Can Remote Start Be Added To Any Vehicle?

The remote start function helps prepare your car by warming or cooling the temperature inside it with just a click, even if you are at a distance. If you do not have this feature yet, we've researched if it is possible to include this in any vehicle. Here's what we found out:

Yes, a remote engine start (RES) feature may be added to any vehicle, whether a new or an old model. A remote start feature will let you remotely control the car's power on and off.

Now that you know it is attainable, you may wonder, "how?". What do you have to do? Is it expensive? Can you install it all by yourself? No worries, we will answer all of these questions in a bit. 

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Adding A Remote Start To A Vehicle

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Remote start exempts you from getting into an oven-like temperature inside your car every summer or sitting in a cold seat while waiting for your engine to heat up during winter. All you have to do is have your electronic key fob or a smartphone with you.

If your car was built in 2005 and below, you need an aftermarket starter. This allows the remote start to upgrade to many features such as smartphone control (keyless entry, advanced security system, start command, etc.).

Meanwhile, if your vehicle is made from the mid-2000s onwards, you probably had a remote starter designed for your car's model. So, you can ask your dealer about it.

If you are considering this technology, you should check out why that is a good choice or why you maybe should not. 

Advantages Of Remote Start

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Here is a list of benefits car owners get from having a remote start.

It Provides Comfort

Since you can start the engine without inserting a key in the ignition, you do not have to worry about suffering inside a space that is a few times hotter or cooler than the outside temperature. 

That way, you and your passengers do not have to feel discomfort since your car is ready when you guys are. All you have to do is to sit inside and drive safely.

It Takes Security System To The Next Level

Remote starters come with a security alarm system that notifies you when an intruder targets your car. If you have it installed as an application on your smartphone; you can also locate it anywhere in the US. 

According to the FBI, there were 810,400 vehicles stolen in the year 2020. So, if your key fob's got this security feature, you are aware and do not have to worry about what is happening in your car, especially if someone else is using it. 

Another is how a remote start's ability to warm a vehicle can help keep the driver safe during winter. It can defrost the buildup of snow on your windshield, headlight, brake light, and hood, which may block your view or visibility from the other rides. 

Gives You Control Over Your Car 

Start the vehicle with a remote control or unlock the locking door

Not only can you enable the features with a key fob, but you can also choose to have your car manipulated using a cellphone. You can widen the command options in your system. We will talk about these abilities in a little while. 

It Takes Care Of Your Engine

It is good practice to let your car warm up before driving; pushing your engine while it's still cold may negatively affect it. Turning it on beforehand not only saves you time from dressing up, getting out to start it, and then going back in again. It helps the engine disperse oil in the motor while idle, so it's all set and ready to go.

This can minimize damage to your engine's pistons, which is always at stake whenever you drive it cold.

Saves You Time

Instead of waiting for some moment inside your car to wait for it to heat up, you can command it to start preparing at the same time as you. The best time to warm up your vehicle is when you are about to finish your daily routine before leaving.

It Is A Great Investment

Since the remote start is very convenient, especially in places with very high and cold temperatures, its benefits can increase the vehicle's value when you decide to sell it. Its practicality and handiness can be its selling point when you put it back on the market.

Disadvantages Of Remote Start

If remote engine start is not a part of your car's feature, it is probably dangerous to have a generic remote starter installed. It would be best if you remembered that brand manufacturers design vehicles to fit their tools to give their best performance. 

Another related point is that depending on your car and remote start model, it may be hard for the mechanics to fit it inside, so it will require more hours of installment since vehicles vary in size and structure of parts. What may be easy for BMW might be hard for Toyota. 

There are also common issues that can be remedied according to a remote start specialist, such as when it started not to work, and at some point, the vehicle may run when the gear shift is left in drive, and the start button is accidentally pressed. 

Last is the carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup that can travel inside your home when left running in the garage. CO2 is harmful to the human body because it serves as an asphyxiant that affects the brain. 

Can You Install Remote Start By Yourself?

Yes, you can install remote start yourself if you are knowledgeable about car wiring and are a certified 12-volt automotive electrician. If not, it is best to have it installed by the brand manufacturer or a licensed automotive electrician near you.

Remember that you should let the professional do this job if you are not confident with your skill since your safety will be compromised. 

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How Much Does A Remote Starter Installation Cost?

Installing a remote start system can range from $193 to $899. This estimation of the remote start installation will vary based on the car. If your model does not have a remote starter, you will probably pay between $193 - $427. To save money from having a replacement remote start, take note of these tips:

  • Buying a high-quality remote start can be more cost-effective in the long run rather than choosing the lower quality, which you may replace sooner or later.
  • Buy and get your remote start installed in the same place. That way, you can ensure that the device will work, and you will not be struggling with any issues regarding how it is not correctly working. 
  • Have a professional install it. There are cheap kits on the online shopping sites with guidelines on how to do it, but they won't guarantee a successful installation, especially if this job is not your expertise. 

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Buying Guide For Remote Start

To help you decide on what remote start to choose, here are the points you should look for to know what you need. First, there are three types of remote start control. 

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Fob - these are referred to as factory remote starters pre-built into a vehicle. 
  • Aftermarket Fob - these are key fob that offers a broader range of features for you to control, like adjusting the windows or controlling the seat's temperature. 
  • Smartphone control - connects your car to a cellular phone via an application and can have the benefits of an aftermarket fob.

Second, be aware of its features. What is its range? What are the ranges you can choose from? The most straightforward remote start usually reaches up to one thousand feet (around 300 meters). Meanwhile, the step-up system extends to a quarter-mile (914 meters) or a mile (1.61 kilometers). Is it a 1-way or 2-way system? 

Third, remote start can do more than starting your engine from afar. It can have the capability to control the windows, car seat/steering wheel temperature, etc. Some systems can also directly notify you of any intrusion. 

Hand of man holding and push remote control car open the door or central locking technology transportation safety concept


Remote start can be added to almost any vehicle. Buying one can let you experience its long list of benefits like giving comfort, increasing the security level, giving you control over your car, and saving you some time. 

This upgrade can also increase your car's selling value if you are ever planning to put it on sale. Have your remote start installed by licensed automotive personnel to ensure the system runs without any problem.

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