What Year Is My Daewoo Forklift? [Inc. VIN Chart]

A Daewoo forklift has a long lifespan and can last even longer if well-maintained. Although you may need to change parts in time, you should buy ones that match the model of your forklift and manufacture date. Do your forklift parts need replacing? Are you looking for the manufacture year of your forklift? We researched and found the answer for you.

To know the year model of your forklift, look for its serial number printed on a tag. There are digits written on the tag, and each has a corresponding meaning. The 10th digit denotes the code of the manufacture year of the forklift. You can use the VIN decoder to figure out the manufacture year of your forklift.

Would you like to learn more about the serial number and the manufacture year of your forklift? Continue reading because we have collected all the answers for you.

What Year Is Your Daewoo Forklift Manufactured?

The VIN Decoder simple guide on a vehicle's serial number tells about the vehicle's history, including the year of manufacture.

The first digit tells which country the vehicle was manufactured in; the second and third digits are the vehicle manufacturer; the next five are the brand, engine size, and vehicle type. The ninth digit is the security code.

The 10th digit could be a letter or number, indicating the manufacture year. In the example above, the tenth digit is M, corresponding to 1991.

The image shown below indicates the letters and their corresponding vehicle manufacture year.

How To Look Up Daewoo Forklift Detailed History?

Yellow folk lift truck

There is an easy way to know the manufacture year of the Daewoo Forklift and its detailed history. Visit the VIN Number site and provide the required information, such as email, phone number, and the VIN or forklift serial number.

The report includes the name/s of the former owners, accident history, sales records, loans, repair history, and more.

Are Daewoo Forklifts Still In Production?

Forklift truck on the warehouse

The company had its ups and downs and was sold to General Motors in 2001, and GM Korea replaced it. Later on, Doosan company acquired Daewoo Construction and took over the production and rebranding of Daewoo's vehicles under Doosan's name.

Even though Daewoo forklifts stopped production, the equipment and materials passed down over the years because of the vehicle's longevity.

Some companies sell refurbished Daewoo forklifts, and you can still find handling companies across the country for parts or vehicles.

Where Can I Buy Forklift Parts?

Home page of the daewoo website

There are available Daewoo forklift parts sold in different vehicle parts companies and online. You can visit the Modern Shop or US Lift for Daewoo forklift products and parts or check other online markets.

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Where To Find Daewoo Forklift Serial Number?

Locate the forklift's nameplate to see the serial number. The tag is usually located around the driver's seat. For the recent models, the serial number is in the forklift's electronic system.

How Long Do Forklifts Last?

Yellow loader on the background of a huge industrial food warehouse

A forklift's average lifespan lasts up to five to six years with eight hours of operation, a total of 2,000 hours yearly or about 10,000 hours in total life span. However, the Doosan forklift can exceed 15,000 hours of operation.

What Do EE And EX On Forklift Stands For?

These are the meaning of EE and EX on a forklift:


The label on the forklifts that says EE means the truck is powered by electricity, and all components that can spark are enclosed; this is common in a hazardous environment where explosive materials are stored in a container, and sparks can start a fire.


EX-rated forklifts are used in highly explosive and hazardous locations. These EX-rated forklifts are made of components that can eliminate sparks, such as static conductive tires and brass forks.

What Are Forklift Classifications?

As mentioned, Daewoo has already stopped producing forklifts, and what you can buy or rent on the market is refurbished. Since there are different types of Daewoo trucks,  you will know these forklifts' details, such as the year manufactured, brand, make and model, and other information from the serial number and decode them using the VIN decoder.  It is necessary to know their use and history before buying or renting the equipment.

Class I

Forklifts Class I are for indoors, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities with a load capacity of 2,500 to 12,000 pounds. These forklifts may come in 3-wheel trucks or 4-wheel trucks. These class I forklifts are electric-powered, either thin plate pure lead, lithium-ion, lead acid, or hydrogen fuel cell.

Class II

The class II forklifts are used in high shelves, narrow aisles, and large storage warehouses with a load capacity of 1,300 to 5,500 pounds. These forklifts are turret trucks, order picker trucks, and reach trucks used in narrow aisles in warehouses. These trucks are conventional. They run through lithium-ion batteries or thin plate pure lead.

Class III

These class III forklifts are used indoors, in loading areas, and long distances with a load capacity of 2,000 to 10,00 pounds. These trucks are mostly used in all forklifts, such as pallet jacks, stackers, and tuggers or tow tractors. Pallet jacks and tuggers can quickly transport carts and pallets around the warehouse. This is also electric-powered.

Class IV

The class IV forklifts are used on smooth floors, loading docks, and indoors with a load capacity of 3,000 to 15,500 pounds. These trucks are also called ice cushion trucks. The trucks have cushion tires, and their engines run through LP gas or diesel.

Class V

Class V forklifts are common in construction sites, lumberyards, warehouses, and indoor and outdoor use, with a load capacity of 3,000 to 36,000 pounds. These trucks' power types are diesel fuel, gasoline, LP gas, and compressed natural gas. These types of trucks are much faster than other types of trucks.

How To Clean Forklift?

Man cleaning forklift

Outdoor forklifts are prone to collecting dirt, debris, and mud. Cleaning and maintaining your forklift makes the vehicle works properly, efficiently, and safely.

Here is a quick guide to forklift maintenance:

  • You can use a brush or broom to remove excess loose specks of dirt from the body.
  • Start cleaning the top portion, brushing through the middle in a downward movement.
  • Clean the chassis and the debris on the ground.
  • Use a hose spray or pressure washer to clean effectively. This will blast the dirt away faster.
  • Avoid using soap that could harm the forklift's chemicals, such as battery acid or anti-freeze.
  • Wear safety clothes, goggles, boots, and gloves while washing. This will keep you protected from dirt and chemicals.
  • Clean once a week to maintain its efficiency.

How To Tell If The Forklift Battery Needs Replacement?

How To Tell If The Forklift Battery Needs Replacement

A depleted or bad battery needs a replacement for the forklift to function correctly. How can you tell if the battery needs replacement? Here are the signs:

Shorter Running Time

Forklift batteries require charging time, and the length depends on the manufacturer's instructions. Check the owner's manual for the standard charging time and how to care for the battery.

All batteries have life cycles. Charging the battery when it's still full reduces its lifespan. We recommend tracking its lifespan and its charging time.

Spilled Battery Acid

Forklift batteries are made of gases and sulfuric acid, which are flammable and can explode once exposed to fire or even during its charging. Sulfuric acid may spill over if the battery loses its seal or there is water overfilling. It is dangerous if this is the case. Sulfuric acid causes chemical burns and is harmful to humans when in contact.

Safety precautions are necessary at all times. If you see any leakage in the battery, it is recommended to replace it.  You may also need to call a professional when the battery has a loose seal or leakage.


Corrosion happens when the vapor is released from the battery while charging. The corroded acid spreads on top of the forklift battery, and when it does, it will have a hard time charging. Aside from that, it is flammable.

The caps, cables, connections, and other parts will get damaged. Always clean the top portion of the battery to avoid damage.


Knowing the manufacture year of your forklift is necessary when buying spare parts. The manufacturer's year should match the replacement parts and avoid further damage from using the wrong ones. We hope we helped you with your concern through this post.

If you have more suggestions or questions, or you want to share your knowledge about the forklift, write your comment below. You may read these articles for related topics:

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