Travel Trailers with Rear Kitchens (10 Real-Life Examples)

Travel Trailers with Rear Kitchens (10 Real-Life Examples)Travel trailers with a rear-kitchen layout provide some interesting advantages over other RV types. For one, using the rear area of the trailer for the kitchen means this layout typically offers the most cabinet room and counter space. Anyone who enjoys cooking large meals while camping should appreciate all that extra room in the kitchen!

Rear-kitchen trailers also give you more privacy in the rear quarters of your trailer. That's because the kitchen takes the place of what is often a large picture window situated on the back wall of the trailer. If you tend to keep that window closed anyway, perhaps because you back up to other trailers on most of your camping trips, a rear kitchen could just be your perfect layout. Another benefit of these designs is the open, breezy quality given to the living quarters, which are moved to the middle of the trailer, often with large windows on either side.

Of course, these types of travel trailers are not without some drawbacks. By placing all of your kitchen storage behind the rear axle, everything you keep back there has to deal with a bumpier, bouncier ride than they would with a mid-kitchen layout. That means short trips are often better than long, bumpy ones with these trailers - unless you are pretty confident in your packing ability! Another potential issue is if you love that large rear window; a rear kitchen will block that nice view and potentially feel claustrophobic to some.

After reading about the pros and cons, I imagine you will either love or hate the rear-kitchen layout. If it seems like a great trailer for you, keep reading because we have the best rear-kitchen trailers for you.

1. Crossroads Sunset Trail Super Lite SS250RK

The Sunset Trail SS250RK from Crossroads focuses more on the living room than the kitchen. While the kitchen area looks great with its ceramic backsplash and up to 7 cubic-foot refrigerator, the rear of the trailer uses its two big slides to create plenty of space to the couch and dining table instead of in the kitchen. The upside is that few other rear-kitchen trailers (if any) on this list feel as spacious as this one.

So, right off the bat, we have a rather unique rear-kitchen design. If you want to find out more, check the Crossroads website here.

2. Forest River Vibe 26RK

Those looking for more kitchen space will love this 33-foot Forest River trailer. By situating the kitchen at the back of the trailer, this Vibe 26RK allocates tons of cabinet and counter space for those who don't want to give up their gourmet ambitions just because they are in their trailer.

What's more, this kitchen looks more like one you would find in a house than a trailer. To explore the layout in more detail, head over to the Forest River site.

3. Coachmen Freedom Express 276RKDSLE

The Coachmen Freedom Express is another great rear-kitchen trailer for you to consider. Coming in at 31.5 feet long, this trailer uses the back wall to house the sink, stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Of course, that leaves the rest of the trailer for the living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

That means there is plenty of space for activities other than cooking! If this sounds like a great setup to you, head on over to the site to check it out.

4. Heartland Mallard Ultralite M280

With 7-foot arched ceilings, it's easy to see why this Heartland Mallard trailer holds a special appeal. But the rear-kitchen model, called the M280, opens things up even more with its spacious layout.

In fact, the kitchen offers more counter space and storage room than you would ever expect in a travel trailer. Now you won't have to chop veggies on that flimsy sink cover anymore! Click here for all the great details on this Heartland Mallard.

5. Winnebago Minni 2401RG

Winnebago always manages to create a special feeling inside their trailers, and this Minni 2401RG is no exception.

The wonderfully bright kitchen greets you the second you enter this trailer. Again, we find tons of storage and counter space for the camp gourmet, plus a very nice living space that situates a sofa across from the dinette. To see this trailer in more detail, head on over to the Winnebago site.

6. Airstream Caravel 20FB

Airstream is another manufacturer who always offers something special - their unique and ultra-luxurious designs are possibly the most iconic trailer in the world. Of course, the prices tend to also be out-of-this-world. This Caravel 20FB may only be 20 feet long, but features the kitchen of a 30-foot trailer. The generous galley houses a double sink, plus plenty of counter space that can double as a bar.

If this small, high-end trailer interests you, check it out in full detail over at the Airstream website.

7. Coleman Lantern 286RK

Dutchmen's Coleman Lantern trailers have tons of features for the camp chef, such as solid-touch countertops and a double sink. By pushing the kitchen to the back, the 286RK model puts a premium on kitchen and bathroom space. That doesn't mean there is a lack of sitting space, however. With two swivel chairs, a sofa, and a dinette, even large families can all get together in this trailer.

There is a lot to love about the nearly 33-foot Coleman Lantern. To see everything, click here.

8. Gulfstream Conquest 295SBW

Gulfstream's Conquest 295SBW offers so much counter space, you might find yourself shopping for knick-knacks just to fill the space!

And by placing the dinette directly across from the galley, your kids can be working on homework or playing games right next to you while you prepare dinner. This could just be the perfect family trailer. The big slide lends this Gulfstream a very open, airy feel. To see for yourself, check out the 360-degree tour here.

9. Jayco Jay Flight 29RKS

Jayco put tons of storage into this Jay Flight trailer - from all the overhead cabinets to the pantry, you will be able to fit whatever you want inside this one. And with a sofa, dinette, and two swivel chairs, there is room for the whole family to have some great quality time indoors. That means even if the weather turns sour, your vacation won't.

At 33'9", this 7,000-lb trailer offers plenty of space for even large families. Jayco has all the details on this great rear-kitchen trailer here.

10. Keystone Sprinter Limited 320MLS

This Keystone has to be seen to be believed. While most of the models on this list have storage galore, none can come close to the refrigerated space on this one.

With its double fridge, the Sprinter Limited can fit enough supplies for even the longest camping trips. Another great feature is the elevated, bar-height counters surrounding the sink. You will have a hard time not feeling right at home in this trailer. You can tell Keystone really put a lot of thought into this layout. To see for yourself, check it out here.

Kitchen Behind, Adventure Ahead!

Now that we have examined the ins and outs of rear-kitchen travel trailers, you can venture out and find your perfect trailer, whether it's this list or not. The important thing is to get inside a few of these trailers to see for yourself if this is the right design for you. There are a lot of RV layouts on the market today, so it should be easier than ever to find the perfect one for your family.

But that also means there are more trailers than ever to consider. But trust me, putting in the work to explore all of your options now will pay off in the long run - finding the right trailer can make all the difference for your camping trips. And a rear-kitchen design like these just might be that perfect layout for you.

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