Ford Ecosport Won’t Start—What Could Be Wrong?

It can be a frustrating dilemma to be in if your Ford Ecosport won't start then. In addition, it can be confusing because you may have no idea what could be wrong. But, not to worry, because we have researched on your behalf to help diagnose the problem in this article!

If your Ford Ecosport doesn't start, it could be due to one of the following problems:

  • Dead battery 
  • Broken fuel pump
  • Defective ignition coil or distributor
  • Bad alternator
  • Faulty spark plug(s)
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • Dirty or obstructed air filter 
  • Dirty fuel injectors or clogged fuel filter
  • Damaged engine cooling fan(s)
  • Bad fuel pump
  • Bad starter
  • Faulty solenoid or relay
  • Bad ignition switch
  • Low/no oil level (check the dipstick and oil cap)

As you can see, there are several reasons why your Ecosport is having starting issues. However, unless you are savvy around the mechanics of a vehicle, then it can be challenging to pinpoint the issue. That's why in this article we will discuss the functions of each of these parts and why they can cause your car not to start, so keep reading!

Private car Ford Ecosport Suv car for Urban User, Ford Ecosport Won't Start—What Could Be Wrong?

Ford Ecosport Won't Start—What Could Be Wrong?

If your Ford Ecosport doesn't start, you have to know what could be wrong with it. Here are some things that may cause the engine not to turn over:

Ford EcoSport compact crossover SUV on display

Dead Battery

If your battery is at fault, you can get a jump-start from another car or use a battery charger. But, if you keep having problems starting it up, then you should have your battery tested.

Broken Fuel Pump

Check the power supply of the fuel pump to make sure that it is plugged in properly or replace the fuse if necessary.

Also, make sure that your gas cap isn't loose on the filler tube because this allows air into your tank, which can cause temporary problems with the fuel pump.

Defective Ignition Coil or Distributor

If you suspect that your ignition coil or distributor has failed, then go to a mechanic and have them test these components for you.

Bad Alternator

A bad alternator can cause problems because it takes more power when your car starts up than when running idle. Therefore, the battery may only have enough power to start the car when it is running, but not enough for your car to run.

To check if you have a dead battery, use a voltmeter and measure the voltage of both your battery and alternator when they are both at rest or in use. If the voltages don't match up, then you know that your battery is dead.

Bad spark plug(s)

If your spark plugs are worn out or damaged, then this can cause starting issues because the spark plugs help ignite the air/fuel mixture inside of your cylinders. To check if you have bad spark plugs, remove the wires from each spark plug and lay them on a flat surface.

Then, with a voltmeter, check the voltage on each of your spark plugs. If you don't get any voltage reading, you know that your spark plug is not working.

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Corroded Battery Terminals

If the terminals are corroded or dirty with dirt and oil, it can be difficult for electricity to flow through them.

To fix this problem, clean your battery terminals with a wire brush until they are shiny and smooth. Also, make sure that the grounding cable is tight and well-fastened to the engine block.

Dirty or Obstructed Air filter 

If your air filter is dirty or obstructed, then this can cause problems when trying to start up your Ford Ecosport.

To check if your air filter needs replacement, take out the old air filter and compare it to a new one. If the new air filter is much thicker than the old one, then you need to replace your current filter.

Dirty Fuel injectors or Clogged Fuel Filter

If you have a dirty fuel filter or clogged fuel injectors, this can cause problems with starting your Ford Ecosport.

To clean your fuel system, replace the old fuel filter and/or run a full tank of gas through your car. If that doesn't help, then ask a mechanic to remove the clog from your fuel system.

Close up hands of unrecognizable mechanic doing car service and maintenance. Oil and fuel filter changing.

Damaged Engine Cooling Fan(s)

If your cooling fan(s) are damaged or broken, you will have problems starting your car. First, turn on your engine and let it run for 10 minutes to check if this is the case.

If the temperature stabilizes at a certain level, then there's nothing wrong with your engine overheating, so this could be a sign of a damaged or broken cooling fan.

Bad Fuel Pump

This can cause problems with starting because the fuel pump brings gas to your engine, so if there is any damage, you won't be able to start up your Ford Ecosport.

To check if this is the problem, draw some fuel out of your tank through a clear hose that has been submerged into the filler pipe. If the hose is empty and your car still doesn't start, then you know that it's likely to be a bad fuel pump.

Bad Starter

If the starter motor is malfunctioning or has failed altogether, there won't be any power going through to the solenoid, which will cause starting problems.

To check if this is the case, use a voltmeter to check if there is power coming out of the starter solenoid. If not, then you need to replace your starter.

Faulty Solenoid or Relay

If the solenoid or relay has failed, this will cause starting issues because this is the part that sends a signal to your car's starter motor.

To check if this is the problem, use a voltmeter to see whether you are getting any power coming out of the two connectors located on each solenoid/relay.

Faulty Ignition Switch

A faulty ignition switch can cause problems because it signals other parts, such as the starter motor. To check if this is the case, use a voltmeter to see whether there is power when turning your ignition switch on and off.

Low/No Oil Level (Check the Dipstick and Oil Cap)

If the car is low/has no oil level, this can cause starting problems because your engine will not be lubricated enough to turn it on properly.

To fix this issue, add some more motor oil into your Ecosport and wait a few minutes for it to sink to where it needs to go before trying again.

Can EcoSport Start Without Key?

Ford New EcoSport mini sport utility vehicle (SUV) on display

Since the Ford EcoSport has a push to start the ignition system, it needs a key fob. So technically, yes, the EcoSport can start without a key being physically in the ignition. However, if the key fob isn't inside of the vehicle, then the car won't start if you are unsure where your key fob is, then try starting your vehicle.

If the vehicle starts then, that means the key fob is somewhere in the vehicle. More than likely, it fell underneath the seat or was left in the cupholder!

How do I Manually Start my Ford EcoSport?

If your key fob is dead, don't worry because there is a way you can still start your Ford EcoSport!

  1. First off, the key fob won't unlock the door with a push of a button, so you will need to take the key out of the key fob.
  2. Now put the key underneath the door handle into the key slow.
  3. Once in the car, open up the middle console and take out the tray.
  4. You will see a slot in the middle console that will perfectly fit the key fob.
  5. Place the key fob in the slot with the keyring facing up. Now put your foot on the brake and push the start button!

How do I Reset my Ford EcoSport?

If you need to reset your Ford EcoSport for one reason or another, there is an easy way to do so. All you need to do is turn the car to the "on" position.

Now, hold the brake and gas pedal down at the same time for at least 20 seconds. Then release the pedals and turn the car off. This process should reset the Ford EcoSport!

How Much Does a Ford EcoSport Key Cost?

If you need an extra key, it is essential to know what you are expected to pay. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $180 and $400 for a new Ford EcoSport key.

However, keep in mind that the prices vary depending on who does the service and what year EcoSport you have.

How do I Change the Battery in my Ford EcoSport Remote?

Another reason your EcoSport might not start is due to a dead battery in the key. You will still be able to manually start the Ford, but since your EcoSport key fob has lost its power, you will need to replace it. To get to the battery, you will more than likely need a flathead screwdriver.

Take the flathead screwdriver and wedge it in the middle of the key fob and slowly pry the two pieces apart. Once opened, you will see the round battery in the fob that will need to be replaced!

Final Thoughts

Private car Ford Ecosport Suv car for Urban User, Ford Ecosport Won't Start—What Could Be Wrong?

While there are several reasons why your EcoSport has starting problems, it is essential to know that it may not be severe. It is always good to first contact the Ford dealership because they specialize in those vehicles, and sometimes your problems may be similar to someone else who owns an EcoSport. This may help diagnose the problem quickly, which means the sooner you will be back on the road!

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  1. I have a EcoSport 2.0L AWD and its fine for short trips, but take it on a trip on Midwest state roads and you will discover how bad a short wheelbase can be on your back. I am amazed at how heavy this vehicle is for its size. I mean 3300lbs is a lot for this vehicle. Probably explains why its so not peppy accelerating and the early shifting automatic and lazy downshifts don’t help that feeling. If Ford was trying to eek out a little more MPG at the expense of quicker acceleration it never achieved that either in my opinion. It’s clear that the EcoSport was never designed with the US market in mind. Ford was desperate to offer a small SUV to compete in that market and the EcoSport was their only offering.

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