Do Mercedes Metris Seats Fold Down?

If you own a Mercedes Metris or plan to get one, you may want to know if its seats can fold down. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

The seats in a Mercedes Metris can be folded down, allowing for more cargo space in the area passengers normally occupy. This feature gives users control of their space.

There are different advantages to using a vehicle whose seats can be folded down. Keep reading to get detailed information about the seats in a Mercedes Metris and how to fold them.

Do Mercedes Metris Seats Fold Down?

A white Mercedes SUV parked in the park

Throughout the history of automobile manufacturing, developments made driving more comfortable and convenient. Early cars built specifically for traveling were fitted with auxiliary seats, meaning users could transport more passengers in their vehicles. The seats could be folded open to provide additional space and were called rumble seats.

In modern vehicles, you can find components and systems that are very similar to those seen in automobiles manufactured in the 1920s.

The Mercedes Metris is among the modern vehicles that have foldable seats. It features split-folding seats that can be folded down either together or individually. 

When you fold down just one of the seats, you can make space for other items while leaving room for passengers.

This feature also allows you to transport items too long or wide to fit in your Metris when the seats are not folded down. However, not all automobiles come equipped with foldable seats. 

How Do You Fold A Mercedes Metris Seat?

Empty trunk with rear seats folded of the passenger car

Now that you have learned that the seats on your Mercedes Metris are foldable, you may be curious about how to activate this feature and fold down the seats. The following is a step-by-step guide for folding down a Mercedes Metris seat:

Step 1: Locate The Lever

When folding the seats, the first thing you need to do is to locate the lever. To do this, open the trunk of the vehicle. The levers that are required to fold the rear seats are in the trunk. This helps save space inside and enables the seats to fold completely flat.

Step 2: Pull The Lever

When you check inside the trunk, you will see two levers labelled with seat icons. One is located on the right side of the upper portion of the trunk, while the other is on the left side of the upper part of the trunk.

These levers are easy to recognize and simple to operate. If you want to fold down both the right and the left rear seats, you need to make sure to pull both of the levers.

Step 3: Fold The Seats

When both levers are pulled, the seats will fold easily. If the seats don't fold, check to see if the appropriate lever in the trunk is pulled.

If you fold the right seat, you need to do the same for the left. When more space is needed in the back, move the seatbelts forward over the back of the headrests.

How Many Seats Does A Mercedes Metris Have?

Mercedes-Benz V-Class leather interior design with three rows of seats in a minivan

The Mercedes Metris has about eight seats. So it can accommodate up to eight passengers. The Metris passenger van is an excellent choice for families since it offers sufficient cabin room for all household members.

The second and third rows can be rearranged in various configurations or removed entirely to carry a wide range of passenger and cargo loads.

The interior of the Mercedes Metris is not as expensive looking as the interior of the standard Mercedes. Still, the design is appealing, and the accommodations offer a respectable degree of comfort to the occupants.

The Mercedes Metris is designed to accommodate both passengers and cargos. A Metris Van model is available with the internal proportions you need, regardless of your preferences.

Additionally, the Mercedes Metris does an excellent job of insulating the cabin from sounds. When driving on the highway, the inside of this van is noticeably quieter than other vans in its class.

In contrast to the passenger van, which has a maximum cargo capacity of 38 cubic feet behind the seats, the long-wheelbase variant of the cargo van has a maximum space capacity of 183 cubic feet.

Are The Seats Removable In A Mercedes Metris?

Yes, the Mercedes Metris seats are removable. When not in use, the seats can be tipped forward out of the way and removed in a matter of minutes.

You may need to remove your Metris seat for various reasons. One could be to make enough cargo space or provide additional space for passengers.

Whatever the reason, if you are careful and take your time, removing your Metris seats can be accomplished with a relatively small amount of effort.

Aside from making space, you might decide to remove seats so you can clean the vehicle easily. This is because it is much simpler to get to all the nooks and crannies of the automobile when the seats are not in the way.

There are four bolts holding the front bucket seats to the ends of the runners, and you will need to take off these bolts. Also, there are two bolts in the front and two in the back.

How Do You Remove Seats From A Mercedes Metris?

A Mercedes-Benz Vito on parking, Do Mercedes Metris Seats Fold Down?

Removing the seats on your Mercedes Metris is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is follow these steps carefully: 

Step 1: Park Your Car

To remove the seats on your Metris without interruption, park the car in a large driveway or your own garage. After that, disconnect the battery. You should have some basic mechanical tools like a socket wrench on hand.

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Step 2: Unbolt The Seats

Unbolt the seats to begin the removal process. To access the bolts, you must slide the seat forward and look behind it. They should be near the end of the rail and covered in plastic.

After locating the bolts, unscrew them counterclockwise so they will come loose. Then go around and do the same thing for the bolts at the back.

Step 3: Take Out The Seat

Remove the bolt that connects the seat belt to the seat and carefully take out the seat. You may see dirt and debris hiding underneath.  If necessary, sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of any dirt.  

How Do You Maintain Mercedes Metris Seats?

Cleaning car seat

Cleaning your Mercedes Metris seats on a regular basis is the most effective method of maintaining them. Doing this will extend their lifespan and make for a more comfortable ride.

If the seats have cracks or crevices, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt or debris. 

While doing the cleaning, you can use either a soft-bristled brush or a microfiber cleaning cloth. To remove stains, you can also use a pH-neutral solution to wipe the seat.

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To Wrap Up

You can easily fold down the seats in your Mercedes Metris. The process is straightforward. You can also remove the seats from your Metris if you need additional space. Don't hesitate to call a professional if you find it difficult to handle the seats yourself.

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