Best Motorcycle Front Wheel Chocks

Collage of front wheel chocks with background of a motorcycle parked on a rainy dayMotorcycle owners need an excellent front wheel chock to make repair work and storing their bikes easier. Front-wheel chocks excel at these tasks because it'll lock your front wheel into place. As a result, it prevents the bike from making any sudden movements or falling.

These products help with parking your motorcycle by ensuring your bike remains in its designated parking area. You don't have to worry about the bike adventuring into an adjacent parking spot with a wheel chock in place. Plus, it offers an extra level of stability when parking on a slippery surface.

But finding the right one can be a little tricky. There are a lot of options out there, which makes the process frustrating for first-timers. However, if you focus on the following important factors, it shouldn't be too difficult:

  • Size: People with heavy bikes should choose chocks with a wide base. Lightweight racing bike owners should go with chocks with a narrow base.
  • Capacity: Make sure to read the product descriptions to see the chock's designated load capacity. You can then determine whether it's a fit for your bike.
  • Design Material: Look for options made from heavy-duty materials like steel, aluminum, or steel alloys.

Keeping these factors in mind will go a long way in determining the perfect option. We're going to help by review the best options out there. You never know, maybe one of these eight motorcycle front wheel chocks will be the right fit.

1. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul's 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock leads off our list with its amazing universal design and 3-position bracket. These aspects make it a perfect fit with almost any bike being used today. It provides a level of versatility that's virtually unmatched among front wheel chocks.

The product's heavy-duty steel construction makes it a compelling option with all these different bikes. It shouldn't have any issues holding up a motorcycle when you're trying to do some repair work. The durable powder coat finish is worth mentioning, too, as it'll help stop rust and corrosion from becoming a problem.

Most people find the product's install process rather easy, as well. The product comes with all the necessary hardware needed to set it up properly. The pivoting cradle feature certainly doesn't hurt, either, as this makes loading and unloading a bike more manageable.

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2. Pit Posse Universal Motorcycle Wheel Chock

The Pit Posse Universal Motorcycle Wheel Chock is made of strong steel. This material ensures that it has the necessary durability and sturdiness to keep your front wheel in place. There's no reason to believe it won't see many years of usage with this construction.

Besides its impressive design, other bikers were often impressed with the chock's self-locking mechanism. It's a useful addition because it allows bike owners to secure your motorcycle using its own weight.

The adjustable bracket is another winning attribute offered by this front wheel chock. It allows the product to work with a wide range of wheel sizes. As for the install process, it comes with all the mounting hardware needed. It makes assembling this chock a breeze.

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3. Venom Front Wheel Motorcycle Chock

If you're looking for an affordable and durable option, Venom's Front Wheel Motorcycle Chock should be a top consideration. It's actually one of the most affordable options on our entire list. But don't think its lower price affects its performance.

This chock has several outstanding features ready to provide excellent results. For instance, it's made from high-grade steel meant for long-lasting use. You can expect this product to be a long-term investment.

It also has rubber end caps, which was another nice touch. These caps will help prevent scratches when it's used on vulnerable surfaces. You have to love this product three adjustment positions, as well. The three positions make it compatible with most 17"- 21" front wheels.

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4. Dragway Tools Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Dragway Tools' Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a great option for anyone looking to store their bike or do some repair work on its front wheel. It should work with most bikes with 16"-21" front wheels that weigh under 1,500 pounds.

If your bike fits this description, it shouldn't have issues making sure the bike stays in position. These results come from features like its self-wheel locking system, safety latch, high-grade alloy steel construction.

The chock also comes with a 1-year warranty to provide more incentive for customers. This policy offers some protection and coverage against an accident happening from its use. What more could a bike owner possibly want from a front-wheel chock than the features provided by this fantastic option?

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5. EGO BIKE Motorcycle Wheel Chock

If you have a bike of under 1800 pounds, EGO BIKE  Motorcycle Wheel Chock should grab your attention. This chock truly is one of the more flexible options out there. It's capable of working on front and rear wheels ranging from 15" to 22".

Bike owners will not only benefit from its adjustment range as it has other useful features like its two eye loops for straps and a tilting wheel adapter. These features will automatically ensure your bike's front wheel remains securely in position.

Honestly, they'll make the entire using process much easier and convenient for whoever uses it. Plus, the price itself won't empty your bank account. It should be right in the range of most people's budgets.

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6. Rage Powersports Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Rage Powersports' Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a solid option for anyone looking to buy a truck bed or trailer mounted front wheel chock. This product excels in both roles with its heavy-duty steel construction capable of offering top tier stability.

But what separates this product from other models is its construction's both heavy-duty and lightweight. If you can believe it, this chock is only seven pounds. This lack of weight makes installing and setting it up much easier.

Other than these features, people love this product's adjustable pivoting wheel cradle. This aspect makes it capable of fitting any wheel size between 16" and 30".

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7. Baxley LA Motorcycle Wheel Chock

This next product is one of the better-looking options available. It features a gorgeous black crinkle finish, which should bring some luxury to your life as a motorcycle owner. The luxurious finish doesn't stop it from excelling in other areas, either.

You can expect its heavy-duty steel construction to more than meet your front wheel chock needs. It'll provide a level of protection and durability that most other models can't. This product is also very easy to use.

Its adjustable range is another impressive characteristic. It accommodates wheel sizes that range from 80mm to 180mm wide. This range makes it an ideal fit for a lot of the motorcycles on the road today.

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8. Steadymate Motorcycle Wheel Chock

The Steadymate Motorcycle Wheel Chock has become a favorite among bike owners for a simple reason: it's extremely easy to use. You see, its design includes a low pivot that makes rolling the bike and fitting into this stand a manageable task.

Its self-locking mechanism is another intriguing aspect that makes using this product simpler. This product has received great reviews because it doesn't require any adjustments. As a result, it makes your life less stressful than it'd be with other options on the market.

Other useful features include a wide size range from 12" to 26", a 15-minute assembly time, rubber feet, and a heavy-duty design. But all these aspects come with a steep price tag. It's undoubtedly among the most costly options on this list.

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