What Are The Ford Flex Cargo Dimensions?

When considering a used full-sized SUV with good cargo space and passenger car-like comfort, the 2016 to 2019 Ford Flex models are worth considering. With seven-person seating that folds down, the Ford Flex has options to increase its cargo capacity. We've looked at Ford Flex's configurations to describe them here.

The Ford Flex's cargo dimensions from 2009 to 2019 are the same across the three models: SE, SEL, and Limited. The second and third-row seats fold flat in all models. The cargo dimensions are:

  • Volume behind first-row seats – 83.2 cubic feet
  • Volume behind the second-row seats – 43.2 cubic feet
  • Volume behind third-row seats - 20 cubic feet
  • Interior width – 65.4 inches
  • Interior height - 42 inches

The key to the versatility of the Ford Flex is that the second-row seats and the third-row seats fold flat, increasing the cargo space into a spacious rectangular carrying space. With just the third-row seats folded down, the Ford Flex carries cargo like the classic station wagons of the 1970s.  The wide interior means you can carry lots of things in the Ford Flex, from furniture to lumber to golf clubs. Read on as we discuss the Ford Flex in detail, and discuss how you can take full advantage of configurations for your cargo carrying needs.

ford flex on display in a Dubai motorshow. What Are The Ford Flex Cargo Dimensions

The Ford Flex - SUV Capacity, Minivan Comfort

The Ford Flex was introduced with the 2009 models intended to replace the Ford Taurus X. Ford never did a total redesign but rather made small adjustments for the different year's models. The Ford Flex had the carrying capacity of an SUV with the interior flourishes of a minivan. In size, the Ford Flex was bigger than the Explorer and smaller than the Expedition. The interior design and the vehicle's handling were closer to the car experience than a traditional SUV.

silver ford flex on display at a Miami auto show

Ford Flex Passenger Seating Options

The Ford Flex has seating for six or seven passengers, depending on the configuration you choose. Some of the optional add-ons affect cargo capacity. The seven-person seating arrangement is 2-3-2.

2nd-row seating options

The second-row standard is a manual 60/40 split-folding rear seat bench. In the SEL and two Limited models, the bench can be replaced with captain chairs. The captain chairs fold flat as needed. The driver's side second-row seat, either the bench or captain chairs, fold forward and up, giving easier access to the third-row.

An optional second-row console was available as an option in some models. This console included a cooler for icing up to seven cans of soda. The console, though technically removable, is not easily removable. So if you are hoping to bounce between seating and cargo configurations, a Ford Flex without this second-row console is a smart consideration.

3rd-row seating options

The third-row in the Ford Flex is a 50/50 manual split-folding rear seat bench. The Limited models offer a Power Fold option. With the press of a button, the seats fold away flat, forming the floor. 

With the third-row seat folded away, the Ford Flex can carry four or five people and has 43.2 cubic feet of space to carry cargo.

Do Ford Flex seats fold flat?

Yes, the second-row seats either in the three-person bench or with the captain's chairs fold flat. The third-row seats are designed more for folding flat than for passenger comfort. 

The Limited models have Power Fold. With Power Fold, the press of a button on the frame of the liftgate folds the seats up and backward into the storage compartment of the cargo bay, forming a flat surface that will be at the same height as the folded 2nd-row seats.

Ford Flex Cargo Options

red ford flex on display in Charlotte auto show, backside photo.

How wide is a Ford Flex?

The Ford Flex's exterior is 75.9 inches wide without mirrors. The interior cargo space is 65.4 inches wide. The Ford Flex is designed so that the wheel housings are not visible do not affect the storage width of the vehicle's interior.

The Ford Flex has 20 cubic feet of storage space, with the seats all up for passengers.  The cargo space is lower than the rear seat, so this creates a deep well for carrying groceries or sports equipment. Cargo hooks and a net are included in all models.

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Can fit a TV in the Ford Flex?

Folding the second-row seats down creates lots of cargo space. You can probably fit a 75-inch television inside, depending on how long the box and packaging are. The interior, with the seats down, is super roomy.

If the box is slightly too large, it is easy to secure the Liftgate with a bungee cord or a length of rope. If your later model Ford Flex has the Power Liftgate, you can lock the liftgate in place.  

Can a loveseat fit in a Ford Flex?

With the second-row seats down, you can carry some loveseats home. Others will be too large, particularly in height or length. 

It is important to use all three measurements of height, width, and length. When looking at the loveseat's dimensions, make sure the height includes the legs. And find out from the store if the legs are easily removed. Some legs simply screw off.  

Can a sheet of plywood fit in a Ford Flex?

A standard sheet of plywood is four feet wide by eight feet long. With the second-row and third-row folded down, it will extend a bit more than a foot out of the back, so you will need to secure the liftgate. With all the space, you will be able to carry any other building project supplies from your local hardware store.

Where is the spare tire on Ford Flex?

The spare tire and jack are found under the cargo well floor. The spare is a compact spare tire and is not identical to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tires on the Ford Flex. Everything you need to change the flat is included.

Can you tow with the Ford Flex?

All models have the option of adding the Class III Tow package. With this hitch, the Ford Flex can tow up to 4,500 pounds. Ford offers accessories that will allow a bike rack to be attached to the hitch. Or you can find options at Amazon.

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blue ford flex on display in Charlotte auto show

Though 2019 is the last year of production of the Ford Flex, a used one will give you all kinds of options for carrying passengers and cargo. The Ford Flex cargo dimensions give you 83.2 cubic feet behind the front seats, 43.2 cubic feet behind the 2nd-row seats, and 20 cubic feet in the cargo bay behind the 3rd-row seats. The Ford Flex gives you good options.

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