RVs with a King Bed and Bunks (Inc. 11 Illustrated Examples)

Buying an RV with a king bed and bunks is a sizable investment. After all, you won't find this type of setup inside a low-priced class B motorhome. Both a king-size bed and bunks can't fit in a smaller rig such as this one, so you'll find them either in large Class A motorhomes, or the larger travel trailers and 5th wheels.

RVs with a King Bed and Bunks (Inc. 11 Illustrated Examples)

We'll help you make that decision by going over the pros and cons of this setup. It'll give you a better handle on what could make this the right floor plan for you.


Pros and Cons of Having a King Bed and Bunks in an RV

People who buy RVs with a king bed and bunks tend to value comfort over other factors such as storage space. In other words, this floor plan is the best way to recreate a home-like feel during your RV trip.

The king bed alone will provide a level of comfort unseen in other floor plans. It's this advantage that makes the setup such an appealing one for many RV owners. Honestly, a good night's sleep is a critical piece of surviving on the road. Just keep in mind that an RV King isn't the same as full-sized King mattress that you have at home. In RV's, the term applies to mattresses that are long enough but are only 72 inches wide (compared to the residential equivalent at 76 inches).

We've covered the topic in this post about King beds in RV's.

Putting a king-sized bed inside RV brings offers its set of challenges as well. One of these challenges is the lack of space leftover inside your rig's bedroom. It'll almost be impossible to fit other useful items inside the room such as nightstands or dressers. It could also have a massive impact on your RV's bathroom size. This issue tends to cause people a lot of concern about these floor plans. You'll have to weigh whether bedroom or bathroom size is more important for your situation.

As for the bunk aspect, these beds will offer secondary sleeping spaces for guests or other members of your family. It's a great way to avoid using other means such as an air mattress or uncomfortable sofa beds. This aspect is why many families traveling together find RVs with both these features intriguing. Just keep in mind, the bunks are not huge in size and can feel claustrophobic for an adult, especially a tall one. They're a good solution when traveling with kids though.

If you feel these benefits overweigh the negatives, we complied a list of excellent RVs that use this floor plan.

Motorhomes with a king bed and bunk beds

Our first rig type is called a motorhome. These RVs will have their own engine and don't need towing from another vehicle. As you can imagine, this description fits many of the rigs out there today. This issue is why RV motorhomes are divided into three classes: A, B, or C. Class A motorhomes are the largest of the bunch and come equipped with various appliances. These rigs offer a homey vibe that other options can't match.

Class B and Class C motorhomes happen to be much smaller. You can read more about these smaller rigs in our article discussing every RV type. But right now, focus on class A motorhomes because all six motorhomes below fit into this class.

Tiffin Open Road Allegro

The Tiffin Open Road Allegro features a 72"x80" king size bed ready to satisfy your comfort needs. You'll still have enough room for other bedroom accessories as well. There's a nightstand on both sides and a large amount of upper cabinet space.

Your children or any young guests shouldn't have complaints with the bunk beds' prime location. They happen to be right across from the living area bathroom and within eyesight of the TV. These features make it quite clear that Tiffin knows how to make an RV owner comfortable.

Click here to see more of the Tiffin Open Road Allegro. 

Fleetwood RV 38N Discovery

Fleetwood RV's 38N Discovery ensures its king bed doesn't make the rig feel too cluttered. There's still enough room inside to move around comfortably. It does an excellent job in offering storage space with a full wardrobe and upper cabinet space within the bedroom.

The bunks happen to be right next door and positioned perfectly. Like in the previous motorhome, the living area bathroom happens to be right across the hall. A nice set of doors between the bunks and bedroom should offer privacy whenever needed.

Click here to see more of the Fleetwood RV 38N Discovery.

Fleetwood RV 38N Pace Arrow LXE

Our second rig from this manufacturer features a washer and dryer right inside your bedroom. These features doesn't stop it from including a full-sized king bed or bunks to complete the at-home vibe.

This RV also has a full bathroom right next door to the bedroom. It's almost like having a king bed and bunks had no impact on the space inside this rig. Fleetwood RV made sure its rig had every appliance an RV owner could want.

Click here to see more of the Fleetwood RV 38N Pace Arrow LXE.

Jayco 39BH Embark

Jayco's 39BH Embark has a slightly smaller king-sized bed at 70" x 80" than some other rigs on our list. But it makes up for it with a larger wardrobe area and more walking space inside the bedroom.

The bunks being positioned near the fridge was another nice touch. It makes guests waking up and getting a drink a water less of a nuisance. Makes it less likely a person gets woken up because someone was too loud.

Click here to see more of the Jayco 39BH Embark.

Thor Motor Coach 37.1 Miramar

This next luxurious class A motorhome has a 72" x 76" king bed right in the middle of the bedroom. This bedroom still has enough room for both a large closet and 32" LED TV. You can't ask for more comfort out an RV bedroom than setup like this one.

It having a full bathroom on either side of the bedroom doesn't hurt either. The bunks are well-positioned, too: right between the bedroom and kitchen. This position will allow your guests easy access to every part of the rig.

Click here to see more of the Thor Motor Coach 37.1 Miramar.

Monaco 40J Marquis

Monaco's 40J Marquis doesn't feature a bathroom in the bedroom like the previous options. It instead uses this extra space for a walk-in closet to accompany the 72" x 80" king bed.

But don't worry; there's still a full bathroom right on the other side of the bedroom door. This bathroom happens to be even a little bit bigger than ones feature in the other motorhomes. Monaco made sure to keep the bunks right across from it as well.

Click here to see more of the Monaco 40J Marquis. 

Travel Trailers with a king bed and bunk beds

A travel trailer doesn't have its own engine like a motorhome. You'll instead need to tow these rigs around using another vehicle such as pickup truck or SUV. These towed vehicles will connect to the travel trailer through a standard ball hitch and provides more flexibility than a motorhome.

This flexibility comes from being able to unhitch from the trailer and do activities using your tow vehicle. It makes doing errands a much easier task.

Keystone RV Outback 324CG Travel Trailer

Our first travel trailer features a much different setup than our previous motorhomes. This rig has the bunks and bedroom on opposite sides rather than right next to each other. It would provide everyone with a bit more privacy.

We should note that this setup was achieved without losing the king-size bed. It'll still provide a high level of comfort, but with a total sense of privacy. I couldn't think of a better situation inside an RV.

Click here to see more of the Keystone RV Outback 324CG Travel Trailer. 

Crossroads RV Sunset Trailer SS331BH

Crossroads RV Sunset Trailer SS331BH is another travel trailer with the bunks and bedroom on opposite sides. But both have their separate bathrooms in this RV to offer a peak level of convenience.

It's an ideal setup to have for a family traveling around in an RV. This rig would offer everyone a little breathing room. You wouldn't feel as packed together as it would with bunks and the bedroom side by side.

Click here to see more of the Crossroads RV Sunset Trailer SS331BH.

5th Wheel Trailers with a king bed and bunk beds

5th wheel trailers are another RV type without their own engine. But this aspect doesn't mean these rigs are travel trailers. Towing 5th wheels requires using a special 5th wheel hitch, which allows the rig to sit on top of your truck's bed.

This towing process ends up being a lot safer and easier. It also allows these 5th wheels to carry a lot more size and be much larger than a standard travel trailer. Due to this, these trailers provide more room for features such as a king-size bed and bunks.

Heartland 389TB Milestone

The Heartland 389TB Milestone offers a lot more space for its bunks than our previous rigs. In fact, these bunks are inside a room that's about as big as the master bedroom. This aspect would provide guests or children a lot more room and comfort inside the rig.

As for the master bedroom, it has everything a person could want from a king-size bed to a walk-in closet. This rig's ready to meet all expectations with features like these.

Click here to see more of the Heartland 389TB Milestone.

Forest River 3720BHLE Cardinal Limited

Forest River's 3720BHLE Cardinal Limited features a bunk room with a full wardrobe and storage areas. It even comes with an upper cabinet area for trinkets and other bedroom accessories. This spacious bunk room could do wonders for long-term guests or children.

The rig's master bedroom takes it a step further by coming with a walk-in closet, washer, and dryer. Forest River found a way to put a shoe closet in there as well. Honestly, what more could an RV owner want comfort-wise?

Click here to see more of the Forest River 3720BHLE Cardinal Limited.

Forest River 356QB Hemisphere

Another rig with a spacious bunk room is the Forest River 356QB Hemisphere. But what makes this rig different is its bunk room comes with a full bathroom and amenities. This aspect will make life on-the-road much more bearable for everyone onboard.

The master bedroom's extra walking space was a nice touch, as well. It makes the rig feel less tightly packed as other rigs on the market. And it still comes with a large closet for all your clothes.

Click here to see more of the Forest River 356QB Hemisphere.

We hope looking through these 11 RVs helped provide a better idea of what's out there. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in our comment section. We'd love to help in any way possible.

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