Awesome Toyota Sienna Seat Covers You Should Consider

5 Awesome Toyota Sienna Seat Covers You Should Consider

Finding the best seat covers for your Toyota Sienna will help you keep your interior looking fresh - in more than one way. Not only do they prevent rips, scrapes, and stains, but they can also upgrade the look of your seats. Anyone who uses their Sienna's seats heavily should consider seat covers. We are talking about car service drivers, commuters, anyone who frequently has kids inside the vehicle. Follow along as we discuss the top 10 Toyota Sienna seat covers on the market.

BDK PolyPro Full Set Seat Covers

Our first product is made from high-quality, durable, yet breathable materials for ultimate comfort. BDK seat covers provide a universal fit, so you can be sure they will accommodate Sierra's layout. 

Available in vibrant orange, blue, red, purple, and mint, you can let your style go wild. If you prefer a classic look, stick to either solids or two-toned black, gray, or beige. BDK polypro fabrics protect your seats from stains. 

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OxGord Sheepskin Seat Covers

Who can resist a nice sheepskin seat cover? These OxGord covers are rated to fit most standard bucket seats and are approved for use with the Toyota Sienna.

While they are not custom fit to the Sienna, they use a hook-and-loop latching system to create a tailored look that's not too baggy. While there is no bench seat option, minivan owners can order two sets of bucket seats to cover the Sienna's first and second rows. What's more, they are lined with foam to add even more padding to your seats - perfect for road trips!

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FH Group Full Set Neoprene Seat Covers

Want seat covers but don't want to miss out on that sleek, upscale look? These FH Group covers use a neoprene waterproof and come in black, red, beige, half-blue, and gray so you can find the best match for your interior colors.

These covers are compatible with seat heaters and airbags, so you won't have to worry about missing out on those important features. This package includes two bucket seats and one bench cover, with the option of adding two more bucket seat covers for your second row. Because they are not custom-fit, this is a great economical option for keeping your seats protected.

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Coverking Genuine Leather Custom Seat Covers

Coverking custom fits their covers to individual car models, and they guarantee that their seat covers will have a perfect fit in the Toyota Sienna. Unlike most other seat covers, an installation tool is included as well. Using it to tuck these covers into the various crevices around your seat will create a factory-quality fit. And rather than a simple hook-and-loop system, these high-quality covers come with real buckles.

Another stand-out feature of these Coverkings is the use of full 360-degree protection. That means the backs are just as thick and protected as the fronts. And, with OEM airbag flaps, these seat covers will not get in the way of your side airbags. These made-in-the-USA seat covers are a great way to protect your seats or even to upgrade from cloth to leather.

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Seat Covers Unlimited Two-Tone Canvas Seat Covers

These canvas seat covers from Seat Covers Unlimited promise you heavy-duty protection for your car's seats. And that's just what most minivan owners need the most. With 8 color options, you can find the perfect complement to your Sienna's interior.

So, what makes these covers so rugged? It's all in the design of the canvas material they use. Because they are laminated, these covers are waterproof and can withstand just about any abuse your kids or dogs can throw at them.

To improve comfort, these seat covers also come with 3/8-inch foam backing. These seats can be custom ordered for the front, middle, and third-row seats, so it is possible to have a full set of matching seats on all three rows.

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FH Group Three-Row Cloth Seat Covers

If you would rather not have to worry about custom ordering your seat covers to fit in your Sienna, check out this set from FH Group. It comes with 2 front and 2 middle-row bucket seat covers and a third-row bench seat cover. And you get all of this at a very reasonable price.

These covers are made out of a polyester fabric that includes a 3-mm foam padding to add some comfort to your Sienna's seats. Of course, safety is always a top priority for minivans, and you can rest assured knowing these seat covers are designed to accommodate side airbags.

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Carhartt PrecisionFit Custom Seat Covers

If you seek a super durable fabric for your seat covers, these Carhartt PrecisionFit covers fit the bill, as well as any. The duck-weave canvas fabric will stand up to years of abuse, keeping your Sienna's seats pristine. And that fabric is also easy to wipe clean, so the seat covers themselves will stay looking nice as well!

These seat covers' rugged look makes them a good fit for shoppers who prioritize a certain blue-collar look in their vehicles. Carhartt claims these seat covers maintain an even temperature, so they will be comfortable in hot and cold climates. Owners love these covers because of their custom fit and high-quality.

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Covercraft Velour PrecisionFit Custom Seat Covers

Treat yourself and your family to the ultimate in luxury with these velour seat covers. Velour is prized for its softness, so these covers will make your entire family feel like royalty. Many luxury cars use a similar material on their seats, so you know these seat covers will take your Sienna interior to the next level.

These custom-fit seat covers are available in 5 colors, including black, brown, two shades of gray, and tan. Covercraft uses expert craftsmen in the USA to stitch these seat covers so that you can expect a great quality on this product.

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Gorla Premium Waterproof Seat Cover

These Gorla seat covers take a rather unconventional approach to seat protection. Unlike the other covers on this list that completely surround the seats, these waterproof covers simply drape over the front of the seats.

This makes installation much easier, a great benefit for vehicle owners who need to switch their seat covers between seats or vehicles. It also makes cleaning easier, as you can simply remove them to have them washed without having to worry about a difficult re-installation. While this type of seat cover is not ideal if you want to protect your seats' sides and back, they are a unique option for certain buyers.

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Skanda Ballistic Tactical Seat Covers

We all know how hard it can be to entertain the children on long road trips. Although they are marketed as "ballistic" seat covers, these Skanda covers could just make for the perfect family-hauler accessory. That's because, in addition to protecting your seats, they have multiple pockets and straps on the back.

You can think of them as a mobile diaper bag. Or a snack station. Or an activity area. The possibilities are endless, really. Other benefits include a custom fit for your Sienna, three color options, and a durable Cordura fabric that resists fading, stains, and mildew.

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