Chrysler Pacifica Service Stop/Start System Warning Light Is On – Why? What Could Be Causing It?

If the stop/start system warning light on your Chrysler Pacifica illuminates, you may be wondering about the cause of the issue and how to fix it. Luckily, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

There are a few different reasons why the Chrysler Pacifica service stop/start system warning light may come on. The following are the most common issue that may cause the light to illuminate:

  • Dying battery
  • Corroded battery terminal

If you notice that this warning light is on, you should deal with the issue as soon as possible. Keep reading for detailed information about the service stop/start system warning light.

brand new model 2022 chrysler pacifica show room, Chrysler Pacifica Service Stop/Start System Warning Light Is On - Why? What Could Be Causing It?

Why Is My Chrysler Pacifica Service Stop/Start System Warning Light On?

The use of start-stop technology improves fuel economy and reduces pollution. This is why one-third of all vehicles on the road have had this feature since 2020.

When a vehicle halts, the start-stop mechanism disables the engine. The engine immediately restarts when the brake is released [or the clutch pedal depressed] in a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

The battery provides power to the engine during the frequent starting process and to all electronic consumers when the engine is turned off.

In many ways, the battery is the brains of today's automobiles and is assisted by a smart Battery Management System [BMS], which is the "brain" of the car's electronics.

However, the start/stop warning light may come on if there is an issue somewhere in the vehicle. But the following are usually the culprit:

Dying Battery

car battery warning light on dashboard

There is a possibility that the battery on your Chrysler Pacifica may not last as long as you expect. It has been revealed that the factory-supplied batteries used in many contemporary vehicles have a lifespan that is far less than what was anticipated, with some lasting for just two or three years.

When this battery starts the frequently drawn-out process of dying, a car's electronic systems are much more prone to develop issues. A new battery will provide a steady and reliable flow of electricity in the exact amounts required.

Anything less than that might cause problems across a wide variety of car systems and features, which include the illumination of the start/stop warning light.

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Corroded Battery Terminals

mechanic checking car battery old corrosion

Batteries use chemical reactions to turn sulphuric acid into electricity, which is then released via the terminals and used to crank over your engine. Corrosion on a battery's terminals can reduce its output since less energy can flow through them.

Corrosion of batteries is typically caused by electrolyte or electrolyte vapors that escape through the vents on top of the battery.

Natural hydrogen gas emissions from the battery may also contribute to the acidic electrolyte condensing on the top of the battery. Since the cables and battery terminal posts are made of dissimilar metals, another sort of corrosion can develop between them.

Battery sulfation is a third type of corrosion that develops over time inside the battery. The stop/start system warning light may come on due to this.

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Can I Drive With Chrysler Pacifica Service Stop/Start System Warning Light On?

dashboard warning lights during start car

This depends on the reason why the "stop/start system warning" light is on. In less serious circumstances, such as an issue with a sensor, you should be able to continue driving until you get to a repair shop.

However, if immediate action is not taken to solve the issue, it may result in severe damage to the engine or even its complete failure. This can result in potential safety issues on the road. 

As a result, if your Chrysler Pacifica "stop/start system warning" light comes on in your vehicle, you need to make an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Chrysler Pacifica Battery?

glossy black chrysler pacifica parked on road

On average, replacing a Chrysler Pacifica battery costs between $45 and $250. A vehicle's make and model and the current temperature affect how much it will cost to have your battery replaced.

However, if you know how to estimate the cost, you can get a better deal, saving you time and money. Battery replacement is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other types of vehicle maintenance.

What Could Prevent A Chrysler Pacifica Stop/Start System From Working?

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The following can cause your Chrysler Pacifica stop/start system not to work:

Cold Weather

When the weather is cold, the vehicle's automatic service stop/start system will not work as it should. This is because the computer in the automobile is smart enough to realize when there is a system malfunction or engine problem, often influenced by the weather.

As a result, the astute computer ensures that the engine continues to operate until the car reaches the ideal temperature. If the stop-start function is broken, an A in a circular shape with a line through it will show on the dashboard. Letting you know that the stop-start function is broken.

Active Reverse Gear

The stop-start feature will not kick in when you put the vehicle in reverse or activate the parking assist. The algorithm recognizes that there is a likelihood that you are maneuvering the vehicle. So, you will find the engine cutting off every few seconds.

And if you are driving up a steep incline, the car may turn off the stop-start feature. If there are any problems with the engine management system, neither one of these options may function. A warning light on the dashboard will alert you to this information.

Excessive Current Draw 

Stop-start tracks the battery's charge and discharge rates. For example, if you turn on the AC, radio, or heater when it's chilly outside, the car may start using up a lot of charges and draining the battery.

 This is because the battery needs power from the battery to run all of those extra features that are on. As a result, the stop/start system will not work. You should reduce your AC or heater for the system to function again or consider turning them off.

How Long Does It Take To Restart The Engine With The Stop/Start System?

Engine restart is both quieter and quicker, taking only 0.35 seconds. A configuration that senses the position of the pistons stops the engine. This allows for immediate starting by combustion.

When the car hits zero miles per hour while the driver has their foot on the brake pedal, the Start and Stop Engine System will automatically shut off the engine. When the parking brake is disengaged, the engine immediately resumes, and the vehicle continues to accelerate normally. 

This lowers the fuel used, which is especially beneficial in high-traffic scenarios with longer stops than usual.

How Do I Activate The Stop/Start System?

Once you have started the vehicle, you can access the Start/Stop option. When the function is used, the engine is turned off entirely for a short period of time. The engine will automatically start when the function is off, or the vehicle needs this.

To activate this function, try depressing the brake pedal and keep it that way during the process. After taking these steps, the feature to start and stop the engine is triggered, and the engine will go off.

When the Comfort or Eco drive mode is selected, the Start/Stop feature can be activated even before the vehicle comes to a complete stop. After the vehicle has been stopped for many seconds and Adaptive Cruise Control or Pilot Assist has been engaged, the Start/Stop feature will be triggered.

To Wrap Up

brand new model 2022 chrysler pacifica show room

The warning light is essential for running any vehicle efficiently. Due to this, it is important to pay attention to the warning lights on your dashboard. If the stop/start system warning light illuminates, the chances are you have a dying battery or corroded battery terminal.

To tackle the issue, make sure to check and replace your battery. Don't hesitate to consult a professional to help you if you can't do it alone.

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