How To Use A Remote Starter Switch [Step By Step Guide]

As a car owner, you may want to use the remote starter switch but wonder how to do so. Luckily, we have done the legwork for you, and here is what our research found.

The following are step-by-step procedures for using a remote starter switch:

  • Locate the starter relay
  • Check for the relay wires
  • Activate the relay
  • Engage the remote switch button

To successfully use a remote starter switch, all you have to do is follow the steps carefully. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to use a remote starter switch.

Man presses button on ignition key with immobilizer on the background of the car , How To Use A Remote Starter Switch [Step By Step Guide]

How To Use A Remote Starter Switch [Step By Step Guide]

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When it comes to using a remote starting switch, you can turn over or crank the engine without the ignition. This is useful when performing certain tests or if you want to start your vehicle to warm it or cool it before getting inside to drive.

However, there are two types of starting switches - the built-in and exterior starter relays. The built-in starter relays are much harder to locate.  

Exterior Starter Relays

The following is how to use the exterior starter relays:

Step 1: Locate The Starter Relay

Before you start anything, the vehicle should be in park. This is best done by shifting the gear into "park" and applying the parking brake (or hand brake). Next, look for the starter relay. In most vehicles, you can find the starter relay above the battery.

Step 2: Check For The Relay Wires

You should note that there are two main connectors on the starter motor. The major connections and one or two smaller connections. With the help of the smaller connectors, the relay can be energized, bringing the starter motor's contacts together.

On the other hand, in most cars, the relay has two major connections: one from the battery and another that runs straight to the engine starter motor.

At this point, you should be able to differentiate the connectors from one another and understand the function of each individual connector.

Step 3: Activate The Relay

After identifying the connections, you need to make some wiring connections. Connect an alligator clamp to the positive terminal located on the positive side of the battery. Following that, attach the other alligator clamp of the switch to the starter relay's smaller connector.

The positive terminal connection will supply the switch with an electrical current. If this is done successfully and the starting relay's connections are activated, the starter will be "turned over" or "cranked."

Step 4: Engage The Remote Switch Button

After ensuring that everything is in its proper location and connected, the final step is to click the button on the remote switch. Immediately after this is done, the engine is supposed to turn on and crank, but there should be no forward motion at this stage.

Built-In Starter Relays

These are helpful steps to follow if you want to use built-in starter relays:

Step 1: Put Your Car In Park And Locate The Starter Motor

The first thing you should do is to put your car in park and engage the parking brake. After that, locate the starter motor. You should look for the starter motor on the vehicle's engine. This may require going under the car.

When doing this, always make sure that safety is prioritized. Do not attempt to jack the automobile because there is a chance that the jack will slide. Also, avoid crawling beneath a car that has been jacked up. It is extremely dangerous.

Step 2: Identify The Starter Connections

You should find a single, large electrical connector that is wired directly to the battery's positive terminal, and a second, smaller connector that is wired to the ignition key.

Step 3: Attach The Battery And Ignition Connectors

After identifying the battery connector and the ignition connector, attach one end of an alligator clamp to each. As soon as you have completed this and the connections have been made, you can get out from beneath the vehicle. 

Step 4: Engage The Switch

Once you are out, you can then engage the switch. The moment you do that, the car is supposed to fire up. If not, the problem probably lies in how you wired the connections together. It is likely that you made a mistake. Recheck and try again.

How Much Is A Remote Starter Switch?

According to the results of a quick poll of dealers who sell remote starters, you can put a simple, short-range remote starter on a non-luxury vehicle for anywhere from $249.99 to $399.99. However, heavy-duty remote starter switches are affordable and cost about 29$.

Since many automobiles rely on a variety of different systems to kickstart the engine, the price may be affected by the year, the manufacturer, and the type of your car.

A qualified installer can integrate a remote start system with the aforementioned procedures in order to ensure the vehicle starts remotely in a secure and risk-free manner.

It is of the utmost importance to get in touch with your neighborhood retailer before going to the store in order to confirm that they can install a remote starter in your car.

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Where Is The Remote Start Module Located?

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A control module and a remote transmitter are the two main parts comprising a remote start system. The module is in your car, and its placement is typically secure and out of sight so that the supplied cables do not need to be extended. 

The typical location of the start module is the lower part of the dashboard, directly below the steering wheel. The remote transmitter, on the other side, is used to start your vehicle. These remotes are available with a wide array of functions to choose from.

Will A Remote Starter Work With Key In Ignition?

Yes, even after the car has been started remotely, the key should be inserted to remove the ignition lock on the steering column and put the gear into "drive" (if the car has an automatic gearbox).

If you don't have your car key within range of the remote starter, you won't be able to drive off. If you don't insert the key into the ignition within a particular amount of time, the remote system could turn off the engine.

The time this takes to occur varies from one system to the other but often takes between 10 and 20 minutes. In addition, a door alarm will be sent if an unauthorized person breaks into the vehicle while it is being remotely started.

To prevent theft, if an intruder remotely starts the automobile and then shifts into drive or presses the brake, the engine cuts off immediately.

Can You Remote Start A Car Without Remote Start?

Ignition key of modern car close up.

No, you can't remote start a car that doesn't have a remote start. However, you shouldn't be concerned if your automobile does not already come equipped with a remote starter because you may still have an excellent remote starter system installed.

Although the remote start is becoming standard equipment on many newly manufactured cars, it is still an aftermarket accessory that can be installed on cars.

When it comes to choosing a remote car starter system for your vehicle, you have a lot of different alternatives to pick from, and it's advised to get the best out there.

Can Remote Starter Cause Electrical Problems?

women's hand presses on the remote control car alarm systems

Yes. Vehicles that are started remotely are prone to unexpected electrical problems as any other device that uses electricity; this risk might occur at any time. Even though it's unlikely, you should always know there is a possibility that a remote start will cause an electrical problem. 

Aside from that, in the event that your vehicle did not come equipped with a remote starting and you decide to install an aftermarket device, an incorrect installation could cause problems with the battery and electrical systems.

To Wrap Up

To use a remote starter switch, all you have to do is locate the starter relay, check for the relay wires, activate the relay, and engage the remote switch button. You do not need the help of a professional to use a remote starter switch but don't hesitate to call one if you can't use it on your own.

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