How Much Does a Toyota Sienna Cost? [2020 Edition]

Minivans have plenty of features to offer families, but how much does a Toyota Sienna cost? Depending on the options you choose, a new Sienna might run more or less than you imagine. We’ve researched the Sienna in-depth to give an overview of the features available and what you can expect to pay for them.

How Much Does a Toyota Sienna Cost?A brand-new 2020 Toyota Sienna costs between $31,414 and just over $50,000, depending on the features, trim level, and other factors.

The features which primarily influence the price include:

  • The trim package you choose—L, LE, SE, XLE, Limited, or Auto Access Seat LE or XLE.
  • Addition of packages like the Preferred or Premium level add-ons
  • Power and Entertainment Accessories

To get the best deal on your Sienna, determine what features are must-haves and which you can do without. Price out your van accordingly to calculate the price, per data straight from Toyota.

There’s a lot to consider, as you can tell. With such a big range in cost, it’s challenging to decide whether a Sienna fits your budget. Here we’ll look at each price factor and how it varies between models.

Toyota Sienna Model Price Comparison

The 2020 Sienna comes in seven model options. Toyota states an estimated MPG of 19 city and 27 highway across all packages.

Model Trim Starting Cost
L $31,415
LE $34,235
LE with Auto Access Seat $40,160
SE $37,565
XLE $37,565
XLE with Auto Access Seat $43,700
Limited $44,310


What Optional Upgrades Can You Get for a Sienna?

Toyota Sienna

Toyota offers a host of upgrade options on various Sienna trims.

  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD) with active torque control
  • Birds Eye View Camera
  • Power Split & Stow 3rd Row seat
  • Dual-View Blu-ray Disc Entertainment Center
  • Premium Audio
  • Premium Audio with Dynamic Navigation
  • Auto Access Seat (only on LE or XLE)
  • Nightshade Package
  • Smart Key System with Push Button Start
  • Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof
  • 8-passenger seating (standard is seven)
  • Premium Package Additions

Color Options

Some color options are only available on select trims. Overall, Toyota offers nine color selections:

  • Parisian Night Pearl
  • Celestial Silver Metallic
  • Super White
  • Midnight Black Metallic
  • Predawn Gray Mica
  • Salsa Red Pearl
  • Alumina Jade Metallic
  • Blizzard Pearl
  • Toasted Walnut Pearl

What’s the Difference Between the Trims?

Toyota Sienna

A minivan is a minivan, right? Not so with the 2020 Sienna. Each trim level delivers a range of features and optional add-ons.

Sienna L

Toyota’s base minivan package, the Sienna L is the most economical pricing option and seats seven. It has the standard Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) package you’ll find on all the vans in the brand’s lineup. The split and stow third-row seat comes standard, and three-zone automatic climate control keeps everyone comfortable. The 7-inch touch screen is standard, too, as is the TFT Multi-Information Display (MID).

The L comes in one trim option: FWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto.

Sienna LE

The Sienna LE builds on the L package with Audio Plus, a higher-level sound package than the L. It has easy-clean fabric seats and accommodates up to eight passengers. But a superior feature comes with the jump from L to LE: dual power sliding doors with jam protection. Plus, AWD is available on the LE.

LE comes in two trim options: FWD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto (starting at $34,235) and AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto (at $36,775). An LE with Auto Access Seat incorporates a power-rotating lift-up seat on the second-row passenger side—a helpful accessibility feature. The Auto Access Seat LE is a single trim option (FWD with Auto Access Seat 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto) starting at $40,160.

Sienna SE

A Sienna SE comes with sport-tuned suspension and sport-calibrated Electric Power Steering (EPS), with available AWD and Premium Audio with Dynamic Navigation (which upgrades you to a total of ten speakers). The SE has a sporty appearance with smoked chrome trim on the headlights, a front and rear body kit, a sport grille, and 19-inch alloy wheels in a gunmetal finish.

In short, the SE has the sporty features you didn’t think you could find in a minivan. The available Nightshade Edition Package is another highlight: it adds a mesh front grille, black door handles, wheels, and spoiler, and black outside mirror caps. Even the Toyota emblem is black—a sporty yet low-profile look that makes the minivan look stylish.

With the SE, you have four trim options: FWD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto (starting at $37,565), AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto ($39,070 starting), Premium FWD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 (begins at $43,660), and Premium AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 (starts at $45,165).

Sienna XLE

The Sienna XLE comes in standard and Auto Access Seat Versions (like the LE above). Its available options include the Premium Audio package, AWD, and the Dual-View Blu-ray Disc Entertainment Center.

Standard features aren’t lacking, either. The XLE includes leather-trimmed, multi-stage heated front seats, Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA). You also get the Smart Key System with Push Button Start.

The XLE comes in four trim options, plus the trim for the Auto Access Seat; FWD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto ($37,565), AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto ($39,995), Premium FWD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 ($41,255), Premium AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 ($43,685), and FWD with Auto Access Seat 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto ($43,700).

Sienna Limited

On a Sienna Limited, you’ll find Premium Audio with Dynamic Navigation, leather-trimmed multi-stage heated front seats, a dual moonroof with front power tilt/slide and power rear slide, the Smart Key System with Push Button Start, and front and rear parking assist sonar.

AWD is an available option, with four trims to select from: FWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto ($44,310 starting), AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto ($45,670 starting), Premium FWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 ($47,830 starting), and Premium AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 ($49,190 starting).

How Does the Sienna Compare to Other Minivans on the Market?

Chrysler Pacifica
A Chrysler Pacifica on display during the North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit

To make the comparison between Sienna and other minivans simpler, Toyota offers their “Sienna vs. Competition” tool. They pit a 2020 Sienna L (a FWD 7-passenger 3.5L V6 Direct Shift-8AT Auto) against a 2019 Honda Odyssey LX and a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica L. Here’s how the competition stacks up.

What’s the Same?

All three minivans offer up V6 engines, standard power door locks, similar torque (around 263 ft-lbs), a seven-passenger seating capacity, and standard front and side airbags. All three vans offer automatic climate control with up to three zones (Odyssey only has two). Rear climate control is standard across Sienna and Odyssey, but it’s not available with the Pacifica.

What Does the Sienna Do Better?

The Toyota Sienna offers more torque than comparable minivans. Its 263 horsepower outranks Honda’s 280 and Chrysler’s 287, meaning you have more get up and go than the competition. Plus, lane departure warning is only available on the Sienna, a helpful safety feature for distracted parents (and everyone else).

Of course, other Sienna trims have tons of other features not listed in the comparison. Premium Audio, aerial-view parking camera assist, and the Sport look option are only a handful of examples.

Sienna’s no-cost maintenance plan also wins out over the competition. Toyota includes 24 months or 25,000 miles of included maintenance with its brand-new Siennas. In contrast, Chrysler and Honda don’t offer similar plans. That said, they do offer more comprehensive roadside assistance programs.

Where Does the Sienna Fall Short?

A fully equipped Sienna L starts out at a higher MSRP than the comparable options. While a 2020 Sienna starts at $31,415, the Honda starts at $30,190 and Chrysler at $27,235. That’s not considering the optional add-ons for Honda and Chrysler, however, which can add significant value and cost.

One way the Sienna fails to impress is with its lack of “smart” entry options. You can’t get a smart key on the Sienna, while Odyssey offers it standard and Pacifica delivers a host of keyless options. Another way Sienna misses the mark is with its camera system. Both the Odyssey and Pacifica deliver multiple parking camera sensors and radar. Sienna only has a standard camera, with birds-eye-view options available on some models.

The estimated fuel economy on the Sienna does fall just short of the Odyssey and Pacifica numbers when it comes to highway figures. The Sienna rates at 26MPG highway while the Odyssey and Pacifica both boast 28MPG. Of course, Sienna’s city MPG is 19 (as is Odyssey’s) while Pacifica’s is 18MPG. Essentially, comparing fuel economy is splitting hairs.

How Much Does a Used Sienna Cost?

The good news is, even if a 2020 Sienna is too steep for your budget, used Siennas are often an excellent deal. For example, according to Kelly Blue Book, a certified used 2017 Sienna costs around $24,000. And if you’re really on a budget, an older-model 2010 Sienna costs an average of $6,000. KBB also highlights the Sienna's excellent depreciation rate; Siennas hold their value better than many other minivans.


2020 Sienna costs vary widely, and the bottom line depends on the features you select and package options you take advantage of. With everything from basic minivan options for seven passengers to sports options to seat eight in style, the Toyota Sienna offers up a range of vans at various price points. Whether you go new or used, the Sienna is arguably an excellent deal.

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