Does The Buick Enclave Have 3 Rows?

Thinking about purchasing a Buick Enclave? This popular mid-size SUV is perfect for any lifestyle or family size. The Enclave is designed with plenty of cargo space and flexible seating. Whether it's everyday commutes or cross-country adventures, you'll find this SUV easily accommodates various cargo and passenger configurations.  You may be wondering if it comes with a third-row seat. We have done the research and have the answer for you. 

The Buick Enclave is equipped with three rows of first-class seating. It can comfortably carry seven passengers. Third-row access is easy using Enclave's SmartSlide technology. Depending on your hauling needs, you can fold and unfold the seats in the second and third rows in a variety of ways.

Along with its three rows of seating, the Buick Enclave comes with many convenient features. Standard features include an 8-inch touch screen, six USB ports, HD rear vision camera, heated driver and passenger seats, keyless open and start, car seat LATCH system, remote start, Sirius XM with a three-month subscription, and much more! Keep reading to discover more about this popular SUV.

A car Buick Enclave in the city street, Does The Buick Enclave Have 3 Rows?

Buick Enclave Interior Specs

Seating and cargo flexibility aren't the only perks of the Enclave. Some other available features include a moonroof, massaging front seats, and self-adjusting heated and ventilated seats. As with any vehicle, multiple trim packages are available with different options. 

Buick Enclave Cargo and Seating Options

Accessing the third row has never been easier. The Buick Enclave uses the SmartSlide system to easily access the third row. You can use this mechanism with only one hand. Simply pull the lever and slide the seat forward. 

A good amount of cargo space is available in this mid-size SUV. With all seats in the upright position, 23.6 cubic feet of storage is accessible behind the third row. When both middle seats are folded flat, 58 cubic feet of storage is available.

Folding all the seats behind the front row gives you 97.6 cubic feet of cargo space. Underfloor storage is 10 inches deep and amounts to 3.1 cubic feet. 

Do Buick Enclave Seats Fold Flat?

Whether you are carpooling a load of kids to soccer practice or hauling gardening equipment, finding the right amount of space is easy. As mentioned before, cargo storage and seating can be customized for your needs.

You can fold down the second-row captain's chairs to make a flat surface. One or both can be folded flat at the same time. 

The Enclave's 60/40 split-folding third-row offers options to accommodate more seating or cargo space. Essentially, the bench seat is split into one single seat and two connected seats. Both sections can be folded down at the same time or independently.

Folding the seats down is an easy process without much effort. Pulling a lever is the most difficult part. 

Do Buick Enclaves Have Leather Seats?

The standard model of the Buick Enclave does not come with leather seats. However, the cloth interior can be upgraded to a leather interior, depending on the trim package.  There are pros and cons for both leather and cloth interior. Ultimately, the consumers can choose which option they prefer. 

Does Buick Enclave have 8-passenger seating?

The 2021 Buick Enclave does not offer eight-passenger seating. The middle row is designed with two captain's chairs instead of a bench seat. Although, older models did offer this as an option to allow for eight passengers. 

How Do You Adjust the Seats on a Buick Enclave?

A motor car Buick Enclave in the city street

Seats will adjust based on the trim package. In all trim packages (Preferred, Essence, and Premium) the front seats are power-adjustable. The front passenger seat has six-way adjustments, including forward, back, up, down, reclined, or upright. 

Front Row Seat Adjustments

Two-way or four-way power lumbar adjustment is also included. Adjusting the driver's seat in all trim packages is also done using power controls. The driver's seat provides an eight-way seat adjustment.

The same adjustments are available on the driver's seat as the passenger's seat. Tilting the seat cushion back and upright is an added adjustment on the driver's seat. Heated seats with three heat levels are standard in all trim packages and activated with the touch of a button. 

Second Row Seat Adjustments

You can adjust the captain's seats in the second row forward and backward. Pull the seat adjustment handle to move forward and backward. You will use your weight to slide forward or back. Reclining your seat is achieved by pulling the reclining seatback strap.

The Premium trim package includes heated middle-row seats. You can control the temperature with a three-level power button. 

Third Row Seat Adjustments

The 60/40 split-folding third-row bench is operated manually in the Preferred and Essence trim packages. Each side can fold independently and can be folded flat. 

Conversely, the 60/40 split-folding third-row bench is power operated in the Premium package. Fold and raise the seat by pressing a button. 

Memory adjustment is an available feature with the Premium package. Easily store two different presets to automatically adjust the driver's seat, outside mirrors, and steering column. Using this feature is convenient when sharing between two drivers who prefer different seat adjustments. 

LATCH System

The LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system secures a child car seat during driving or in a crash. LATCH attachments on the child seat are used to attach a car seat to the anchors in the vehicle. Having the LATCH system makes installing a child's car seat much easier and safer.  

Does The Buick Enclave Have 3 Rows

Quiettuning Technology

This technology, combined with Active Noise Cancellation, helps reduce, block, and absorb unwanted noise.  Utilizing measures such as acoustic laminated glass (in the front side glass and windshield), triple door seals, and five-link noise-reducing suspension makes this possible.

You can easily hear the conversation between passengers in all three rows. Also, fewer interruptions occur from undesirable noises. 

Are Buick Enclaves Comfortable?

According to the  J.D. Power 2021 Buickop Enclave review, this mid-size SUV is one of the most comfortable models to own. The cabin is roomy enough for adults to comfortably sit in the third row. Few rivals offer as much leg and headroom as the Enclave.

Triple-zone climate control allows passengers to control the temperature in their row. Road noise is minimal and visibility is good due to thin roof pillars.

Heated front and middle row seats will make for happy passengers in cold weather. Comfortability is objective and what's comfortable for one may not be for another. 

Safety Features

Not only is the Buick Enclave equipped with outstanding interior features, but it also has many safety features available. Most would argue safety is a top consideration when buying a car. Buick has advanced safety and driver-assistance technology to help navigate unpredictable driving situations.  

Lane Departure Alert

This available technology provides the driver with side-mirror visual alerts when a vehicle is quickly approaching. Furthermore,  cars can be detected when in your side blind zone. You can avoid lane change collisions using this technology. 

Lane Keep Assist With Lane Departure Warning

Many times drivers may find themselves drifting out of their lane. They may be checking out the beautiful scenery or possibly dozing off. This technology can detect when a car may be unintentionally drifting out of the detected lane lines.

The driver is alerted by a brief, gentle turn of the steering wheel. Additional alerts may sound if needed. Using your turn signal when changing lanes will not activate the lane departure warning. 

Forward Collision Alert

Front-end collisions can occur with no warning. The Forward Collision Alert can warn you if it detects the possibility of a front-end collision with a vehicle you are following.

You'll hear beeping sounds to warn you of a potential collision. Following a car too closely will also result in a warning.  

Operating the vehicle safely is ultimately the driver's responsibility. While these features can be helpful, drivers must continuously be aware of their surroundings, changing road conditions, and other traffic.

Only relying on these safety features can be unsafe. Varying conditions may alter the performance of these features. 

In Closing

If you are in the market for a vehicle containing a third row, the Buick Enclave is a good choice to consider. You can use the third-row seats to haul extra passengers or folded to load extra cargo. The options are endless. This mid-size SUV includes state-of-the-art safety, convenience, and comfort features. You can achieve both pleasant driving and riding experiences in the Buick Enclave.  

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