How To Remove A GMC Savana’s Door Panel

Has the handle on your GMC Savana stopped working? Maybe you need to replace the speakers. No matter the reason, you need to remove the door panel. We have researched this topic and discovered the easiest method for removing your GMC Savana's door panel. See our findings below. 

You will need a Phillip's head screwdriver or a drill and a door panel removal tool; then, follow these steps:  

  1. Pop off the small panel next to the window. 
  2. Remove the cover from the armrest by gently tugging.
  3. Take the screws out, and pop off the two plugs using the removal tool.
  4. Remove the cover underneath the door handle. 
  5. Take out the screws found under that cover.
  6. Now, using the removal tool, pop the panel out of place all the way around the frame. 
  7. While still holding the panel, unclip the wires to the electric windows and locks. 

You now know the basic steps for removing your GMC Savana's door panel. Continue reading as we go into greater detail about each step and answer other questions, including what size speakers you need and how to remove the back door panel. 

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How to Remove a 2003 - 2021 GMC Savana's Front Door Panel

Removing the GMC Savana's front door panel is much simpler than you may have imagined. Follow the steps below to assist in the process:

  1. First, you will need to locate the small panel next to the window. It will pop off easily with a gentle tug.
  2. Now, locate the armrest. In the 2020 and newer models, you will need to remove the screws underneath the armrest. On previous years, however, you can simply pop off the cover. 
  3. There are also two small plugs on the bottom of the armrest. You can utilize a door panel removal tool/kit to assist in removing those. Once the cover is off, you will need a Phillip's head screwdriver to remove a couple more screws. 
  4. Next is the door handle. There will be a panel underneath it. Remove that panel with a gentle tug. 
  5. There is one additional screw on the underside of the handle. Take it out using the Phillip's head screwdriver. 
  6. Once you have removed that screw, the door panel will be easy to pop off using the removal tool. Just pull around the edges of the panel at the base of the window. Do this all the way around the doorframe. 
  7. While still supporting the panel, unclip the wires to the electric windows and locks. 

For replacement armrest covers, look at this one on Amazon.

For a step by step visual of this process, watch the following YouTube video:

How to Remove a 1995 - 2002 GMC Savana's Front Door Panel

As with other models, you will first remove the cover next to the window. In older GMC Savanas, the door panel does not feature clips; therefore, you will not need the removal tool.

For this process, you will remove the screws from the armrest and door handle. There are also several in the door panel itself.

Once all screws have been taken out, you will lift the panel up and pull outwards. While still supporting the panel, unclip the wires to the electric windows and locks. 

Watch the following YouTube video as a guide:

How to Remove a GMC Savana's Rear Swinging Door Panel

The back door panels are very simple to remove. However, they feature clips or pop rivets that may require the use of a removal kit.

You can find pop rivet/door panel removal kits on Amazon.

Make your way to the rear of the van, and open the two back doors. With the doors open, place your fingers or the removal tool under the edges of the door panel on the door with no latch. It is attached all the way around using clips. 

Tug the panel, using the removal tool, with just enough force to pop those clips loose. Do this all the way around until the panel has been completely removed. To replace the panel, line the holes up with the clips, and gently press them back into place. 

The process is the same for the door with the latch. The only difference is that you will need to pop the cover off from beneath the handle, and there will be two screws underneath.

Use a Phillip's head screwdriver to remove them. You can now pop the panel off by tugging with the tool.

You can view replacement door latches on Amazon.

Check out this YouTube video as a visual guide:

How to Remove a GMC Savana's Rear Interior Door Panel

When removing the GMC Savana's rear sliding door panel, you will need to open the door and climb in the back seat. The door has two parts. The first panel is at the top around the window.

This one is very easy to remove with no tools necessary. It is held on with clips, so all you have to do is pull the panel, popping it out of place. If you find this difficult, you can use the rivet removing tool.

Place that panel to the side, and locate the door handle. It is held in place by a small cotter pin. You will need to use a small pair of pliers or a flathead screwdriver to assist in popping the pin out of the handle.

When you pop it out, it will probably fall to the ground. Therefore, you should place a tarp or something similar on the ground to catch the pin when it falls. 

Once you have removed the door handle, the panel is easy to remove. Like the top piece, it is held into place using clips. Simply pull the edges of the door panel with the rivet tool to pop it out of place. 

Watch this YouTube video for a visual guide:

GMC Savana Door Handle Replacement

When replacing the door handle on a GMC Savana, you must first remove the door panel. You can utilize the above YouTube video demonstrating door panel removal as a guide for both replacing your GMC Savana's door handle and removing the panel.

You can find replacement door handles on Amazon.

Once you have removed the panel, it's time to remove the inner piece of the handle. Locate the screws on the inside of the door jamb. Use a T-30 star screwdriver for those. 

You can view T-30 screwdrivers on Amazon.

Now, on the metal piece behind the panel you just removed, you'll see three star screws. Once you remove those, you'll be able to move the mechanism that holds the door handle in place.

There will be a couple more screws to remove. Then, from the inside, you will be able to give it a push, knocking the door handle out of place. 

Walk to the outside of the door. The handle should now be hanging. You can now pull the handle loose from the piece that is holding it into place.

Once the existing handle is loose, remove the tab over the locking mechanism. Using the screwdriver, push it against the bottom of the locking piece. This will pop it out of place. 

You will use this locking mechanism in your new door handle. If it is unusable, you will have to purchase a new one since the handles do not come with this piece. 

You can view replacement locking mechanisms on Amazon.

Place the locking mechanism into the new door handle. Remove the metal panel from the back of the new handle. Now, place the metal panel on the inside of the door and the plastic handle on the outside of the door. Push the two together, and screw them into place. 

Now, it's time to put the inside handle and door panel back into place, and you're done. 

What Size Door Speaker for GMC Savana? 

When it comes to speakers, there are three different sizes in the GMC Savana. The front door speakers measure 6 1/2 inches. 


You can find certified GM front door speakers on Amazon.

The rear side door speakers measure 4x6 inches.

You can view GM certified rear side door speakers on Amazon.

The tweeters in the GMC Savana measure one inch. 

You can view GM-certified tweeters on Amazon.

In Closing

Removing a GMC Savana's door panel is a rather easy process. Newer models feature pop rivets, allowing you to simply remove the armrest and pull the panel out of place with only a few screws to remove.

Older models feature a host of screws that will need to be removed, but the process is still simple. The process for removing the rear swinging door panels is even easier than the others. All you do is pop them out of place. 

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