Do Class C Motorhomes Have Leveling Jacks?

Having a stable and level base is crucial for a comfortable and safe experience inside a parked motorhome. If you're planning to buy a Class C RV unit and wonder if it comes with leveling jacks, you're in the right place. We did some research to find out if leveling jacks are standard in Class C motorhomes, and here's what we found out.

Not all Class C motorhomes come equipped with automatic leveling jacks. In fact, most Classes C and B do not have them.

Yet, it has become noticeable that most of the newer models of Class C RVs coming out in the market today now have auto leveling systems.

If your unit doesn't have one, you can use heavy-duty leveling blocks to stabilize the vehicle. For convenience and accuracy, you can have an auto-leveling system customized and installed.

Would you like to know which Class C motorhomes have an integrated auto-leveling system? What do you do if your RV has no leveling jack? We'll discuss more on these below.

Motorhome traveling to Bonneville Salt Flats, Do Class C Motorhomes Have Leveling Jacks?


Do Class C RVs Have Leveling Jacks?

Leveling jacks or stabilizing jacks are designed to help level motorhomes when parked on uneven terrain.


A stable and level RV will feel more comfortable when moving around inside. Additionally, it can help prevent accidents and ensure appliances such as the refrigerator will work properly.

Leveling jacks are not intended to lift the vehicle off the ground. Instead, it is used to adjust the height of the vehicle to create an even platform.

Some Class C RVs come with manual jacks that allow you to adjust the vehicle's stability. Others have integrated automatic jacks that can be controlled electronically.

Despite Class C motorhomes offering Class-A type luxuries, unfortunately, Class C motorhomes don't usually come with leveling jacks. Fortunately, there are still a few models available in the market that already have them pre-installed.

Below are some examples.

Thor Motor Coach


Thor Motor Coach is known to offer a wide range of recreational vehicles including different Class RVs and travel trailers. They are known for their innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship.

Some of their recent models of Super Class C motorhomes come with leveling jacks. Here are some of them:

2023 Magnitude XG32

The Thor Magnitude Super Class C XG32 is a 33-foot motorhome with a 4-person capacity. This vehicle's modern interiors offer s full kitchen and theater seating.

This is a large and powerful vehicle, built on a Ford chassis and F550 Power Stroke 4x4 Turbo Diesel V8 engine. It comes with an automatic leveling jack with touchpad controls.

2023 Inception 38FX

The Thor Inception 38FX Super C is a top-of-the-line luxurious motorhome that can house 5 people. This 39-foot motorhome has theater seating, a fireplace, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

The vehicle comes with an automatic leveling jack with touchpad controls. It has a powerful Cummins B6.7L diesel engine and is built on a Freightliner S2RV chassis for a stable and smooth ride.



Jayco has been in the RV industry for more than 50 years. They have built their reputation by providing high-quality RVs and excellent customer service.

They are mostly known for offering a comprehensive warranty program that's longer than what is offered by other manufacturers. Below are some of their Class C RVs with automatic leveling systems.

2021 Greyhawk Prestige

Jayco's 2021 Greyhawk Prestige is a 32-foot Class C coach that's engineered for stability because of its trademark JRide Plus feature. It has a computer-balanced driveshaft, heavy-duty rear stabilizer bars, and FSD shocks.

This motorhome comes equipped with an automatic leveling jack. It has a Ford E-450 chassis and V8 350 HP engine that will give you a smooth ride whether on or off road.

2023 Seneca XT

The Jayco 2023 Seneca XT is a 34 to 37-foot motorhome from Jayco's Super Class C lineup. Its handsome and rugged exterior is built on a Ford F550 or F600 4x4 chassis and a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo engine.

It is one of Jayco's Class C RVs that are equipped with an automatic hydraulic leveling jack. With its JRide Premium feature, this vehicle drives well on and off the pavement.

Should I Level My Class C RV?


Once you've found the perfect spot to camp and park, the next necessary thing to do as part of the setup process is to level the vehicle.

Leveling will ensure that all appliances and utilities will function properly, as well as avoid issues that can compromise everyone's safety and comfort.

It's important to level your Class C RV for many reasons, such as:

  • Leveling ensures you have stable and secure flooring to prevent the vehicle from rocking and tipping, and things from sliding
  • It helps distribute weight evenly, preventing strain and stress on the tires, frames, and suspension
  • Helps improve the functionality and efficiency of drains and cooling systems
  • Ensures that appliances like refrigerators and ovens will function properly

This video below will show you possible problems and scenarios if you don't level an RV, including how a leveling jack works.

What Is The Best Way To Level A Class C Motorhome?

Automatic leveling systems are the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to level a motorhome. It can be done within minutes with just one push of a button.

If you want this feature but your RV doesn't have it, you can always have it customized and installed.

This video below shows you how an automatic leveler works with some tips on what to do prior to leveling.

If the Class C RV you are planning to buy does not come with a leveling jack, don't worry. You can always buy leveling tools and accessories separately to help you level them manually.

Check out this WEIZE RV stabilizer leveling jack on Amazon.

Here are some of the general steps to follow when leveling a motorhome:

  1. Choose a stable ground to park your RV so you won't have a hard time leveling the vehicle
  2. Turn the engine off and engage the parking brake
  3. If you don't have an automatic leveling system, you can use a manual hydraulic leveling jack or blocks
  4. Use a bubble or spirit level to help you identify the lowest side of the vehicle
  5. Place the leveling jack on the lowest side of the vehicle and extend it until the vehicle is level
  6. Test the stability of the motorhome using the spirit level and adjust as needed
  7. Check the level again after a few hours to ensure it has not shifted

Check out this 2-unit 12.2-inch spirit level on Amazon.

Manual Leveling Using Blocks

You can manually level an RV using only two things—a bubble level and some leveling blocks.

First, place the bubble level on a table inside the RV and use it to identify which side of the vehicle needs lifting. Check all angles from front to back and left to right.

This Camsco Bullseye Level is easy to use! Get it on Amazon.

If you find that the left to right is level, you only need to place the blocks either at the front or back wheels. Likewise, if the front or back is level, you only need to identify whether the left or right needs a lift.

Get this top-rated Tri-lynx orange 10-piece leveling block on Amazon.

Place the leveling blocks behind the wheel that needs to be raised. Back up the vehicle until the wheel is sitting directly on the blocks.

These are heavy-duty stacking blocks so you don't need to worry about the load of the vehicle on top of them. You can stack up or remove blocks just like legos to adjust the level as needed.

This video below will show you how to level a motorhome using block levelers.

It's important to note that this method may not work with all types of motorhomes. Some may require jacks or other types of leveling equipment to get the job done. Thus, it's always best to consult the product manual for further guidance.

To Wrap Up

Motorhome traveling to Bonneville Salt Flats

Most Class C motorhomes have no leveling jacks but many of the newer models being released today already have them incorporated. Although having this feature is pricier, it surely adds convenience and comfort.

Thank you very much for reading through. We hope you were able to find the information you needed regarding leveling jacks on motorhomes.

And while we still have your attention, do check out our other articles still related to Class C motorhomes. We have a lot more information about them for you.

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