How Much Does A 25′ Travel Trailer Weigh? [Inc. 16 examples]

When considering travel trailers, weight is a big concern because it affects decisions down the line about the layout and amenities in the trailer. Both 25’ long and 30’ long travel trailers are popular, but we’ve specifically researched 25’ long travel trailers for this post. So, if you have wondered how much a 25' travel trailer weighs, we've got the answer for you. 

The average weight range for a 25’ travel trailer is between 3,600 and 4,500-pounds, without the weight of full water tanks and gear included. Factoring in full water tanks and gear, owners can expect to add 1500-pounds to the overall weight. 

Keep reading because we will get into the specifics of what is known as dry weight vs. cargo weight to let you know exactly how to determine the weight of a travel trailer. We will also give you examples of 25’ travel trailers and discuss how much weight they can carry safely. 

A travel trailer parked on a grassy field with an overview of a lake, How Much Does A 25′ Travel Trailer Weigh? [Inc. 16 examples]

Why Travel Trailer Weight Matters

One of the most important things to know about your travel trailer is the weight because weight tells you whether you can tow the trailer safely with your vehicle. You want to make sure that you're not exceeding what you can safely tow with your vehicle. You also want to make sure that your trailer does not sway on the highway.


How Do You Determine The Weight Of A Travel Trailer?

The trailer manufacturer should provide the trailer's dry weight, or unloaded weight, when you purchase a new travel trailer. We will discuss dry weight more in depth in the next section.

If you are purchasing a pre-owned travel trailer, or the seller did not provide the dry weight at purchase, check the owner's manual or the manufacturer's website to determine the trailer's weight. The specifications of the travel trailer should be available both in the manual and on the website.

How Much Can You Actually Tow?

Understanding how much your truck can actually tow is the next step toward safely hauling a travel trailer. Before getting into detail about your truck’s towing capacity, we need to break down the difference between dry weight versus cargo weight. 

Trailer Dry Weight

Dry weight is the initial weight of your travel trailer without anything loaded onto it. When you talk with the manufacturer or look at travel trailers online, this is the weight you are getting. No tanks, no clothes, no people, and nothing else is included in this weight. 

Trailer Cargo Weight

Cargo weight is the weight of your trailer filled with everything you plan to pack when taking a trip. For example, the dry weight range for 25’ travel trailers is 3,600 to 4,500-pounds. So, if your dry weight is 3,800-pounds, then by adding all of your gear the cargo weight could total 6,200-pounds. Cargo weight fluctuates depending on what you choose to bring. Water tanks (potentially adding 1,500-pounds), luggage, furniture, people and so on all contribute to the cargo weight and must be factored in.

Vehicle Towing Capacity

Let's get back to the question at hand: how much can you actually tow? You must be certain that your vehicle can handle the cargo weight of a fully loaded travel trailer. 

Check the owner’s manual for weight specifications. The curb weight should be provided; the total mass of your vehicle fully loaded with equipment, not including passengers and a travel trailer in tow. The GCVW should be provided; the maximum gross weight limit of the loaded tow vehicle combined with the travel trailer's weight. If you cannot find both numbers in the owner's manual, take a look at the vehicle's engine plate, where weight limits are often permanently listed. Use these figures to determine your vehicle's towing capacity by subtracting the vehicle's curb weight from the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight (GCVW).

You must be sure to not surpass the max towing capacity which is the maximum weight that is safe for your vehicle to tow. Also, it is imperative to understand how your vehicle's payload capacity affects the overall weight while towing. Please read our article about a truck’s payload, so that you get a good understanding of how to avoid exceeding your vehicle's max towing capacity. 

For a more in-depth analysis of this to know your vehicle's limits, please read our article on towing capacity. If you plan to be in the market for a new truck, while simultaneously purchasing a travel trailer, that opens your towing options more because you can cater your vehicle choice depending on the trailer. Whereas, already owning a tow vehicle means you will spec the travel trailer to pair safely with the vehicle.

16 Examples Of 25’ Travel Trailers

Now, let's get that search started for the perfect travel trailer for you! Below we've suggested several 25’ long travel trailers that you can add to your prospective list. Please note that the weights expressed below are all dry weights of these travel trailers. Also, all the links direct you to the specific floor plan and specs page of the trailer. 

Keystone RV Passport 234QBWE Express

This travel trailer weighs 4,022-pounds and contains residential-style furniture which includes a queen bed, a double door fridge, and a tub/shower combo. The Express 234QBE sleeps four people. More great features include the u-shaped dinette, interior heating system, and enclosed underbelly.

USB charging ports can be found throughout this trailer, and it is equipped with LED lights. Do not overlook the outside amenities, which include an electric adjustable awning as well as rain gutters with extended downspouts. 

Keystone RV Passport 239ML Express

This travel trailer weighs 4,430-pounds. For Keystone, this Express trim level won best in class for storage, so if you are one to pack it in, you'll find plenty of room to stow essentials. It comes with a standard kitchen that includes great appliances like a stainless-steel sink, gas oven, shaker style wood cabinets, and more.

As for sleeping arrangements, Express 239 ML sleeps four people by using a Murphy bed with additional room for bunks. The bathroom has a tub with built-in shelves, pedestal foot flush toilet, and an exhaust fan.

Keystone RV Passport 2200RBWE Grand Touring

Grand Touring weighs 4,395-pounds. It comes equipped with a comfortable, u-shaped dinette and a queen bed that has ample storage on both sides. Grand Touring 2200RBWE sleeps four people total.

The bathroom contains an angled shower and a separate toilet. Additionally, there is an exterior shower which is great for pets or cleaning to keep the trailer nice. We can't forget to mention the heated underbelly which makes the Grand 2200RBWE travel trailer great for traveling in all seasons. 

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BRDS

One of Forest River's Micro Lite series, this travel trailer weighs 5,300-pounds and includes a standard kitchen, bathroom area (separate shower and toilet), and sleeping arrangements via a Murphy bed and sofa. Where the u-shaped dinette rests there is ample, exterior storage so you won't risk leaving home without the necessities.

The exterior of Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BRDS has some great amenities as well, including an 18" awning, a pull-out stove (for those outdoor BBQ days) and a gas griddle. 

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FBLS

Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FBLS weighs 5,492 -pounds and features a queen bed, a standard kitchen, and a large bathroom area with separate shower and toilet. In this Forest River model, owners choose seating arrangements for lounging; layouts of either a freestanding table and chairs, theater seating dinette, or sofa are available. 

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25LB 

This Forest River model weighs 4,685-pounds and includes a Murphy bed, a full bathroom, and a kitchen area. As on trend with this company, there is a large bathroom in which the shower and toilet are separate. The kitchen appliances line one wall, and the dinette is conveniently opposite. On the exterior, owners can enjoy a pull-out stove, a gas griddle, and an 18" retractable awning. 

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2506S

This trailer weighs 5,281-pounds and can sleep four people with a queen bed and convertible, u-shaped dinette. The Rockwood Mini Lite 250S also features a fireplace, both front and exterior kitchen areas, and a full bathroom.

Extra storage can be found on the exterior of the dinette. Owners will also appreciate sliding storage at the back of the Rockwood Mini Lite. The 17" awning is a great way to beat the sun and enjoy the outdoors. 

Jayco Jay Feather 25RB 

Jayco's Jay Feather 25RB weighs 5,850-pounds and features a queen bed, a jackknife sofa (tri-fold), theater seating with table trays, and a full bathroom. The full bathroom is situated near the entry door, and includes a 34" radius shower and a walk-in pantry. A retractable awning awaits on the exterior. Aluminum-tread steps are standard with blue LED lighting to welcome you inside at the end of an adventurous day.

Coachmen Apex Nano 213RDS 

This travel trailer weighs 3,826-pounds and comes with a queen bed as well as a separate area with a sofa. Sit comfortably around the dinette booth. Compared to previous Coachmen models before this one, the bathroom on Apex Nano 213RDS is smaller but still has all the homey features. Even though the bathroom is smaller, 213RDS is Coachmen's most spacious Nano in the lineup. The location of the three sitting/lounging areas make it feel homey.

Heartland Wilderness 2002RD

Heartland's Wilderness 2002RD weighs 5,080-pounds. The king-size bed is one of the top ten selling features of this Heartland model. A full bathroom with a skylight in the shower and a standard kitchen make this travel trailer feel like home. On the exterior, the bumper doubles as hose storage. For entertaining, the trailer has both indoor and outdoor speakers.

Heartland Trail Runner TR 211RD 

Trail Runner weighs 4,502-pounds. This lightweight Heartland model does not compromise homey comforts, with a standard kitchen including stainless-steel appliances, lush u-shaped dinette, spacious queen bed. Total sleeping capacity is four people. Be equipped for safetly with included carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm, 

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2306BHS 

This travel trailer weighs 4,260-pounds and can sleep up to five people using a combination of Murphy bed and bunk beds. The divider curtain separates the standard kitchen from Murphy bed to feel like separate rooms. Exterior features also make the Micro Minnie appealing with LED equipped awning, patio speakers, and ample exterior storage.

Winnebago HIKE H210RB

This Winnebago model weighs 4,160-pounds and sleeps three people. It features a Murphy bed and sofa yet saves ample space for the bathroom. Enjoy the u-shaped dinette with a nice, standard kitchen and nearby pantry.

Adventurous owners will like to know that on HIKE's exterior off-road tires, offset wheels, and robust fenders make this trailer equipped for tough roads. 

BIGFOOT Travel Trailer 2500 series 25B25RQ 

This travel trailer weighs 4,863-pounds and comes with a queen bed and a spacious dinette area. It also features a stainless-steel oven and cook top in the standard kitchen. The roomy bathroom features a shower enclosure and porcelain toilet. 

Gulf Stream Conventional Trailer 20QBG 

This Gulf Stream travel trailer weighs 4,126-pounds and comes with a queen bed, grand view dinette, full bathroom, and a standard kitchen. It also has ample storage space throughout. With the bed and dinette on opposite ends, the layout feels open. While the floor plan is simple, the modern appliances in the kitchen take this travel trailer to the next level.

Northwood Nash 23D

Northwood's Nash 23D weighs 5,740-pounds and comes equipped with a queen bed and u-shaped dinette. The standard kitchen features stainless-steel appliances and a built-in microwave. Spacious interior has cathedral arched ceilings and has an exterior shower. 

Enjoy Browsing For Your 25’ Travel Trailer!

Hopefully, this list of 25' long travel trailers gets your search underway for a trailer that weighs just right for your tow vehicle and to accommodate all the homey comforts you prefer.  

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