Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Is Not Working – Why? What To Do?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee power liftgate is a superb feature that makes accessing your load area easy. However, the liftgate may malfunction because of several reasons. We've researched these reasons and have information to share on how you can fix them.

These are some possible reasons why your Jeep Grand Cherokee power liftgate is not working:

  • Liftgate Button Issue
  • Dead Battery
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Bad Motor
  • Broken Hinges
  • Faulty Liftgate Control Module
  • Lock Mechanism
  • Liftgate Alignment Problems

If you're experiencing a power liftgate malfunction, don't worry! In the following section, we will discuss the common reasons this happens and provide tips on how to fix them. Keep reading to learn more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Is Not Working - Why? What To Do?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Is Not Working - Why? What To Do?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Is Not Working - Why? What To Do?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Is Not Working - Why? What To Do?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Is Not Working - Why? What To Do?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Is Not Working - Why? What To Do?

Why Is My Jeep Grand Cherokee's Power Liftgate Malfunctioning?

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If the power liftgate of your Jeep Grand Cherokee is not functioning, it can be a frustrating and inconvenient issue to deal with.

The liftgate provides easy access to the trunk space, and when it doesn't work, it can affect your daily routine. There are some common reasons why the power liftgate malfunctions, and we will discuss how to fix them.

Liftgate Button Issue

If your Grand Cherokee's power liftgate is not working, you can check the liftgate button on the key fob.

Begin by pressing the button that locks and unlocks the car. If this button works, but the power liftgate still won't work, you should check if the liftgate switch is on.

If the liftgate still does not work after checking the liftgate button, proceed to other troubleshooting steps. Replace the key fob or the battery if necessary. You can have a dealer program the key fob.

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Dead Battery

black car battery closeup on a white background

A dead battery is a common reason the power liftgate may not work. There won't be enough power to operate the liftgate if the battery is dead. Check your car's battery and ensure it has enough charge to use the liftgate.

If you need to replace the battery in your Grand Cherokee, follow proper safety procedures and manufacturer instructions to ensure a successful and safe battery replacement. We recommend replacing the battery every four years.

Here are the steps on how to change the Jeep Grand Cherokee battery:

  • Turn the car off and remove the key from the ignition for your safety.
  • Locate the battery and use your wrench or socket set to remove the negative and positive cables from the battery terminals. Remove any holding brackets or screws using a screwdriver, then carefully lift the old battery from the car.
  • Use a wire brush or battery terminal cleaner to clean corrosion or debris to help ensure a proper connection for the new battery.
  • Carefully install the new battery, ensuring that it's oriented correctly. Reattach any holding brackets or screws, then reconnect the positive and negative cables to the corresponding battery terminals. Make sure the connections are tight.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is another common reason why the power liftgate may malfunction. The wiring can become damaged or disconnected over time, which will prevent the liftgate from functioning correctly. Check the wiring around the liftgate and ensure that all connections are secure and undamaged.

Bad Motor

The liftgate motor is responsible for opening and closing the liftgate and will not work if it is faulty or burned out. Seek help from a qualified mechanic to inspect the liftgate motor if you suspect it is the cause of the problem.

Broken Hinges

The liftgate hinges play an essential role in the smooth operation of the liftgate. The liftgate may not open or close correctly if the hinges are damaged or broken. Check the hinges for damage and replace them if needed.

Faulty Liftgate Control Module

The liftgate control module controls the liftgate's operation, including opening, closing, and locking. If the module is faulty, it can prevent the liftgate from functioning correctly. A qualified mechanic should inspect and replace the module if necessary.

Lock Mechanism

The lock mechanism can cause Grand Cherokee power liftgate problems. The lock mechanism is an essential component of the liftgate that ensures it remains securely closed when not in use.

If the lock mechanism is damaged or malfunctioning, it can prevent the liftgate from opening or closing correctly. Here are some common problems you may encounter with the lock mechanism:

  • A broken latch can prevent the liftgate from properly latching. This problem can cause the liftgate to unexpectedly open while driving or not open when you want it to.
  • A malfunctioning lock mechanism can trigger the liftgate to remain locked even when you press the button or remote control, preventing the liftgate from opening.

Check for any visible signs of damage or wear, and test the latch and actuator to ensure they're operating smoothly. If you notice any issues, have a qualified mechanic inspect and repair the lock mechanism to prevent further problems with the liftgate.

Liftgate Alignment Problems

A misaligned liftgate can cause problems with the power liftgate. Misalignment happens due to damage to the liftgate, vehicle frame, or normal wear and tear over time.

To adjust the alignment of your Jeep Grand Cherokee power liftgate, follow these steps:

  1. Open the liftgate and look for the two adjustment screws located on the underside of the liftgate. 
  2. Use a screwdriver to turn the screws clockwise or counterclockwise, and adjust the liftgate as needed.
  3. Once you have aligned the liftgate, close it and check if it is properly aligned. If not, repeat the process until you get the desired alignment. 

Can You Use Any Battery In A Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob?

Hand holding car remote control, smart key to lock or unlock doors of white car. Safety, travel and transportation concept

Use the correct type of battery when replacing the battery in your Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob. While it may be tempting to use any available battery, using the wrong type could cause damage to your key fob or prevent it from properly functioning.

Consult your owner's manual or contact a qualified mechanic to determine the correct battery type for your Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob. Most Jeep Grand Cherokee key fobs require a small, round battery known as a "coin" or "button" battery.

The specific battery type varies on the vehicle's year and model, so double-check before purchasing a replacement battery.

Some common types of button batteries used in Jeep Grand Cherokee key fobs include CR2032, CR2450, and CR2025.

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How To Reset The Power Liftgate

Sometimes the liftgate may become stuck or malfunction, requiring a reset to get it back in working order. Here are the steps to reset the power liftgate on your Jeep Grand Cherokee:

  1. Turn the power liftgate off, then manually open it. Pull the liftgate open until fully extended.
  2. Find the power liftgate reset button at the underside of the liftgate near the hinge. Press and hold the button for about five seconds until you hear a beep to turn off the power liftgate and reset it.
  3. Push the liftgate closed until you hear a click indicating that it is appropriately secured.
  4. If the liftgate does not turn on after resetting, turn the power liftgate back on by pressing and holding the button on your key fob or dashboard. The liftgate should beep twice to indicate that it has been turned back on.
  5. Test the liftgate to make sure it is properly functioning. Press the button on your key fob or dashboard to open the liftgate. If it opens smoothly and without issue, your reset was successful. You may need to seek further assistance or repairs if it still malfunctions.

Wrapping Up

View of Jeep Grand Cherokee car in Desert Safari Camel Ride, a landmark for desert activities, in Al Wakrah, Qatar.

In this post, we explored the reasons that the power liftgate might malfunction in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. These reasons include problems with the liftgate motor, fuses, wiring, and alignment.

We also provided tips on replacing the battery in your key fob and aligning your liftgate properly. Remember to prioritize safety and consult a professional if you're unsure how to fix your vehicle issues. For more articles and resources about vehicles, check out other posts below:

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