How To Reset A Service 4WD Light In A Jeep Grand Cherokee [Step By Step Guide]

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular mid-size SUV. Models made in 2005 up to the present have a service 4WD warning light on the instrument cluster. You might wonder how to get rid of this warning. We did the research so that you can learn how to reset the service 4WD light.

Follow this process to reset the Jeep Grand Cherokee service 4WD light:

  1. Disengage the 4WD system and turn off the engine.
  2. Locate the system's fuse box and remove the fuse.
  3. Replace the faulty fuse for the system. If the fuse is okay, wait 10 seconds before reinstalling it.
  4. Start and engage the engine to test if the system works properly.

If the reset does not turn off the service 4WD light, you should take the vehicle to an authorized service center. Other than a faulty fuse, the light could be on due to an overheated transfer case, system code errors, or improper use of the vehicle. Read on to learn about these issues and how to reset the Jeep Grand Cherokee service 4WD light.

Resetting The Service 4WD Light In A Jeep Grand Cherokee

New Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 limited at the test drive event for automotive journalists from Minsk, How To Reset A Service 4WD Light In A Jeep Grand Cherokee [Step By Step Guide]

A Jeep Grand Cherokee uses outstanding 4X4 technology, which can help you navigate just about any type of weather or road condition.

Even if the system gives superior support when you drive, it can develop issues after some years of driving. One issue that bothers owners is the service 4WD light. 

Continuous flashing of the service 4WD light means that there is a problem in the system. You will see the message on your vehicle's instrument cluster. One solution is to reset the service 4WD light.

In the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee owner's manual, the manufacturer suggests that you take the vehicle to the nearest authorized service center. So be prepared to spend some money on the services rendered.

A red new jeep grand cherokee in the highway

You can also try to solve the problem yourself. Here are the steps for resetting a Jeep Grand Cherokee's service 4WD light:

  1. Disengage the 4WD system following these steps:
    1. You disengage by slowing the vehicle before shifting to neutral.
    2. Then set the transfer case lever at 4HIGH.
    3. With the Jeep back in gear, slide the transfer case to 2HIGH.
  2. Turn off the vehicle's engine.
  3. Locate the system's fuse box and remove the fuse. You can find the fuse box in the engine compartment. Check the manual for help with finding its exact location.
  4. Replace the faulty fuse. If the fuse is okay, wait for 10 seconds before reinstalling it.
  5. Start and engage the engine of the vehicle to test if the system works properly.

If the Service 4WD light is still on after the reset, take your Jeep to a service center or a professional mechanic.

What Causes The Service 4WD Light To Turn On?

Grand jeep cherokee with its gorgeous exterior design

Knowing what triggers the service 4WD light in your Jeep Grand Cherokee can be helpful when you face this problem. Below are some reasons why the service 4WD light turns on.

  • The message appears because of a system malfunction due to programming faults. Jeep Grand Cherokee has a powertrain control module (PCM) that controls all the essential vehicle functions. However, like all mechanical systems, it can have errors and issues. You will need to address the root causes of the problem, which may include the following:
    • Circuit board damage
    • Displaying random OBDII codes
    • Engine misfires
    • High or low voltage
    • Sensor issues
    • Vehicle performance issues
  • Incomplete gear shifts have confused and damaged the system. You must complete the shift to match the engine speed. 
  • An overheated transfer case will trigger the service light to tell the driver that the system will deactivate to cool down. When the light flashes, the transfer case cannot shift to 4WD HIGH, 4WD LOW, and/or neutral. 
  • The light or message displays due to corroded or damaged connections in the system, engine, and other integral vehicle parts. The PCM or other parts might encounter water, mud, or dirt that can affect the vehicle's condition. 

In short, improper use of the vehicle can damage the 4WD system. You can avoid the problems if you conduct routine vehicle check-ups. 

The service 4WD light can also flash if the problems mentioned are not present. The system could be fine, but the light may flash due to traction conditions that your vehicle must comply with.

Note that you should not panic when this light comes on because it informs drivers that the vehicle needs regular maintenance.

How To Tell If Your 4WD Has A Problem

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

You might not immediately notice a problem with the 4WD in your vehicle. Listed below are the common symptoms to watch out for:

  • Worn front tires
  • Decrease in power
  • Using more fuel
  • Rattling sound when turning on 4WD

You can use the wiTECH scan tool with the service library to check and follow the appropriate diagnostic procedures. If you don't have the scanner, take the vehicle to a service center to have it checked.

You can drive your Jeep Grand Cherokee with less hassle by resolving all the issues related to the 4WD system. 

Can You Drive If The Service 4WD Light Is On?

You can still drive the vehicle if you see the light come on. However, you should not ignore the message to avoid damage to the car. 

You should immediately drive to your garage or to the nearest service center to have it fixed. You can still drive, but make sure that you don't stress the vehicle. 

How Often Should You Service Your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee at a Chrysler dealership

You can avoid the issues causing the service 4WD light to turn on with the proper care of your vehicle. You should know when to have your vehicle checked out by a professional. 

The intervals will vary depending on your driving habits and conditions. The time basis depends on the age of the vehicle or the mileage, whichever comes first.

You can follow the suggested maintenance schedule for a Jeep Grand Cherokee below:

  1. Oil change every 3,500 miles (the oil change light will flash to remind you)
  2. First maintenance check after two years or 20,000 miles (and every 20,000 miles thereafter)
  3. Checking of CV joints and transfer case fluid at the third year or 30,000 miles
  4. Thorough maintenance at the sixth year or 60,000 miles
  5. A more comprehensive check-up at 10 years or 100,000 miles (this will include spark plug replacement, PCV valve inspection, and transfer case fluid change) 

In addition to this schedule, you should check these critical parts:

  • Brake system (e.g., linings, parking brake)
  • CV joints
  • Engine oil quality
  • Front and rear axles
  • Spark plug
  • Suspensions
  • Transfer case fluid

It is better to check the small issues early rather than spend on major repairs in the future.

You can schedule a service maintenance appointment with your Jeep dealer. Regular servicing of your vehicle can prevent frequent service 4WD alerts and give you a better driving experience.

How Much Will Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance Cost?

It is important to account for your maintenance expenses. The maintenance costs for Jeep vehicles are above the average compared to other mid-size SUVs.

The average service cost is $767. Over 10 years, you can spend around $10,484 or more if the Jeep needs major repairs and or part replacements.

The rates will vary depending on the dealer. Other than the maintenance costs, you will also pay for labor, taxes, and financing fees.

Failure to maintain your Jeep Grand Cherokee can result in poor performance and a shortened lifespan for the vehicle.

In Summary

New Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 limited at the test drive event for automotive journalists from Minsk

When the service 4WD light comes on in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can try resetting it yourself by disengaging the 4WD system and replacing the fuse. If the process does not work, you should take your vehicle to an authorized service center.

The light will turn on if there is a problem with the 4WD system, such as errors in programming, incomplete gear shifts, and an overheated transfer case.

You can avoid these issues by setting up regular maintenance appointments. Although they can be expensive, routine check-ups are necessary to keep your Jeep in the best condition.

With the service 4WD light off, you can do more with your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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