7 Must-See SUVs with Remote Start – Don’t Miss These Top Picks!

Remote start is a feature that has become increasingly important for modern vehicles, especially for SUV owners who prioritize comfort and convenience. With so many SUV models available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones have remote start as a feature.

Fortunately, a comprehensive list of 62 SUV models with remote start for the 2021 model year has been compiled in this article.

The top seven SUV models with remote start for the 2021 model year, based on overall features, include the Chevrolet Suburban, Lexus GX, Infiniti QX80, Buick Envision, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Nissan Pathfinder, and Subaru Outback.

However, there are many more SUV models with remote start available, and readers can find the complete list of 62 SUVs in this post, along with details about the top seven and information about remote start.

The post will explore the different types of remote start, their potential effects on vehicles, and the possibility of adding an aftermarket remote starter.

  1. Chevrolet Suburban
  2. Lexus GX
  3. Infiniti QX80
  4. Buick Envision
  5. Mercedes-Benz GLC
  6. Nissan Pathfinder
  7. Subaru Outback

2021 SUVs with Remote Start

Remote start is a convenient feature that allows drivers to start their vehicle's engine from a distance, without physically being inside the car. Many SUVs on the market today come equipped with remote start, making it easier for drivers to warm up their vehicle on cold mornings or cool it down on hot afternoons.

Here is a list of 2021 SUVs with remote start, separated by size:

Full-size SUVs

Full-size SUVs are typically larger, more spacious vehicles with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Many of these SUVs come equipped with remote start as a standard feature, allowing drivers to start their engines easily. Here are some of the full-size SUVs with a remote start:

Full-size SUVs

  1. Cadillac Escalade
  2. Chevrolet Tahoe
  3. Chevrolet Suburban
  4. Ford Expedition
  5. GMC Yukon
  6. Infiniti QX80
  7. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  8. Kia Carnival MPV
  9. Lexus GX
  10. Lexus LX
  11. Lincoln Navigator
  12. Mercedes-Benz GLS
  13. Nissan Armada

Mid-size SUVs

Mid-size SUVs are a popular choice for families and individuals who want a spacious and practical vehicle. Many mid-size SUVs come equipped with remote start, making it easy for drivers to start their engine from a distance.

Here are some of the mid-size SUVs with a remote start:

  1. Acura MDX
  2. Acura RDX
  3. Buick Enclave
  4. Buick Envision
  5. Cadillac XT4
  6. Cadillac XT5
  7. Cadillac XT6
  8. Chevrolet Traverse
  9. Chevrolet Blazer
  10. Chevrolet Trailblazer
  11. Chevrolet Trax
  12. Chevrolet Equinox
  13. Dodge Durango
  14. Dodge Journey
  15. Ford Edge
  16. Ford Explorer
  17. GMC Acadia
  18. GMC Terrain
  19. Honda Pilot
  20. Honda Passport
  21. Hyundai Santa Fe
  22. Hyundai Palisade
  23. Hyundai Tuscon
  24. Hyundai Kona
  25. Infiniti QX60
  26. Jaguar F-Pace
  27. Jeep Cherokee
  28. Kia Telluride
  29. Kia Sorento
  30. Range Rover Evoque
  31. Range Rover Velar
  32. Range Rover Sport
  33. Range Rover Index
  34. Range Rover Discovery
  35. Lincoln Aviator
  36. Mazda CX-9
  37. Mercedes-Benz GLC
  38. Nissan Pathfinder
  39. Nissan Murano
  40. Subaru Crosstrek
  41. Subaru Forester
  42. Subaru Outback
  43. Toyota Highlander
  44. Volkswagen Atlas
  45. Volkswagen Tiguan
  46. Volvo XC40
  47. Volvo XC60
  48. Volvo XC90
  49. Volkswagen ID4

It is important to note that some manufacturers only make remote start a premium option, requiring drivers to purchase an upgraded model to access this feature.

Additionally, some SUVs only offer remote start through a mobile phone application, which may require a subscription. Drivers are encouraged to research specific models to learn how their remote start works and if any subscriptions or additional costs will be required.

Top 7 SUV Models that Have Remote Start

As remote start becomes a more common feature in SUVs, choosing which model to purchase can be overwhelming. To help narrow down the options, here are some details on seven SUVs that have remote start:

1. Chevrolet Suburban

The 2021 Chevy Suburban is a full-size SUV that seats up to seven passengers with its second-row captain's chairs and a third-row bench. It features a heads-up display, automatic emergency braking, and an adaptive air-ride suspension. Additionally, the Suburban has a remote starter, making it easy to start the engine from a distance. There is a massive 144.7 square feet of cargo space when you put the seats down.

2. Lexus GX

The Lexus GX is a full-size luxury SUV that seats six people and packs a 4.6-liter V8 engine under the hood. It comes with subscription-free weather and traffic to its center display, with a Multi-Terrain Monitor feature.

This monitor gives a camera view of the underside of the car and wheel positions, which can help during precision off-road driving. Additionally, the GX has a remote starter, allowing drivers to start the engine from a distance.

3. Infiniti QX80

The Infiniti QX80 is another luxury full-size SUV that seats up to eight people and runs on a 5.6-liter V8 engine. It has features like heated and cooled first and second-row seats, lane-departure warning, and Infiniti All-Mode 4-wheel drive, making it a versatile SUV. In addition, the QX80 has a remote starter, allowing drivers to start the engine from a distance.

4. Buick Envision

The Buick Envision is a medium-sized SUV with up to five people and a standard 2.0-liter ECOTEC engine. It has a suite of safety features that make it great for all drivers, including adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and HD surround vision.

Additionally, the Envision has a remote starter, making it easy to start the engine from a distance. There is also an upgrade called Avenir, which will get you even more comfort and features.

5. Mercedes-Benz GLC

The GLC from Mercedes is the peak of luxury mid-size SUVs. This Mercedes is jam-packed with luxury and convenience features, including automatic starting via the Mercedes Me smartphone app. It has a 10.25-inch touchscreen center display, a fully digital dashboard, and a back seat with multiple folding configurations.

Additionally, the GLC has a remote starter, allowing drivers to start the engine from a distance. The GLC is also very quick for an SUV, boasting a 255 horsepower turbocharged engine.

6. Nissan Pathfinder

The newest Nissan Pathfinder is great for city driving, towing, and off-road use. It seats up to seven people across three rows, keeping them comfortable and entertained with tri-zone climate control and head-rest video monitors.

The Pathfinder has a hands-free liftgate, a Bose sound system, and a remote starter, making it easy to start the engine from a distance. Under the hood, the Pathfinder has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that gives the SUV 284 horsepower and enough torque to tow up to 6,000 pounds.

7. Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a mid-size SUV geared towards drivers with a sense of adventure and a need for safety. It features Subaru standards like all-wheel drive and a Boxer engine. Additionally, the Outback has safety features like a distraction prevention system, blind-spot detection, and automatic forward and reverse brakes.

A hands-free power liftgate and rear seats fold down to open 75.7 cubic feet of storage space. The Outback also has a remote starter, allowing drivers to start the engine from a distance.

In conclusion, these seven SUVs offer a range of features and capabilities, and they all come with the added convenience of a remote starter. By considering the details of each model, drivers can find the right SUV for their needs and preferences.

How do I know if my vehicle has a remote start?

If you are unsure whether your vehicle has a remote start, there are a few ways to verify it. The best place to start is by checking your vehicle's user manual. Look for a section on the engine or convenience features where you will find information about remote start.

If you don't have access to the manual, an online search can also reveal whether or not your vehicle is outfitted with the feature. Additionally, contacting your local dealership is another option to ask them directly. Below are some steps to follow:

  • Check the user manual for a section on remote start.
  • Look for information on the engine or convenience features.
  • Conduct an online search to verify the feature.
  • Contact your local dealership to ask them directly.

Not all vehicles come with remote start as a standard feature, so it's best to verify before assuming that your vehicle has it.

Can I use my smartphone to start my car?

Whether or not a smartphone application can be used to start a car depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Some remote starters can only be activated by a smart key, while others can be controlled exclusively through a mobile app.

For instance, newer Mercedes vehicles, such as the GLC, can only be started using the Mercedes Me app. In addition to using the remote start feature, this app also provides users with statistical and health reports about their vehicle after it has been linked to the app.

Can remote start be added to any vehicle?

How much does it cost to add a remote start to a car?

Aftermarket remote starters are available for almost every vehicle type, including universal remote starters that work on any make and model. The price range for remote starters aftermarket is around $40 to $400.

Therefore, there is a remote starter that fits every budget. However, installation costs could be expensive. It is recommended to speak with a professional for installation. The labor cost for installation could be around $100 to $500, depending on the mechanic.

It is essential to note that remote starters are not available on new cars with manual transmissions. However, aftermarket systems can be added to cars with a stick shift. It is also important to consider the range of the remote starter, as some have a limited range of a few hundred feet, while others can start the car's engine from across a parking lot.

In summary, while remote starters can be added to almost any vehicle type, the installation cost may vary depending on the mechanic. It is crucial to consider the range of the remote starter and speak with a professional for installation.

Does the Remote Start Mess Up Your Starter?

Thankfully, there are no negative effects on the starter or any other part of the vehicle when installing and using a remote starter. The starter is a small car part that can be easily replaced if it goes out.

A remote starter will not negatively affect the alternator or vehicle part. It is a convenient and harmless feature that can make a big difference in the comfort and convenience of a daily commute.

Here are some benefits of having a remote starter:

  • Allows the engine to warm up before driving
  • Cools the interior of the car on hot days
  • Prevents the need to sit in a cold car on winter mornings
  • It can increase the engine's lifespan by allowing it to warm up before driving.

Overall, a remote starter is a useful feature that can significantly impact the daily commute. It is a harmless convenience that does not negatively affect any part of the vehicle.

In Closing

Remote start features are becoming more common in SUVs, and it is important to note that some automakers only offer this feature on premium trims. If you are in the market for a new SUV and want this feature, check which trims include it.

However, if you have a car without remote start, there are affordable aftermarket options available. Adding a remote start can be convenient, especially during extreme temperatures.

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