Can You Walk On The Roof Of A Jayco RV?

If you own a Jayco RV, you might be wondering if you could go up to the roof to do some regular maintenance tasks. Well, can you do that without risking damaging the roof? We asked RV experts, and here's what they said.

Yes, you can walk on the roof of a Jayco RV. Jayco uses a Magnum Truss roofing system on all their travel trailers. This is said to be the strongest roof in the RV industry and comes with a 20-year limited warranty as proof of the manufacturer's confidence in the durability of their product.

Keep reading so that we can tell you more about what type of roof Jayco RVs have, which makes them safe to walk on. We'll also share with you how you can access the roof of a camper and what vents you can see on an RV roof. We'll answer if you can walk on the roof of an airstream trailer and whether you can replace the roof of your RV by yourself in case it gets damaged. Let's get started! 

A man on top on an RV cleaning solar panels using sponge, Can You Walk On The Roof Of A Jayco RV?

What type of roof is on a Jayco travel trailer?

Not all RV roofs are made of the same material. It is important to know which material your RV roofing is made of so that you know its strength and whether it can bear your weight if you walk on it. You'll also be guided accordingly regarding the proper products to use when cleaning and maintaining the top portion of your rig.

Jayco uses a trademark Magnum Truss roof on all of its travel trailers. They say that it is the strongest RV roof in the industry, as proven by their strength comparison with their competitors. The roof of Jayco RVs is 50% stronger than the roof of other travel trailers. It can withstand over 4,000 lbs of static load. So, yes, Jayco roofs are walkable.

Jayco's Magnum Truss roofing system uses a combination of materials. Its rubber roof is supported by thick wood studs to provide more strength and stability.

It also features seven-inch header beams before the slideout openings, oversized nail plates at both ends of the trusses, and safer wirings. The fasteners used are screws instead of just staples. All of these work together to increase the maximum weight capacity of a Jayco roof and make it safer to use.

Jayco roofs use a seamless material with plywood decking. The fact that they are made of a one-piece roofing material means that they are more durable since there are no gaps in-between them. 

Jayco offers a limited 20-year warranty on their roofs. This is a testament to how confident the manufacturers are regarding the strength of their roofs. In return, owners of Jayco travel trailers are assured that the roof over their campers is safe to use for various purposes that it may serve.

Man cleaning a solar panel on the roof of a camper van

How do you access the roof of a camper?

To reach the top of the travel trailer, you would need to use a ladder. Some campers already come with a built-in ladder at the rear portion to make it convenient for users to go up the roof and do whatever they need to do for cleaning, maintenance, or enjoying the view.

If your camper does not come with a ladder, you can install one. RV manufacturers and dealers offer options for upgrading your unit, and ladder installation is one of them. There are also ladders that are available on the market. These are portable. You can take them out when you need them and then store them away when you're done.

Although installed RV ladders are more secure since they are firmly attached to the travel trailer itself, with the proper set-up and a good quality ladder, you can also go to the top safely with the use of these portable ladders.

Just make sure that the ladder that you're buying is made of good quality and comes with the right height so that you can reach the roof. These ladders also have a weight capacity, so choose a heavy-duty one to ensure that it can bear the weight of anyone using it without yielding.

Another important feature to look for is a non-slip base. This will help prevent accidents or injuries. There are safety standards that ladder manufacturers have to comply with to give you peace of mind that they're safe to use.

Many of these ladders are foldable or telescoping to make them more convenient to store when not in use. This way, they won't take up too much space in your rig. 

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What vents are on an RV roof?

The vents on an RV roof are essential in keeping the air inside the travel trailer clean and fresh. RV vents allow proper air circulation so that your travel trailer smells good all the time. It is also more comfortable to breathe clean and fresh air, right?  

These are openings where stale or stinky air can go out and allow the entry of new and refreshing air into the rig. The RV vents are usually located above the bathroom and kitchen areas of your travel trailer, as these are the usual places where the air gets nasty as it mixes with other smells.

The most basic RV vent features a screen and a manual crank for opening. Some RVs offer an upgraded version that comes with a fan that can pull in fresh air from the outside and pull out the stale air from the camper.

There are some vents that have sensors that'll close the units automatically as they detect bad weather. This will prevent leaks into your RV. Upgraded RV vents need to be connected to a power source. 

RV vents have a standard size of 14 by 14 inches so that they are easy to replace and install when needed. To protect your RV vents, you can put covers and insulation kits on them to protect their parts and help improve their performance.

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Can I replace my RV roof myself?

Open roof hatch on a camper van

RV roofs are exposed to harsh weather conditions. This can lead to damages to your coating, seals, and roofing material. Once you encounter an issue on your roof, you need to have it fixed right away to avoid further damages inside your travel trailer. And if the damage is extensive, then you would have to replace the roof altogether.

The cost of roof repair and replacement can be around $300 to $325 per linear foot, depending on the roofing material and cost of labor. So, if your travel trailer is 25 feet long, expect the cost to reach $7,500 to $8,125. It can be pretty expensive, but you can cut the cost when you replace the RV roof yourself.  

Here's a quick run-through of the steps to have your RV roof replaced:

  1. Remove all fixtures attached on top and at the sides of the roof.
  2. Scrape off the sealant used around these fixtures.
  3. Take off the roofing membrane.
  4. Check the condition of the plywood beneath the roofing membrane if it also needs to be replaced. If it is still in good condition, it's best to apply mold and mildew treatment to prevent damage.
  5. Put seam tape all around the edges of the plywood decking.  
  6. Install the roofing material as instructed by the manufacturer.
  7. Cut openings for the vents and other fixtures on your roof.
  8. Reinstall the roof fixtures and put sealant or caulk around them to prevent leaks.

That's how to replace the RV roof. If you feel confident about your DIY skills, then it's a good way to save on labor costs.

Can you walk on the roof of an Airstream trailer?

A well lived in Airstream International Overlander travel trailer parked in a field

Airstream travel trailers have become an icon in the RV industry because of their shape and shine. According to manufacturers, these campers are built to last. They are made using an aluminum superstructure all throughout the trailer's exterior.

However, their shiny aluminum shell appears to be their downfall as well. Their aluminum roofing is prone to dents. That is why some say that it's quite impossible to walk on the top of the roof without putting a dent in it.

This also limits the amount of cargo that you can load on top of the roof. You have to determine if the ribs will be able to endure the extra weight that you're loading. Otherwise, the roof will bend, which could also lead to leaking problems later on or worse, compromise the structural integrity of the camper.  

It would be difficult and costly to repair the aluminum roof of an Airstream. You have to check the aluminum thickness used in a particular Airstream model, and it can be difficult to source. So, you have to be extra careful with the weight that you put on the roof, whether it's yours or your cargo. 

Final Thoughts

Go ahead and climb the roof of your Jayco RV to clean it, d0 your regular maintenance tasks, or simply enjoy the nice view of the outdoors all around you. But do take care of your steps to avoid any accidents, injuries, or damaging the fixtures on the roof.

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