Which Travel Trailers are the Lightest? (13 models reviewed)

It's a simple question, but the answer can be hard to find: What are the lightest travel trailers on the market? When it comes to towing, weight is your enemy. And with the increasing popularity of car-based crossover SUVs like the Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander, pulling a small trailer is now an option for many people who couldn't previously pull a trailer with the family sedan.

Smaller and lighter trailers make for safer towing as well, and you can read all about in our trailer sway article. So, it's no wonder so many great lightweight trailers are starting to emerge on the scene. Here, we will list the 13 lightest trailers we were able to find, listed in order of UVW (unloaded vehicle weight).

Which Travel Trailers are the Lightest (13 models reviewed)Without further ado, here is our list of the 13 lightest travel trailers (with a bathroom) in 2020:

  1. Scamp 13' Deluxe
  2. Little Guy Mini Max
  3. Casita Spirit
  4. Forest River GeoPro/Flagstaff E-Pro
  5. Forest River Rpod
  6. Escape 17 Foot
  7. Livin' Lite CampLite
  8. Airstream Basecamp
  9. Jayco Hummingbird
  10. KZ Spree Escape Mini
  11. Airstream Sport
  12. Little Guy Max
  13. Airstream Nest

Keep reading, though, as it gets slightly more complicated than this. For one thing, most of these trailers come in a variety of trims and model numbers. For this list, we have included the lightest trim available. That means some of these models will come with other options that are nearly as light as the one on this list. So, if you find yourself drawn to any of these trailers, look up their site for other options that might interest you.

Scamp 13' Deluxe

Scamp website homepage

UVW: 1600 lbs

Scamp's tiny 13-foot fiberglass trailer is one of the lightest trailers on the market. Even though the trailer is tiny, it includes just about everything you need: sink, gas range, refrigerator, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. It's hard to imagine just how they were able to include so much in such a small package.

With a 6'3'' interior height, most people will feel comfortable walking around inside the Scamp. A dinette in the rear converts into a bed. Because there is only one sleeping space, however, this trailer is best suited for no more than 2 adult campers.

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Little Guy Mini Max

Golittleguy website homepage

UVW: 1993 lbs

Little Guy is known for its amazingly light teardrop designs. That includes one, the MyPod, that weighs just 630 lbs! unfortunately, however, most of the smaller trailers do not include a kitchen or bathroom and were therefore left off of this list. Weighing in at just under 2,000 lbs, the Little Guy Mini Max combines the benefits of a teardrop with the luxuries of a full trailer.

A 6-foot interior height makes it slightly more cramped than the Scamp. The dinette can transition into either a Twin or Queen-size bed. Meanwhile, the kitchen offers a sink, 2-burner stove, fridge, and microwave. If the Mini Max is too tight for your liking, keep reading to discover its bigger brother, the Little Guy Max.

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Casita Spirit 16' DLX

UVW:2185 lbs

Like Scamp, Casita specializes in ultra-lightweight fiberglass trailers. The smallest size they make, however, is the 16' Spirit. In Deluxe trim, the Spirit includes a shower, toilet, and a full kitchen. Because of its increased length, the Spirit offers slightly more interior room than the 13' Scamp, but note that Scamps come in longer sizes as well.

Like the other trailers on this list, the bed area serves double duty as a dinette. When in bed mode, it measures 54' by 76". Casita points out that the Spirit offers the option to leave it as a bed permanently, because the side dinette offers seating for two. Likewise, it can be converted into a 24" by 72" bed.

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Forest River Geo Pro G14FK / Flagstaff E-Pro E14FK

Forestriverinc website homepage

UVW: 2259 lbs

Next, we have the Forest River twins; the Geo Pro and the Flagstaff E-Pro. These trailers offer similar amenities and weigh the exact same. The G14K/E14FK siblings are the smallest trailers in their range to offer a kitchen and lavatory.

With modern styling and a featherweight UVW, these trailers are perfect for the stylish crossover owner. Once again, we have a dinette that converts into a 2-person bed in the rear of the trailer. Up front, you will find a small bathroom/shower combo as well as a full kitchen offering a microwave, refrigerator, pantry, range, and sink.

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Forest River R-pod RP-172

UVW: 2338 lbs

This is an extremely versatile platform. Unlike many other trailers on this list, at least 4 adults can sleep in this one; two on the bed, and one on each of the bunks. Keep in mind that Forest River makes a huge variety of R-pods, all with a dry weight of under 3,000 lbs. So, if you like what you see here, take a look at the full lineup to find what suits you best.

All R-pods also offers a huge 36-gallon freshwater tank to extend those trips as long as possible. 2019 models offer a toilet/shower combo as well as an awning. And with a full kitchen including a good-sized refrigerator, the R-pod packs a big punch in its small frame. And, aside from the 171 and 172 models, all offer a slide-out.

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Escape 17 Foot Plan B

Escapetrailer website homepage

UVW: 2400 lbs

Next up, we have yet another fiberglass Scamp clone. It seems that these designs are increasing in popularity lately, thanks to their amazing size-to-weight ratio. Opting for the Plan B Escape will bump up the UVW considerably, but that is the only way to get the trailer with a built-in bathroom. Other Escape trailers come in 19-foot, 21-foot, and even a 5th-wheel design. Even the 21-footer only weighs in at about 3200 lbs, so all make for great options for anyone seeking a great lightweight trailer.

Inside this 17-foot Plan B, you will find sleeping for up to 4 people. And with plenty of storage options, everyone can bring along their weekend bag. The kitchen offers a 2-burner stove, sink, range, and 3 cubic foot fridge. These Canadian-built trailers all come with a full two-year warranty but can be hard to find at your typical RV dealer.

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Livin' Lite CampLite CL11FK

Livinlite website homepage

UVW: 2430 lbs

Livin' Lite's range of CampLite trailers is another treasure trove of crossover-ready trailers. The lightest of the bunch, the CL11FK, weighs in under 2,500 lbs. It also includes a wet bath and a kitchen complete with a 2-burner range, sink, and refrigerator. Those needing a microwave will have to step up to a higher-end model. No worries, though, as there are 4 more models weighing 3,010 and under.

Now, when it comes to sleeping, the CL11FK is slightly different than the other trailers on this list. Sure, it has a dinette that converts into a bed. Nothing special there. But buyers can also opt for a tip-out bunk bed measuring 46" by 68". That brings the sleeping capacity up to 4 adults, as long as 2 of them don't mind the rather short 68" bunk bed.

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Airstream Basecamp

Airstream website homepage

UVW: 2585 lbs

Simple and sleek, the Airstream Basecamp is the lightest offering from the esteemed trailer manufacturer. Inside, the layout of this 16-foot trailer is Scandinavian in its minimalist approach. That doesn't mean it lacks in creature comforts, however. From a hideaway screen door to lockable storage compartments, there is a lot to explore within the Basecamp.

A huge wrap-around window creates a much more airy interior than most other trailers. The rear door offers easy access for storage of such things as bikes or kayaks. A small bathroom features a toilet and shower, while the rear 2-person bed folds into a dinette during the day.

The kitchen up front offers a great amount of counter space, as well as a small fridge, 2-burner stove, and sink. Before you fall in love, just know that this Airstream costs 2-3 times as much as most other trailers on this list.

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Winnebago Minnie Drop 170K

Winniebago website home page

UVW: 2,760 lbs

Between the bunk beds and dinette-bed conversion, four people can easily find comfortable sleeping spots in the Minni Drop 170K. And, with a kitchen slideout and 6'5" of headroom, the rest of the interior shouldn't feel too cramped, either. Note that there are three other floorplans available, and all weigh under 3,200 lbs. All offer a slideout and some even come with a dry bath. Those looking for a great lightweight trailer should find plenty to love within the Minni Drop lineup.

The Minni Drop is full of surprises as well, including the exterior pull-out kitchen that includes a stove, sink, and refrigerator. If the weather turns bad, you can always take things inside and use the full kitchen there. It's quite amazing how much Winnebago was able to pack inside this small, light trailer.

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Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

Jayco website homepage

UVW: 2780 lbs

While it features the same large-teardrop shape as the R-pod, Jayco's Hummingbird 16MRB uses a much different layout. Two features stand out in this class of small trailers. First, there is a large rear bathroom that dwarfs anything else in this class. This is one of the few trailers here to offer a dry bath (where the shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a curtain).

Second, we have a unique bed design. During the day, all you will see is a sofa at the front of the trailer. At night, however, a murphy bed swings into place, offering a 60" by 75" sleeping area. Of course, a full kitchen sits between these two features. While it is only made to accommodate two travelers, the Hummingbird 16MRB is built much more like a large trailer than any other on this list.

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KZ Spree Escape Mini M181KS

KZ-RV website homepage

UVW: 2828 lbs

KZ's M181KS offers sleeping space for 3 adults, between the small side dinette and permanent queen bed at the front. A 10-foot awning is included in the deal as well.  Like the Jayco, there is a dry bath located at the rear of the trailer that keeps the toilet and sink from getting soaked anytime someone uses the shower. Note that, with an exterior length of nearly 21 feet, the Escape Mini is longer than most other trailers on this list.

One hard-to-find feature is the small slideout which creates extra space between the kitchen and the dinette. Not too many sub-3,000 lb trailers offer slideouts. The kitchen features the usual amenities: 2-burner stove, sink, microwave, and refrigerator. A 30-gallon freshwater capacity is decent for this class of RVs as well.

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Airstream Sport 16RB

Airstream Sport website homepage

UVW: 2860 lbs

The next Airstream on our list, the Sport 16RB, looks more like a conventional Airstream than the Basecamp. The layout is more conventional as well, with a bed at the rear and dinette at the front. The price tag, however, is even higher than that of the Basecamp. Chalk it up to the extra width, 2 extra sleeping spaces, and a couple more amenities.

If converted into a bed, the dinette can sleep two adults, bringing the total capacity to 4. In the middle of the bed and dinette are the kitchen and bathroom. The small wet bath features a nice little window to make things feel a little more spacious. A small fridge, 2-burner stove, microwave and sink are flanked by a decent amount of storage space.

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Little Guy Max

LittleGuyTrailers website homepage

UVW: 3140 lbs

You can think of the Little Guy Max as the final evolution of the teardrop trailer. And, as the first trailer on our list to crest the 3,000-lb mark, it offers some extra amenities you won't find elsewhere. For starters, there is the 6'7" interior height that creates an airy, open feel within the trailer. A 2-inch rear receiver hitch is the first offered on a teardrop trailer, according to Little Guy. Some trailer enthusiasts might bristle at calling this a teardrop, but there you have it.

If you use both the queen bed at the rear and the dinette conversion up front, the Max can sleep up to 4 adults. The side-kitchen offers the usual 2-burner stove and fridge, but the sink, microwave, and 4-cubic foot fridge are all relatively large for its class. A "Rough Rider" package spices things up with off-road tires and wheels and 3.5 inches of extra ground clearance.

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Good Luck Finding Your Perfect Light Trailer!

There are many great reasons to buy a lightweight trailer like those on our list. You might be seeking a great trailer that your new crossover can safely pull, or just want something small and light for safer towing. No matter what your reasons, there has never been a better time to find a great small travel trailer. So, go out there and find what suits you best. If possible, test out a few in-person to see what they feel like before making your purchase. And no matter what, enjoy your small trailer lifestyle!

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