17 Fifth Wheel RVs With A Front Living Room [Illustrated Examples]

RVs with a front living room are becoming increasingly popular among RV enthusiasts who want an open and spacious floor plan.

These RVs typically have a large front living area right when you walk in the door, with couch(es), chairs, TV and other amenities.

The rest of the RV then flows into the kitchen, bedroom(s) and bathroom areas further back. RVs with this type of open floor plan create a more residential feel and allow for greater entertaining and family time upfront where everyone can gather together.

While traditional RVs have cocktail chairs up front and private bedrooms in the back, RVs with a front living room offer a new take on RV floorplan design. Those looking for a more communal RV living experience may want to consider this type of layout.

5th Wheel RVs with a Front Living Room

A list follows of 5th-wheel RVs with front living room floorplans.

The images below came from RV maker websites. The websites have helpful info and 3D tours. Check them out by clicking the links.

1. Forest River Cardinal Luxury 370FLX

The Cardinal Luxury 370FLX from Forest River is a 41-foot luxury model.

Front living quarters position three sofas around the large entertainment center. Theater seating is a popular setup for front-living RVs.

Forest River offered the Cardinal Luxury 370FLX with a standard queen-size bed but with the option to add a king instead.

Forest River said the trailer sleeps 6 comfortably.

2. Forest River Cedar Creek Hathaway 38FLX

The Hathaway line of trailers offers owners a more rugged construction and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

The rugged build lets you go farther and stay longer. And with this much luxury, that's exactly what you want to do.

This 41-foot trailer uses 6 slide-outs to allow enough space to sleep 6 people.

A standard king-size bed is a wonderful option for anyone needing an extra night's space.

The living room offers, once again, three sofas. This time, the main focal point is a flat-screen TV above a fireplace.

3. Coachmen Brookstone 344FL

Coachmen redesigned the Brookstone line of 5th wheels for ultimate functionality.

The open layout and storage options make Brookstone easy to live in long-term.

The 41-foot 344FL is the lone offering in the Brookstone lineup that features a front-mounted living room.

The living room has three sofas focused on a 55-inch TV/fireplace.

As for space, this RV can sleep 6 adults and houses a spacious bathroom at the rear of the trailer.

4. Coachmen Chaparral 370FL

Pushing the bedroom and living room to each end opens up interior space in this 41'9" Chaparral.

The open floor plan is a selling point. Another is the significantly lower price, up to $30,000 less than many other trailers on this list.

Inside, three sofas are situated around the 50-inch LED TV at the front of the trailer.

Like all the previous trailers on this list, the Chaparral sleeps up to 6 people and includes an optional king-size bed.


The Jayco Pinnacle 38FLWS packs luxury features into its 42-foot frame.

Two power theater seats are between dual tri-fold sofas in the front living room.

Add the rear king bed (queen optional), and this trailer sleeps 6 adults.

Unfortunately, Jayco doesn't show the 38FLWS. But the floorplan shows ample space:

The Pinnacle also includes a 5-star handling package for easier towing.

A large, car-style window is behind the TV in the living room.

6. Jayco North Point 381FLWS

At 43 feet and 14,000 pounds, this Jayco is a big trailer with luxury features.

The living room has two large sofas, theater seating, and an entertainment center.

The large front window gives an open, airy feel.

Here is a still from the 360-degree tour, showing off that living room:

It sleeps 6 adults and has 6 slide-outs.

If you tire of watching shows on your big screen in the living room, a 32" TV sits across from the queen bed in the rear-positioned bedroom.

7. Heartland Milestone 379FLML

If you have a big crew, check this 42'8" Heartland that sleeps up to 8.

The front living area has the usual 3 sofas and an entertainment center.

However, most lack a TV, so you'll likely need to buy one.

With 5 slides, it offers value and space.

The two bathrooms make it very comfortable for groups.

8. Heartland Big Country 3902 FL

Up next is another Heartland trailer, but this time, the luxury ante has been upped.

The Big Country 3902 FL is a 42'7" 5th wheel that can sleep 5 to 6 adults.

Once again, two bathrooms are included, meaning this trailer is extremely comfortable for hosting large groups.

The well-appointed kitchen features a lovely island with a sink. Head up the stairs, and you will find a great living space.

The master suite is exceptionally comfortable on the 3902 FL, with even more space than the other two sections of the trailer offer.

A large, dual-vanity bathroom gives you plenty of space to get ready in the morning.

9. Heartland Landmark 365 Lafayette

AT 42 feet, 10 inches, this Lafayette by Heartland is another big trailer with big luxury.

Add in the king bed and the fold-out sofas up front, and this RV sleeps 5 to 6 people.

This is another trailer with a huge emphasis on bedroom comfort, but that doesn't mean the rest is neglected.

The living room focuses on a large-screen TV, with two sofas on either side that are inside slide-outs.

10. Keystone Montana 3760FL

The Keystone Montana features plenty of handy features, including motion-sensing lights and a 50" LED TV in the living area.

The TV can telescope so that you can enjoy it at the perfect angle or remove it to see out the large picture window behind it.

At 41 feet, this trailer is big, but not as big as some on this list. Once again, we see two bathrooms available inside this trailer.

11. Keystone Avalanche 382FL

The second Keystone on our list, the Avalanche, offers plenty of amenities for full-time RV living.

Like most others, it features an island kitchen and three sofas arranged in the living room. A TV is above a small fireplace to make things feel nice and cozy.

Sleeping up to 6 people, this 41'6" trailer offers plenty of space for extended trips.

A large bathroom connected to the master bedroom gives occupants tons of space.

12. Keystone LAREDO 353FL

The only RV on this list coming in at under 40 feet, the 39'7" Keystone Laredo is a great option for those needing something a little smaller.

With a queen bed in the rear-positioned bedroom, this trailer is rated to sleep up to 4 people.

">Keystone-Laredo 5th-353FL - YouTube

Another thing to consider is that Laredo does not offer a kitchen island, like all others here.

As for the living room, things are basically what we have come to expect from front-living 5th-wheel trailers.

A TV and fireplace sit at the front, with three sofas surrounding it.

13. Grand Design 380FL

The Grand Design 380FL is a luxurious fifth-wheel RV measuring approximately 42 feet long and sleeps 4 people.

This spacious RV has a standard queen- or king-size bed in the master bedroom, depending on your chosen model and floor plan.

Its front-wheel living room offers panoramic windows for breathtaking views and ample natural light.

With plush seating, integrated storage, and entertainment options like a large flatscreen TV and fireplace, this space is perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Adjacent to the living room is a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, making the Grand Design 380FL feel like a home away from home on the road.

14. Forest River Sierra 379FLOK

This luxury 41'5" RV offers a professionally designed interior with a modern aesthetic.

The 2023 Sierra 379FLOK has a spacious front living room with three sofas and two trifold hide-a-beds.

The kitchen is top-notch, and the master bedroom has a queen bed.

With the ability to sleep up to 6 people, it's an excellent choice for those looking for comfort and style.

15. Grand Design Solitude 375RES

The Solitude 375RES is a top-rated fifth wheel with a spacious front living room.

It features comfortable seating with two opposing sofas and theater seating, perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

The kitchen is well-equipped, and the bedroom offers a comfortable king-size bed.

This fifth-wheel RV is known for its luxurious features and high-quality construction with plenty of storage options.

16. DRV Mobile Suites 38RSB3

The DRV Mobile Suites 38RSB3 is another fantastic option with a front living room layout.

It offers a luxurious and comfortable living space with residential-style furniture, including a sofa, theater seating, and a fireplace.

The entertainment center features a large TV and a sound system for an immersive experience.

The kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances and a spacious pantry.

In the bedroom, you'll find a king-size bed and plenty of storage for your belongings.

17. Palomino Columbus 389FL

The Palomino Columbus 389FL is a popular choice for those looking for an affordable front living room fifth wheel.

It offers a spacious and well-appointed living area with two opposing sofas, theater seating, and a large entertainment center with a fireplace.

The kitchen has modern appliances and a center island for added convenience.

The bedroom features a comfortable queen-size bed and ample storage space.

Bonus Tips in Scouting Your 5th Wheel With A Front Living Room

Used Front Living Room 5th Wheels For Sale

With a used front living room 5th wheel, you can find great deals on pre-owned RVs that offer all the amenities of a front living room layout.

Check RV classifieds sites for used front living 5th wheels in great condition. Buying used lets you upgrade to a higher-end RV for less money.

Find A Short 5th Wheel With Front Living Room

If you want a shorter 5th wheel with a front living room, check out models around 35 feet long. Shorter RVs are easier to maneuver and park.

You'll still have room for a spacious front living area in a 35-foot trailer.

Look at mid-profile rather than full-profile 5th wheels for more interior headroom in a shorter length.

Luxury 5th Wheels With Front Living Room Near Me

Search dealership inventories in your area to check out luxury front living room 5th wheels in person.

Narrow your search by adding filters like "front living room" and "5th wheel." Call ahead to verify the current inventory.

Visiting dealers near you lets you tour luxury models with front living layouts before buying.

What's the Best Front-Living 5th Wheel For You?

Although choosing the layout seems overwhelming, touring models help you find the right fit.

Focus on the features that matter for your lifestyle and plans. Consider how you'll use each space and who you'll bring.

Envision destinations and make sure your RV can handle the terrain.

The front living room maximizes comfort and flexibility. When narrowed to the finest models, you'll find an exceptional RV ready for memories.

Trust yourself, involve your family, and don't stress. Stay focused on the freedom these vehicles provide. Before you know it, you'll live your RV dreams on the open road!

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