8 Best Ford F-150 Roof Racks

Your Ford F-150 is capable of carrying a whole lot of things in the bed of the truck but you can haul even more on the roof. To do it safely, it needs a roof rack. Whether you're on your way to an exciting trip and need a place to attach your bikes, have extra baggage to put up on the roof of your car, or need help moving things, you will find plenty of uses for a roof rack.

A roof rack is an invaluable addition to any vehicle. When shopping for one, we have an idea of what you might be after. Safety and durability are two of the most sought-after qualities when it comes to roof racks. After all, you want to be sure that your items are protected and transported without any issues on the road.

The problem with roof racks is that the market is completely saturated with them! Just figuring out which ones to choose can be a real challenge. We have done the research for you so you can spend time planning your trip as opposed to browsing countless products. Let's delve into the best Ford F-150 roof racks.

8 Best Ford F-150 Roof Racks

1. AA-Racks Model DX36

This is a two-bar adjustable roof rack that will do well even with large loading capacities. Able to carry up to 350 lb., it's sure to help you transport a wide variety of things.

It mounts onto the roof, and the installation requires drilling, so keep that in mind. It's possible for it to be installed on any vehicle with or without drip rails. If protection is what you are seeking, you can breathe easily with this rack - all the steel systems are galvanized and powder coated. This offers superior durability and protection.

The extra-wide mounting base has a polyfoam gasket as well as an interior plate, which secures the rack onto the vehicle. Lastly, it's coated in a nice sandy black, which is a color sure to suit your Ford.

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2. Rhino-Rack® - Vortex RS 2500 Roof Rack System

This Rhino-Rack product is durable and safe, but also super easy to install. It's designed with DIY fitment and installation in mind, so even if you were planning to ask a mechanic to install your new roof rack, you likely won't have to.

It uses specifically molded pads that are designed to fit any vehicle. The bar length is measured to the width of your car, so it will be easy to take the rack on and off as necessary. You won't be forced to perform bar adjustments afterward.

It has a steel lock with key included, which ensures the safety of your items even if you step away from the car for a moment, such as at a gas station.

Rhino-Rack recommends this rack for carrying things such as luggage, surfboards, or even small furniture - it can carry quite a lot of weight!

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3. SeaSucker Monkey Bars Roof Rack

This particular rack system is confirmed to fit your Ford F-150, so you can rest easy without having to worry about making any adjustments. It's a dual-bar system that has stellar reviews made by those who have already bought it.

This universal roof rack will carry skis, surfboards, and other gear on your vehicle's roof. It has an impressively versatile design that will mount anywhere on your car's roof - yes, even glass!

The installation is made extremely easy due to the 6" vacuum cups that attach it to your roof. All you have to do is press the pump on each cup several times.

You can expect this product to be durable and corrosion-resistant thanks to the silver powder coat finish over aluminum crossbars.

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4. AA-Racks Model X202-TR

This glossy black (or glossy white - two options!) roof rack is sure to suit your Ford, no matter the color. It comes with a single crossbar that is capable of carrying a wide variety of things. The crossbar is made out of heavy gauge steel, which means that this item has a mindblowing loading capacity of 300 lbs.

The crossbar measures at 72" and is powder-coated to provide durability. The use of stainless steel in this model ensures that you can fully trust it and not worry about whether it will be able to withstand a long drive.

It's ready for installation and you can expect to manage the process all by yourself. It also comes with stainless steel made bolts, washers & nuts as well as a pair of ladder stoppers.

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5. 2015-2016 Ford F-150 Rhino-Rack Vortex 2500


This Ford-specific roof rack is designed for the 2015-2016 models, so if it will fit your truck, you should definitely consider picking it up.

Owning a product specifically designed for your make comes with a lot of perks. You won't have to worry about the fit or installation, as all of that is easily done.

This black roof rack is stylish and will compliment any Ford. It's durable and strong, so you can expect it to last for years, while also keeping your ears happy by greatly reducing the amount of wind noise.

Rhino-Rack says that this roof rack is ideal for low clearance, as it sits just 35mm above rails. If that is something you're looking for, we recommend it.

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6. MaxxHaul 70115

This steel luggage rack gives you instant cargo space for 150-pounds of gear atop your truck cab. It requires assembly to attach to crossbars using simple U-bolts. 

The rust-resistant finish can handle the elements so you can travel no matter the weather. Protective caps on U-bolts prevent damage to your truck's exterior. This MaxxHaul rack measures 46-inches by 36-inches by 4-1/2-inches and weighs only 25-pounds.

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7. Pro-Series HTVANRK 500 lbs.

That's right - you read that correctly. This roof rack system can carry up to 500 lbs! It's a real beast, and not just because of its impressive loading capacity. This is a roof rack made to serve you with anything you need.

It's tough and wide, and its crossbar uprights spread the load evenly to avoid damage to the roof of your car. As this can carry really heavy loads, it's made extra secure with rope hooks on each upright that make securing easier than ever.

This rack will attach to the van's rain gutter and as such, it's remarkably easy to install. It also has 3 height settings, so you can adjust it to match your needs. It will adjust anywhere between 56" and 77".

It's resistant to scratches, rust, and all kinds of weather conditions.

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8. INNO Rack 2015-2018 Super Crew

If your Ford F-150 was made in 2015-2018, this is a fantastic solution to your roof rack problems. INNO delivers a product that is strong, but most of all, very flexible - it will fit vehicles even without factory rails, so with a bare roofline.

It comes with two crossbars, both of which have their bar end caps included, and it's available in black - the most neutral color you could wish for. You will also find four INNO XS Stays - essentially locks with keys included, so you can trust this roof rack to keep your belongings safe and sound.

It also comes with K Fit Hooks which are specific to your vehicle. This, in turn, protects your baggage from falling off the car.

It's worth noting that this system is vehicle specific and not a universal fit, so before you decide on picking it up, check the fitment guide first.

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Have you found your new roof rack yet? We hope that our list helped you make your decision. If you're in the market for a roof rack that is sturdy and reliable, we can heartily recommend each and every one of the racks on our list.

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