setup

Who needs to buy an office chair for your RV when you can use your driver or passenger seat for just that. Utilize the space in between the driver and passenger seats by placing a narrow desk in the gap. With versatility like this, you can access the desk from either seat. If you don’t have additional space in your RV for an office set up, this may be the best option for you. It can easily fit two monitors on top and a full keyboard for your convenience.

Cheap and Easy Solution

When saving space is one of your top priorities, an option such as this desk may suit your needs best. This area can be used as your table for two when it comes to mealtime, a quick and easy office set up when you need to get some work done, or even as a crafting project area when you want to get creative. When not in use, you can fold it down flat to the wall. With a space-saving desk like this one, you can enjoy all the living space of your RV with little to no added furniture. For an office chair, you can use a folding chair to save space further. Installing one of these desks next to a window can help provide your workspace with a beautiful view.

Perfect Desk For Couch Work

If you love to work from the comfort of your couch in your RV, this type of desk is the one for you. Its small structure is unobtrusive and can fold away out of sight. Pull it right up to the couch, and you have the perfect workspace. Of course, this option is best suited for people who can work from a laptop.

A Luxurious RV Desk Space

If your RV’s space allows, installing a U shaped desk would be a perfect option. Using something like this gives you an unmatched workspace with tons of storage room underneath the desk. This type of desk is ideal for someone who calls their RV home for much of their workdays. An RV is a significant investment, so why not create an office space that will fit all your needs on the go, too?

Maximized Space

If work and travel go hand in hand with your life, dedicating a large area of your RV might be the best option for you. Working remotely is a breeze with an office set up such as this one. Consider installing a large U shaped desk to accommodate the workspace of at least three people.

A Functional Credenza

You may be wanting just a little bit of additional space for an office. A desk set up like this one gives you just that. Easily fit two people into this workspace with the availability of two laptops with a slide-out desk in between them. What a perfect design to help save space in your RV. When you don’t need access to the desk, slide the desk back into the furniture. When the desk portions are pushed in, you’ll have more space in the RV and can easily disguise it if you’d like.

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Purposeful Comfort

This unique ottoman has a dual purpose: comfort and utility. With its fold-out design, this desk easily stows away when your work is finished so you can sit back, put your feet up, and relax.

RV Home Office

Transforming a nook in your RV into a home office can significantly increase your mobility. The natural wood looks stunning and can enhance the appeal of this office space. Having a desk this size can make this area multifunctional. Slide a rolling set of drawers underneath the desk to increase organization and storage space. You can also efficiently utilize the storage space above the desk as well.

Trendy Space

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A desk like this will give your RV interior a sleek and modern vibe. The cool thing about this desk concept is that it has two tiers for added space and increased functionality. This is an excellent setup for the mobile worker that still wants a trendy aesthetic inside the RV.

Wooden Work Area

Introduce a strong element of nature inside your RV. A simple wooden desk like this will make your RV interior resemble the great outdoors while providing a highly functional and usable workspace.

Convertible Space

When space is limited, taking advantage of dual-purpose areas is critical. Use your dinette area as an office area as well with a simple desk like this. The clean lines and simple aesthetic will help keep you focused on the task at hand.

Command Center

This desk setup makes the workspace feel like a command center. Its central location acts as the focal point of the interior, which will inspire you to maintain a productive lifestyle despite being on the road for an extended period.

Rustic Desk

It's incredible how many different stylistic looks you can display in your RV. Using natural wood in your RV can give it a more rustic feel that's more in sync with the outdoors all around you. Even a small piece such as this desk can be a useful and aesthetically pleasing addition to your RV's interior.

Sleek Modern Office

A desk like this is an aesthetic accent with a reasonably small footprint. Its exceptional qualities subtly call you to remember to be productive. A desk like this is a must-have for the intricately decorated interior that needs a capable workspace.

22 Awesome RV Desk Ideas That Will Get You Working In Comfort

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