What Size Toolbox For A Chevy Silverado

Truck toolboxes are probably one of the most utilized accessories you can find for your pickup. These toolboxes are secure storage accessories built to last for a long time. For those owning a Chevy Silverado, adding a toolbox to your truck bed is a great idea, but you might be asking yourself what size you should get to install in your vehicle.  Not to worry, we've found the exact bed measurements for you! 

The Chevy Silverado can fit a full-size truck toolbox installed on its bed. These toolboxes are designed with ample storage for your tools and other cargo. Most full-size truck toolboxes measure at least 70 inches long and can fit a short-bed, standard bed, and long-bed models of the Silverado.

Having a toolbox for your Chevy Silverado is definitely beneficial, especially if you enjoy having all your tools with you all the time. After knowing what size would fit best for your pickup truck, you may now be wondering what type would be best for your use. Fortunately, we've researched this for you, too, so keep on reading this article to learn more!

Truck Bed Tool Box - What Size Toolbox For A Chevy Silverado

What Size Toolbox For A Chevy Silverado?

2020 Industrial Diamond Plate Toolbox

A Chevy Silverado is one of Chevrolet's most popular pickup truck models. It is a full-sized pickup truck with immense tow and payload ratings, making it a favorite for many truck buyers. With the Silverado tagged as a full-size pickup, it can fit a full-sized truck toolbox which is typically sized at 70 inches long.

A full-sized truck toolbox typically spans the entire width of the truck bed. It comes in many different installation options, depending on the layout you'd prefer. A full-sized toolbox can hold a good number of automotive tools and other accessories, as well as other items you might need for your truck. 

The Chevy Silverado comes in three sizes for its truck bed. It has a short-bed, standard bed, and long-bed model, which affects the length of the truck's bed. A full-sized toolbox can be installed on all of these models since they all measure about 71.40 inches wide. However, if you are looking to install a side mount, top mount, or storage drawer box to your truck, then it is important for you to know the length of your truck bed.

A Chevy Silverado short bed measures 5 feet and 10 inches long. The Chevy Silverado standard bed measures 6 feet and 7 inches long, while the long bed measures 8 feet and 2 inches. They all share the same width of 5 feet and 9 inches wide.

Before getting a toolbox for your Chevy Silverado, make sure that you have measured your truck bed properly. There are semi-custom sizes that fit trucks in the same class, but there is nothing better than getting the right measurements in order to get the correct toolbox for your truck. 

How Do I Measure For My Toolbox

There are simple ways to measure your truck bed size in order to choose the right toolbox for your pickup truck. All you need is a tape measure, and from the dimensions that you will gather, you should be able to narrow down the choices for your toolbox.

1. Measure the distance between bed rails

Your truck's bed rails determine the width of the toolbox you purchase. This distance will give us the dimensions on the maximum width of your chosen toolbox.

When measuring the distance between the bed rails, make sure to start from the outside edge of the bed rails to the outside of the other rail. Next, measure the distance between the inside edges of the bed rails.

When you shop for truck toolboxes, you may find that there are two measurements for length. The first one is the wider top part of the toolbox that sits atop the bed rails. The second measurement is the narrower base that will go in between the rails.

2. Measure the height of your bed walls

Next, measure your truck bed from the floor to the top of the bed rail. This measurement will give you the right dimensions for the maximum height of your toolbox. It is important to measure the height of your bed walls because some oversized toolboxes might be too tall for your truck bed, and they won't fit properly.

3. Measure the distance between the base of your wheel well and the bulkhead

Determine the distance between the base of your wheel wells and your truck's bulkhead in order to see how much clearance your toolbox will have from each side. The Chevy Silverado has a full-size truck bed, so this really wouldn't be an issue, but shorter mid-sized pickup trucks might have problems.

How Should I Choose My Toolbox

Utility Box on the bed of a pick up truck

Truck toolboxes come in many different types, and choosing one really depends on how you are planning to use it. However, one of the most important considerations for choosing a toolbox is the storage capacity. Your truck toolbox should be able to hold everything that you might need while using your vehicle.

Another consideration for choosing a toolbox is its durability. Truck toolboxes come in different materials like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or plastic. Pick a toolbox material that is best suited for the activities that you do, as well as the environment and the elements it will be exposed to.

Other functions you might want to consider for choosing your truck toolbox are drawers, slides, and locks. These are also important because you will need to ensure the safety and security of your toolboxes.

One last thing to consider when choosing toolboxes is the ease of installation. You should be able to install and remove your preferred toolbox with ease. This will give you the option to take out the toolbox if you need the extra space on your truck bed, but it should also be easy enough to put back when needed.

Kinds of Truck Toolboxes

Truck Bed Tool Box

Truck toolboxes come in many different kinds. These toolboxes come in different materials and finishes, so you should be able to find one that will best suit your pickup truck. Here are the kinds of toolboxes you might find.

Crossover Boxes

Crossover boxes are also sometimes called cross-bed or saddle boxes. This toolbox is the most common truck toolbox used by many owners. These crossover boxes are installed behind the cab and span the entire width of your truck's bed.

These crossover boxes also rest on the bed's sides without extending all the way to the floor. It can sometimes be installed to slide on your bed rails.

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Side-mount Boxes

Side-mount toolboxes are attached to either the left or right-side bed rails. They extend down into the truck bed, but these toolboxes do not reach the floor. Side-mount boxes are great if you'd like to use the entire length of your truck bed, and these boxes are easily accessible when standing by the side of the truck.

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Chest Toolboxes

Chest toolboxes are installed behind the truck's cab and placed directly on the truck bed's floor. These toolboxes do not go higher than the bed rails, so the driver can see from the rearview mirror without any obstruction. One caveat in using this toolbox is that it does take up some space on your truck bed, so it might limit the cargo you can carry.

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Top Mount Boxes

Top mount boxes are installed to sit directly on top of the truck's bed rails. It extends upwards, so it gives truck owners complete use of their truck bed's space. However, one thing to consider when picking this toolbox is that it can cause blind spots to the driver, so do use these with caution.

Storage Drawers

Storage drawers sit horizontally on top of your truck bed, essentially making it your new loading floor. Typically, drawers sit between the top and bottom surfaces of this storage assembly, so it might not be the best choice if you are looking to load bulky items. One benefit, though, is that storage drawers do not cause visual obstruction to the driver.

Wheel Well Boxes

These toolboxes are narrow and tall, and they are mounted on the floor of the pickup. They take up the space of the rear wheel well humps, and some models swing out for easy access.

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Fifth Wheel Boxes

These toolboxes are designed to sit on the floor of your truck bed, and their shape is made to accommodate a fifth-wheel towing setup. This toolbox comes in many different shapes, and this is one of the best choices out there, especially if you need to attach a trailer to your truck.


Hitches are storage boxes that are separate from the truck bed floor. They are attached to the trailer hitch opening, and it is typically made of lightweight material because of how it is mounted.

Final Thoughts

Metal Utility Box In Truck Bed

Chevy Silverados are full-sized pickup trucks that can fit a full-size truck toolbox in different styles. If you are looking for storage for your pickup truck, make sure to choose one that will best suit your needs. With the Chevy Silverado, you shouldn't have any problems choosing one because there are a good number of semi-custom fitted toolboxes for this truck class. 

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