How To Remove The Antenna From A Jeep Wrangler

The antenna on the car's roof may not be your preference or because you just want to remove it. But you're not sure how to remove the antenna without damaging the car. We're here to help you! We've researched the steps.

To remove the antenna from a Jeep Wrangler, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the radio off.
  2. Unscrew the mount bracket with a screwdriver.
  3. Using a screwdriver, lift the bracket until it pops out.
  4. Loosen the remaining bolts with a wrench.
  5. Pull the antenna out.

A car antenna is used to receive radio signals so that you can listen to news broadcasts and music. This article will tell you about the different types of car antennas and how you can dispose of an old antenna. Keep reading, and you'll learn more about it!

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How to Remove the Antenna From a Jeep Wrangler

Removing the car antenna will disconnect your access to the radio stations. Some car owners replace the antenna with a newer version to upgrade the features, such as faster signal transmission. To remove the antenna, follow these steps.

Turn the Radio Off

You should turn the radio off and unplug the cables before you start removing the antenna. This is to ensure that the radio will not be damaged.

Unscrew the Mount Bracket

Using a screwdriver, loosen the screws to remove the mount bracket.

Lift the Bracket

Use a screwdriver to lift the bracket until it pops out. You can use a soft cloth to protect the car's surface. If the bracket is too hard, you can just drill it.

Loosen the Bolts

There are remaining bolts that are locking the mount of the antenna. Loosen these bolts with a wrench.

Pull the Antenna Out

Pull the antenna out either by hand or with a help of pliers. Finally, cover the hollow with a metal sheet of the same color as the car.

Below is a Youtube video to help illustrate the process. 


What's the Purpose of a Car Antenna?

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The antenna on your car is meant to collect signals from the nearest network providers or satellites. The signal will then be converted into energy to activate the components, like radio or television.

Why Remove the Car Antenna?

View out of the car window during a road trip

You'll want to remove the car antenna if it's broken. Otherwise, it will damage your radio. Leaving a broken antenna, especially if it has a cable, can consume energy and emit toxic waste.

Also, removing the antenna saves space. It may not consume a lot of space, but removing it may be convenient, specifically if the antenna is smacking against the window or windshield.

How to Dispose of a Car Antenna?

To properly dispose of the antenna, follow these steps:

  1. Disassemble the antenna by removing the screws and cables connecting to the radio.
  2. Twist and pull the antenna out of its port.
  3. Get a paper bag and put the disassembled antenna inside.
  4. Put it in a trash bin labeled "recyclable" or "dry waste." You can also donate it to a junk shop.

Stock Vs. Stubby Antenna

A stock antenna or factory antenna is usually included in the initial purchase of a Jeep Wrangler or any other car.

A stubby antenna is an improved version of a stock antenna.

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The main difference between the two is their physical appearance. You may see the list below for further details:

  • A stock antenna is usually 13 inches long, while a stubby antenna is 3–4 inches depending on the brand.
  • The stubby antenna is safer since it cannot slap against the windshield.
  • The stubby antenna's fiberglass inside and brass plating make it stronger than the stock antenna.

How To Change From Stock To A Stubby Antenna?

An antenna on top of a car. Close-up

The stubby antenna is the advanced version of the stock antenna. If you decide to go from a stock to a ">stubby antenna, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the stock antenna by twisting it to the left with a wrench.
  2. Get the stubby antenna and connect it to the threaded adaptor.
  3. Insert the stubby antenna into the base, then tighten the grip.


What Is A Quick-Disconnect Tube?

A quick-disconnect tube is a tiny locking cylinder for the antenna. It has a port used to lock the antenna to the mount bracket. Usually, it's made of aluminum and copper.

Also, a quick-disconnect tube has a release button to unlock the antenna quickly without the need to unscrew it. This is convenient if you need frequent antenna removal, like when carwashing.

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Other Types of Car Antenna

Car antennae may look similar, but they actually have different purposes. See below for their descriptions.

Radio Antenna

From the word itself, radio antennas are meant to pick up signals from radio stations. You can use this to activate the radio and listen to different frequencies based on the transmission distance.

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Television Antenna

Modern cars have an advanced feature of an antenna through which they can watch television. Usually, a television antenna will connect to a public broadcasting system [PBS], supported by the government or news channels.

Some private telecommunication companies may have an encryption wall before you can connect to their signal transmission system, in which case you have to pay to access their media content.

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GPS Antenna

GPS, or global positioning system, is a program used to send a location to a satellite. The satellite will then send back information to the GPS antenna, so you'll see where the car is.

GPS is very common in maps and navigation programs. However, modern car manufacturers do not use GPS antennas anymore. Instead, they installed GPS on the dashboard to minimize space and improve technology.

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Wi-Fi Antenna

Wi-fi, or wireless fidelity, has an adapter that decodes data and converts it into radio waves. As a result, wi-fi can transmit a signal that enables you to browse the internet.

The Wi-fi antenna is supported by an internet network provider, through which you can access the internet by subscription or cellular load. However, some modern cars do have wi-fi, depending on the manufacturer.

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Factors Affecting Signal Reception

Satellite dish TV antenna setting on the roof top for get the signal TV program for their house.

The strength of a signal depends on its location and surroundings. It's important to consider the environment to get a better signal. Listed below are some factors affecting the signal reception.

Physical Obstruction

Radio waves escaping from gsm tower visualisation at sunset in rural area

You may get an unstable signal if the car is inside the garage. Physical obstructions, like walls, can block the signal transmission.

Network Distance

The distance between the antenna and the network provider can also affect signal reception. If the car is too far from the network provider, you may get little to no signal.

Signal Competition

Wireless communication network concept. IoT(Internet of Things). ICT(Information Communication Technology).

Signal competition occurs when other signal receptors share the same network. It's common in cities where multiple components are competing against the signal.

Additionally, home components such as televisions can also steal signals from surrounding signal receptors.

How Long Does a Car Antenna Last?

The car antenna can last for 3–7 years, depending on how often you use the radio. Weather can also affect the antenna, as it may interrupt signal reception.

Can You Mount the Antenna Somewhere?

The antenna bracket is usually found at the side of a Jeep Wrangler or other car. However, you can mount the antenna somewhere else, depending on your personal choice.

See below for some locations where you can mount the antenna.

Over the Roof

Moisture on roof at sunrise

The car's roof is an excellent place to mount the antenna. The antenna will have a better reception since it's been raised closer to the atmosphere and radio towers.

On the Windshield

Windshield, Glass - Material, Window, Reflection, Light - Natural Phenomenon

You may also mount the antenna on the windshield inside the car. The windshield is a good spot for sunlight, a source of natural energy powering radiowaves.

Commonly, modern car manufacturers mount the antenna on the windshield because the glass can absorb external energy and heat.

On a Bumper

The bumper is the back part of the car, usually distancing the vehicle from the object behind when driving in reverse. It can be a good spot for the antenna, considering it's less in contact with people.

Inside Front Top

Inside the car, under the roof, on the front top, is also a good spot for the antenna. You'll get assurance that it will be protected against external forces like sudden wind and rain.


Throughout this article, we've discussed the steps to remove the car antenna. We also included the steps on relocating the antenna to other spots.

We've provided different types of car antennas. We've listed down the importance of a car antenna and how we could maximize its efficiency. Included also are the factors affecting signal reception.

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