What Size Truck Do You Need For Towing A Toy Hauler?

When you are looking for a truck to tow your toy hauler, it can be hard to know what size truck is the right one. This is because so many different factors go into deciding what size of the truck is best for you. Not to worry. We have done the research to give you an idea of what size truck you need to tow a toy hauler!

Most half-ton trucks can tow small toy haulers under 6,000 lbs. However, it is essential to check the weight of the toy hauler and compare it to the truck towing capacity. If the toy hauler is over 6,000 lbs, then you will want to take a look at using a 3/4-ton or full-ton pickup truck. The dry weight of a toy hauler is one thing, but when you add the toys to the equation, the towing weight increases substantially. 

There are several trucks on the market nowadays that have impressive towing capacity. Not only can they tow a toy hauler without a problem, but some can even toy other toys attached to the toy hauler! In this article, we will discuss the best trucks for towing. In addition, we will discuss safety precautions on towing capacities, so keep reading.

RAM 1500 Rebel stopped next to lake. RAM is one of the most popular pickup vehicles in North America, What Size Truck Do You Need For Towing A Toy Hauler?

What Size Truck Do You Need For Towing A Toy Hauler?

Not all trucks are created equal when it comes to making sure you can tow your toy hauler. Several factors go into choosing a truck for this task, including engine size and torque capacity. So before you purchase one of these larger or more powerful engines, check out the weight of the toy hauler and compare it to your truck's capacity.

A standard size toy hauler can range from 16,000 to 18,000 lbs. This makes its capacity anywhere between 13,200 and 14,400 lbs. However, this doesn't include the weight of your tow vehicle!

A truck towing a RV trailer on Interstate 15 in the Mojave Desert near the Town of Apple Valley, California.

If you have an older truck or smaller engine, then you may want to avoid this weight. Instead, it is best to use a 3/4-ton or a full-ton truck for towing a toy hauler. A half-ton truck will have a hard time towing a toy hauler that is loaded up with toys. Trying to tow a heavy toy hauler with a half-ton truck can make it susceptible to swaying, which can cause an accident. 

According to Your Mechanic, the weight of the tow needs to be at least 80% of what your truck can handle, or less, for safe operation while driving on roads with high-speed limits.

So if you are looking for a light-duty pickup (half-ton) such as a Ford-F150, Ram 1500, Chevy Silverado, or GMC Sierra, consider getting one with an engine size between 6-liter twin-turbocharged or 8-liter. These engines have a lower horsepower, but they can tow anywhere between 8,000 and 12,000 lbs if you're careful about the weight of your load.

However, this doesn't mean that they can handle any toy hauler. A toy hauler weight is with nothing inside of it or considered the dry weight. When you add your toys, it can easily go over max towing capacity making a half-ton truck, not the best choice. In this case, check out our article "6 Small And Lightweight Toy Hauler RVs Under 5,000 Lbs" for a reference! 

There are some colossal toy haulers on the market. Some weighing over 20,000 lbs! In this case, you will need to look at a 3/4-ton or full-ton truck for this type of job. These trucks will ensure that you get your toy hauler from point A to B without an issue.

Nonetheless, it is still essential to check your truck's towing capacity and the exact weight of the toy hauler before towing. In addition, ensure your tow package is appropriately set up before heading down the road.

What's the best half-ton truck for towing?

Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado has quite impressive torque and power in general. In addition, the Chevy Silverado double cab can tow up to 13,300 lbs when equipped with the 6.2 L V8. The Silverado is also a very safe and reliable vehicle that many people love driving on the road!

However, the crew cab version can have a max towing of 9,100 to 11,900 lbs. If you want a crew cab with solid towing capability, then look at our next choice below. You can check out the trailering guide for the Chevy Silverado here. 

Red Chevy Z71 Silverado car.

Ford F-150

Another light-duty pickup with impressive torque in its way, the Ford F-150, has excellent towing capacity when you purchase the 2020 Ford F-150 3.5-liter Eco-boost it can tow up to 13,200 lbs.

It is a close second to the Chevy Silverado double cab with the 6.2 L V8. However, if you don't want a double cab truck then the Ford F-150 makes the best choice for towing capacity. 

Ford Raptor standing on the slope of the volcano above the cloud

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 has a max towing capacity of 11,650 lbs with its 5.7 liter Hemi MDS VVT engine.  The 5.7 Hemi is a reputable engine and can seriously handle some heavy jobs. In addition, the Ram 1500 is a highly safe and reliable vehicle. 

RAM 1500 Rebel stopped next to lake. RAM is one of the most popular pickup vehicles in North America, What Size Truck Do You Need For Towing A Toy Hauler?

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra comes in at a close second place to the Ram 1500. However, the smaller engine can tow up to 11,500 lbs while providing incredible power and torque for your everyday driving needs.

Toyota Tundra 2020 full size pickup black truck isolated on black background.

GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is another excellent option for towing a toy hauler. It can tow up 11,800 lbs and has impressive torque as well! If you're looking for an excellent truck with power, then this may be the best choice.

GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 display. The GMC Sierra 1500

Is a dually better for towing?

In terms of stability and capability, a dually is better for towing heavy loads. A dual axle only means the back of your vehicle is wider and that you have more stability on the road when driving long distances.

If this type of setup works for you, then go right ahead! According to Unversity Dodge, the main benefit of using a dually over a single axel truck is that it will have a high payload capacity and towing capability. 

However, there are some benefits of using a dually. For one, if you are towing extremely heavyweight, then a dually will give you more stability on the road. In addition, dually's typically do have more towing capacity than a single axel truck. Finally, a dually is a great choice for getting your trailer to your destination safely for drivers who do commercial work.

If you are towing something quite heavy such as farm equipment, you will have a high chance of swaying in windy conditions. Having a dually helps stabilize this situation. In addition, going around corners is less intimidating in a dually.

The overall point of a dually is to be used for extremely heavy towing loads. You wouldn't buy a dually just for a daily commuter because it isn't a comfortable ride when it isn't used to tow.

A dually can get the job done when it comes to towing a toy hauler, but it isn't necessary. Depending on the size of the toy hauler, you will do just fine with a truck that has less towing capacity. For example, check out the 3500 trucks that tow the most below!

Which 3500 truck tows the most?

Currently, the Ram 3500 takes home the cake again when it comes to the most towing capacity. However, if you go with the Cummins turbo-diesel, you will have no problem towing almost anything. Why? Because the diesel Ram 3500 can tow 37,100 lbs! That's pretty incredible.

However, if you the Ram 3500 isn't your cup of tea. Then you can take a look at the Chevy or GMC 3500HD or F-350 Super Duty. They are about 2,000 lbs short of the Ram but still have plenty of torque for towing heavy loads.

Can I tow more than my towing capacity?

Yes, you can tow more than your truck's towing capacity as long as it is safe and the weight of the toy hauler isn't overbearing. However, there are a few safety precautions that should be taken before heading out on the road.

Ensure your straps and chains are securely attached to both vehicles, so they don't come loose during the drive. Make sure your brakes are in top condition so you can slow down if needed. If possible, use a spotter to watch over the toy hauler while driving on the road for any potential problems or safety precautions that need to be taken!

However, it isn't recommended to tow more than the max towing capacity of the truck. If you do so, then your truck can become overloaded, which is extremely dangerous. In addition, your fuel economy will decrease as well. In short, don't tow more than the truck's max towing capacity if you can avoid it.

In Closing

Overall, there are several trucks on the market that can tow a toy hauler just fine. However, you need to check the towing capacity of the truck and the overall weight of the toy hauler. For example, if you own a diesel 3/4-ton or one-ton truck, then you shouldn't have a probably towing almost any toy hauler on the market.

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What size truck do you use to tow your toy hauler? Leave us a comment below!

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