10 Minivan and SUV Tents That Will Make Camping Even More Fun

10 Minivan and SUV Tents That Will Make Camping Even More FunWhen you go camping, it often feels like a waste to sleep on the ground when you have an SUV or minivan along for the trip.

With a minivan or SUV tent, you can use your vehicle as part of the accommodations. For a pickup truck, many tents fit in the bed—meaning you don’t need to risk sleeping on soggy ground. Common features include interior pockets, exterior awnings, and sewn-in floors (or not) to suit.

With SUV tents, they can connect to your vehicle so going from indoors to out is seamless. Some tents fit on the rear of the car, while others involve an attachment so you can move from the ground-level tent to the back of the SUV without going out in the elements.

Regardless, you’ll find features in a car tent that make camping easier and tent-pitching quicker than ever. Of course, there are plenty of options for minivan and SUV tents. We’ll include a range of tents here, from rooftop to ground-level to cargo-area-only.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

For trucks with an open bed, Kodiak’s canvas tent is a heavy-duty camping solution. It has 100 percent cotton duck canvas, which is both breathable and repels water. A tunnel shape gives you more overhead space plus makes setup simple.

A frame of steel tubing clamps to rails that attach to your truck bed. You’ll also find two gear pockets, a covered entry, and five windows. One of the windows allows entry into the access window in the cab, too.

Though the tent is heavy-duty, it’s not made for handling a heavy snow load. That said, it’s rugged enough for at least three seasons. There is no floor, however, so make sure to pack warm sleeping bags or other insulation. One last note: check the sizing requirements carefully—the tent only comes in one size and won’t fit many shorter, narrower beds.

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Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Multiple bed sizes make Napier’s Backroadz tent an excellent option no matter what type of truck you drive. Each tent option has a full floor, and these tents will even accommodate trucks with a bed liner or toolbox.

A rainfly helps protect you from the rain, and the interior height is an impressive 5.6 feet. Color-coded poles help you get the tent up in a snap. The only drawback is that ventilation isn’t ideal. You need the rainfly to close the windows—no zippers, just open mesh—so once the fly is on, you may feel a bit stuffy inside.

Two small mesh pockets—one on the ceiling and one on the wall—hold your must-haves up off the ground. You’ll feel like you’re in a standard tent on the ground, but you’ll enjoy the accommodations much more.

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Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Multiple bed and truck sizing options ensure you get the right Rightline Gear tent for your vehicle. The floorless design is ideal for those who don’t want to have to remove gear to set it up. Water-resistant fabric offers protection in the rain while the sky vent helps with ventilation (and views).

Some older models offered an access window to the cab, but newer models lack that feature. Side ventilation windows are welcome, however, and achieving cross ventilation is simple.

Rightline Gear’s tents are ideal for shorter beds (and smaller trucks) because of the variety of sizes available. Their basic truck tent keeps you dry and protected from the wind, though the fabric feels lightweight.

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Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Just over five feet of headroom and a sewn-in floor make Guide Gear’s truck tent comfortable and functional. The material is polyester with a water-resistant coating, and the four poles for setup keep the whole thing lightweight.

A D-shaped door makes access easy, and there are two windows for ventilation. Two storage pockets inside stow your stuff, and an interior strap can hold a lantern.

The fit might vary, so measure carefully before ordering. There’s only one size option, but a bit of adjustment can make it fit nearly any truck bed. A bit of practice helps you get the setup—and fit—just right.

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SportZ Truck Tent

While many truck tents make getting in and out awkward, SportZ does things differently. The shade awning protects you from sun and rain and measures four by four feet. The poles attach to your tailgate, so no flapping in the breeze here.

A sewn-in floor keeps things clean, and an access panel lets you reach into the cab’s window. The entrance door is plenty wide and high, and side vents plus mesh windows help with cross-ventilation.

Strap protectors help keep your truck in excellent condition, and the color-coded pole system makes setup quick. A hook in the ceiling holds your lantern, and a mesh pocket lets you store lightweight items.

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Napier Sportz Cove SUV/Minivan Tent

A universal fit makes Napier’s SUV/minivan tent suitable for every rear-entry vehicle. The sleeve design slips over your vehicle’s rear bumper, and the tie-downs secure the tent. You have an overhang for shade and rain protection thanks to the awning, which extends two feet from the rear of the vehicle.

A mesh bug screen and storm flap deliver further protection from the elements. Napier’s tent also stands up well in windy conditions, according to many users. With only a single pole to deal with, setup is fast and easy. And instead of opening and closing your rear hatch multiple times, you can enjoy zipper access anytime.

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Cabin Tent with Instant Setup By Coleman Store

If you need to be high off the ground to feel safe and comfortable at your campsite, Raptor Series has the answer. Their rooftop tent fits a range of SUVs and trucks and includes a ladder for access. The tent sleeps two, with a maximum capacity of 750 pounds.

The setup involves a telescoping aluminum ladder and a heavy-duty cover for wind and rain protection. Hanging shoe and storage pockets help stow your stuff, and built-in vents have easy adjustments for cross-ventilation.

All you need to install this tent is a stock or aftermarket roof rack or crossbar system. Once you mount the tent, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up after you reach your destination.

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Rightline Gear SUV Tent

When you need access to your SUV’s rear hatch but can’t fit everyone (and your gear) inside the vehicle, Rightline Gear’s SUV tent is an excellent solution. The tent rests on the ground, but it connects to your vehicle’s rear bumper via three interior straps. External straps attach to your roof rack or the windshield wipers. Enter through the vehicle or the exterior door.

The tent can sleep four adults, while the “cargo area” of your vehicle should hold another two. Water-resistant fabric keeps everyone dry, and the built-in floor is sturdy enough to resist water and rocks. The zipper pulls glow in the dark for high visibility, and a lantern hook helps with interior lighting. A rainfly gives further protection against the elements, too.

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Smittybilt Overlander Tent

A standard-size tent with a maximum capacity of 661 pounds, the Smittybilt Overlander tent fits on the roof of your SUV. A waterproof top (plus rainfly) ensures you stay dry, and mosquito netting on the side windows allows for fresh air without bugs. Ambiance abounds thanks to the sunroof, and you can also opt for an annex (sold separately) attachment, too.

Awnings cover each of the windows, allowing you to stay dry while enjoying a breeze. The kit comes with the necessary mounting brackets plus an aluminum ladder. An interior LED strip provides ambient lighting, and you can plug into your cigarette lighter for extension cord function.

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Ozark Trail Five-Person SUV Tent

For larger parties—or lots of gear—Ozark Trail’s five-person SUV tent gives you enough room for everyone. The ground-level tent has plenty of floor space, plus a wide entryway with wind and rain protection. A rainfly adds further defense against the elements.

A sleeve attaches to the rear of your SUV, so occupants can move between both spaces without going outside. Tall interior height and straightforward assembly are key highlights. You can also disconnect the tent and leave it at your campsite while driving your vehicle off to explore.

Whether you sleep in the vehicle and stow your gear in the tent or vice versa, there’s plenty of space for everything and everyone.

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So, which tent do you love? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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