Kia Telluride Mirrors – Are They Heated And Are They Power Folding?

Weather creates a constant element outside of your control. Fog, snow, rain, ice all affect our driving habits. It makes it challenging to do all the things we want and need for work and play.  The Kia Telluride stands up to weather in some minute yet impactful ways. We've done the research to let you know about the Kia Telluride and some critical elements in their heated and power-folding mirrors.

Tellurides make it safe for you to work or play with the simplicity and ingenuity of the heated side mirrors that also fold in with the click of a button. Power folding side mirrors are a standard in the Kia Telluride EX and SX trim models. All Kia Telluride trim packages, from LX to SX, offer heated side mirrors. 

Kia Tellurides offer true customization packages between LX, S, EX, and SX. The differences these trims offer are luxury and choice, but all provide the standard safety and high-tech capacity Kia has come to be known for. For more details to make informed decisions on Kia Tellurides, keep reading below.

A huge Kia logo sign on a red tall post, Kia Telluride Mirrors: Are They Heated And Are They Power Folding?

Does the Kia Telluride have power-folding mirrors?

Walking through a parking lot, mirrors often get bumped into, carts ram into them, or mirrors obstruct the right-of-way for families with small children or people with wheelchairs and crutches. Garages are made to store more than automobiles. Fold-in mirrors can be helpful when in tight places on or off the road. Even when parking at home or in a parking garage, space is limited, and fold-in mirrors prevent scratches and increase convenience. 

Kia Tellurides have power-folding mirrors for the EX and SX models. These models offer more customizations that give time and convenience back to the driver for a sleek and stylish ride. The SX offers Driver's Seat Integrated Memory System, Highway Driving Assist, and double sunroofs along with power-folding mirrors.

In regards to mirrors, the SX model also provides a slanting mirror into the package. If buying the LX or S trim package, power-folding mirrors can be integrated upon request and still give a polished integrated package. It is not an easy after-market addition. If power folding mirrors may be important for your day-to-day use, buy them upfront rather than try to piece it together afterward. 

How do I know if I have power-folding mirrors?

The inside of a new car often feels like the beginning of an epoch adventure. The smell and feel are different, creating a conundrum when discerning individual operations. Finding out what all of the spaces, gadgets, and buttons do can be overly stressful. To make this easier, look in front of the driver's window controls. There should be a button specifically for the power-folding mirrors.

Otherwise, when locking the vehicle, the power-folding mirrors should automatically fold in. There will be information in the manual regarding power-folding mirrors as well. 

Kia Telluride packages may include Blind Spot View Monitor in the package. However, if you feel that extra blind spot help would be helpful on the Kia Telluride, there are many products on the market. 

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Does Kia Telluride have heated mirrors?

Kia Telluride does have the option of heated mirrors in each trim package. This comes in handy when the weather throws curveballs of fog, snow, rain, or ice. Often, wiping the mirror will not be enough in these situations, and they cloud up with outside condensation quickly. Rain pools on mirrors and makes it difficult to see what is around the vehicle. This is a safety issue the Telluride takes care of before there is a chance for a problem to arise. 

The heater provided on Kia Telluride mirrors works in conjunction with the climate control system of the vehicle. So, when the rear defrost button is on, the heater for the exterior mirrors will turn on as well. This safety bonus keeps in line with Kia's excellent safety model practices because the driver's ability to use the side mirrors increases to all weather. 

Are heated side mirrors worth it?

Heated side mirrors do not stand out in the well-equipped packages Kia Telluride puts together. It's a relatively small yet complex addition to the trim package. It adds an element of safety to complement a trifecta of comfort, technology, and safety. 

Heated side mirrors added after purchase include purchasing heated mirrors separately and installing. The alternative is to purchase a specially designed heated pad for the back of the mirror that can be configured with the vehicle through the wiring. The heated side mirrors in Kia Tellurides provide a nice perk that also adds an additional element of safety. 

How do you turn on Kia heated mirrors?

Kia mirrors work in conjunction with the rest of the climate control system. To turn on the heated mirror feature for the car's exterior mirrors, turn on the rear defrost button. The mirrors automatically engage. It should not take more than minutes for the heated mirrors to effectively clear any ice, snow, rain, or fog from its surface. 

If you want to do a simple test to see if the mirrors work, breathe on the exterior mirror so that it fogs up. Then, turn on the defrost and watch to see if it clears the fog away. Always refer to the manual if an operation on the vehicle is not working the way it should. 

Maintenance On The Kia Telluride

Keeping a Kia Telluride sparkly clean inside and out with the versatility of offers can be a challenge. From home improvement or DIY Projects to carpooling with kids maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle will also help keep the vehicle running efficiently. The windshield and mirrors play an important role, and keeping it clean of dust or daily encounters that impede visibility is a must.  

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Final Thoughts

Technology in vehicles advances daily. The changes it brings to your personal life as a driver and the ability to keep your passengers safe is a crucial part of any purchase. Read more about which SUVs have a head's up display, like the Kia Telluride, by clicking here. Often this technology is included in more than one trim package. 

Space is always at a premium in every vehicle. Whether it be space for people, cargo, or pets, it's important to have the flexibility that matches your needs. Read more about what SUVs have a fold-flat seat that folds into the floor by clicking here. This offers great use of space that can help manage any situation. 

With all this attention to the big picture, it could be easy to overlook the smaller details. However, Kia does not disappoint and uses those features, like heated and fold-in mirrors, to complement a versatile and consumer-friendly bundle.

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