10 Best Toyota Corolla Floor Mats

10 Best Toyota Corolla Floor MatsMuddy shoes, wet boots and spilled juice can ruin the flooring in your Toyota Corolla. Protecting the floors with a car mat will keep those floorboards looking like new for a long time. When you acquired the car, you probably received factory-installed floor mats. These floor mats are better than nothing but don’t offer the best protection and might not be the most attractive.

Floor mats are a fantastic accessory. Not only do they preserve your car flooring, but they let you express your style inside the car. There are countless styles, materials and colors to choose from. We’ve read the reviews and have selected the 10 Best Toyota Corolla floor mats.

We are breaking down car floor mats into three material categories: Carpet, Rubber and Vinyl.


A popular choice that adds comfort, color and style to the interior.  Made of woven materials, usually cotton, nylon, and rayon fibers, carpet collect direct and absorbs water. Carpeted floor mats also reduce road noise and act as a heat barrier. Here are the top choices of carpet floor mats:


These top-selling car floor mats include a thick carpeted mat. The four-layer construction includes a non-slip back to keep the mat in place, a plush thick weave of carpet for comfort, a protective layer to help keep the mat’s shape and a water-resistant surface to keep spills and dirt from seeping into the mat. These mats also have factory-compatible anchors to keep those mats from sliding.

These mats are easy to clean. They are durable and should last a long time.

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Toyota Genuine Accessory

You can also replace or refresh Corolla floor mats with a product direct from Toyota. A no-slip backing and anchors will keep mats in place. Stamped with a Corolla logo and available in colors to match the original interior carpet, these mats will keep the floor clean for years.

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Lloyd Mats

Jazz up your flooring. Not only are Lloyd Mats chic, these mats add a ton of protection to the Corolla’s floor. The mats are built to last with fade, stain, and soil-resistant materials. Plus, if you choose the Classic loop, it’s easy on the wallet. Show off your creativity and have your mats embroidered with your initials or your favorite sports team logo.

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Covercraft Berber Floor Mats

Berber carpets are durable and stain-resistant in your house. So why not install them in your Corolla? Custom-fit for your car, these mats look like they were designed specifically for your interior. The waterproof layer will fight against those awkward spills or muddy days. Choose your color and relax; These mats have you covered.

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3D Maxpider Classic Carpet Floor Mats

Constructed from plush materials, these cozy mats naturally ease into the floorboards. And, they stay put with an anti-skid backing. But don’t let the mat’s plushness fool you. They will get the job done, protecting your floors from whatever gets tracked in during a road trip. The raised edges keep debris from getting under the mat. Ordering by year, make and model is available. And, you can also opt to purchase single rows or mats for the whole car.

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Looking for a unique car mat for your Corolla that can withstand the elements? These floor mats are nuts—literally! Coco Car Floor Mats are hand-woven from coconut husks. Pack the kids for a road trip. These mats will stand the test of time with their durability. Cocomats will add flair to your Corolla. Choose from a variety of colors and designs without sacrificing protection for your car floor.

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Durable materials go into the manufacturing of rubber floor mats. You get high-level protection from all kinds of varying weather conditions that will bring dirt and moisture into your car.  Those muddy or snow-covered boots can take a toll on floor mats. Rubber mats are designed to take a beating. Plus, they are easy to clean. Here are the top rubber choices:


These are solid all-weather floor mats. Treads and patterns are etched into the heavy-duty rubber and will catch those spills or outside elements like dirt and mud. Designed to withstand super-cold temperatures, these mats will not curl or crack.  Claw-like grippers on the backing keep the mats in place. This is a customizable solution, meant to be trimmed to fit. Clean up is a cinch. Take them out and hose them down as needed.

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Intro-Tech Automotive HEXOMAT Floor Mats

The claim to fame for these mats is that the driver’s side can hold six cups of liquid. So, there’s no need to worry when you spill that morning coffee. Sporting a honeycomb pattern, the rugged mats collect the spills and all sorts of debris from dirt to mud to cracker crumbs. The mats are designed by make, model and year. No trims for your Corolla are needed. Choose from at least five different colors to match your interior.

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TMB creates custom fit mats for your Corolla. Bring on the elements! Fresh snow and mucky mud are welcome here. This durable rubber mat will contain liquids and debris with its raised outer edges. Grooves keep the mat from getting slippery when wet. The spiked nibs on the back will hold the mat in place.

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A vinyl mat might not be as stylish as other mats, but they work. And, they are inexpensive. The material is usually transparent so your existing carpeting or flooring can show through. Made from a non-porous material, water and dirt will not soak into the mats. They are also easy to clean. We have one option in this category to share.

American Floor Mats

The Protector Car Mat is made of heavy-duty vinyl combined with a textured, non-skid surface ideal for a floor mat. The mat stays in place with a knobby surfaced backing. Spills and dirt are easily wiped away and won’t penetrate the mat.

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A Few Tips When Shopping for Corolla Car Mats

Shopping sites that sell custom car mats will have a section to select your Corolla make, model and year. Make sure the car mat you choose was made for your vehicle.

Non-custom or universal mats offer an array of options. These mats will need to be trimmed to size depending on the model of your Corolla. Just make sure the size will work before you start cutting.

Toyota sells a line of products called Toyota Genuine Accessory. You can easily select your Corolla make, model and year from the manufacturer.



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