BMW Issue “No Source Available” – What Is It? What To Do?

Error messages on the display screen of your BMW can be upsetting, especially if the message is new to you. What causes this error message "No Source Available"? How can you solve it? We researched these questions, so keep reading for answers.

If you see a "No Source Available" warning on your BMW display, it means your car's audio system is not receiving sound. To fix this problem, you need to reset the audio system.

How do you reset the audio system to clear the warning? What other system issues might you encounter, and how can you fix them? We tackle all these questions below.

BMW 8 Series Interior detail of premium car with rear view 360 surround view camera dynamic trajectory turning la, BMW Issue: 'No Source Available' - What Is It? What To Do?

What Does "No Source Available" Mean?

The "No Source Available" notification in your BMW means the audio system can't get any sound. According to a discussion forum, rebooting iDrive can fix the issue.

BMW Stereo system turned on for tuning in radio

Here are the steps to resetting the radio drive:

  • Press and hold the volume dial located in the center console for up to 30 seconds and allow the system to reboot itself.
  • Rebooting will take one to two minutes.
  • Press the button again to turn the system on.
  • The audio should restore after reboot.

You can watch this video for a demonstration of how to reset the BMW system.

What To Do If iDrive Says "No Signal"

According to the forum, if No Signal appears on iDrive and resetting won't work, you may need to contact your car dealer and get a replacement head unit for the iDrive.

Why Are My BMW Radio Pixels Fading?

The display can fade when the car is hot. The pixels may get clearer once the car cools down. However, if the LCD display won't improve after cooling down, it may be faulty or damaged.

Excessive heat in your car can affect the display and cause it to fade, but it won't affect the radio's functionality. Replacing the LCD display is the best solution if it remains bank.

You can replace the LCD display through a dealership warranty or replace it yourself. You could also pay a professional repair service for labor if you are not knowledgeable about replacing the display.

Will Disconnecting The Battery Impact My BMW?

Disconnecting the battery will not damage the car's systems. The systems will reset if you disconnect the battery for five to 10 minutes.

Unplugging the battery for a long time may cause the car's computer to reset. The electronic control unit will refresh. The error codes will probably clear. The clock and the engine light will reset.

Why Does My Radio Stay On After I Turn Off The Engine?

BMW X1, Audio stereo system, control panel and cd in a modern car

The radio does not use a great deal of electricity, but it may eventually run down the battery. If the radio stays on after you turn off the engine, there could be an electrical glitch or problem with wiring. You should check the ignition switch and the radio.


If you have a damaged ignition switch that doesn't work properly, the car's auxiliary power may be available after the key is removed. Check if the engine heated both of the electrical wires. Turn off the car and see if the accessory power is available.

You may need to get a new ignition switch or modify the cylinder. Ensure that the ignition switch is off when you remove the key.


Some cars have radio timers, and the radios don't shut off after turning off the engine. Get out of the car and close the door. Check if the stereo goes off after a few minutes.

Additionally, check that the interior lights shut off after closing the doors. If the lights don't turn off, you may have a faulty door switch. You may need professional assistance if this is the issue.


If you're having problems with an aftermarket audio system that you just installed, the problem could be faulty wiring.

Car stereos may have a single wire or two power wires. One wire is active, and the other wire works when the car is running or in auxiliary mode. The stereo will not turn off if that second wire is attached to the power supply. To solve this problem, you will need to rewire the radio.

What Causes A Radio Screen To Go Blank?

Transportation,technology and vehicle concept - man using car system control pushing panel button

There are several reasons why a radio screen might go blank. Here are a few of them.


The dimmer setting could be faulty or not properly adjusted. The visibility issue may be due to direct sunlight or a dimmer setting that is too low. Cover the display to find out if you can see anything on the screen. Adjust the dimmer setting. If the screen is still blank, check for other possible causes.

Another potential cause is a faulty LCD screen or display. The LCD may have become defective, and you may need to check the inside of the stereo. You can replace the LCD or display instead of buying a new stereo.

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If you have an older BMW, check if the issue is a burned-out backlight. You may need to visit the dealer and have the unit replaced.

Connection Problem

There could be a connection problem between the screen and the radio. Check for any possible wiring issues with the car radio system. Ensure that the cables are plugged into their respective ports. Replace bad wiring and reconnect loose wiring. 

Blown Fuse

Check the car's fuses and see if any of them have blown. You will find the fuses in the fuse box under the car hood. You should replace defective fuses. Refer to your owner's manual for specific information.

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The display or the stereo may be damaged or defective. If this is the case, replacing the unit is the best way to resolve the issue. You need to visit your dealer if the display doesn't work after troubleshooting.

Recommended Display Replacements For BMW

Technology in car with GPS navigator for combine with interior design in luxury car

Listed below are some display recommendations for BMWs.

Pemp F30 Qualcomm 8 Core Android Carplay For BMW

If you want built-in wireless Apple Carplay function and wired Android auto function, this device will work for you. The software is upgradeable and supports the front and rear AHD cameras.

You can install Google Maps, YouTube, Spotify, and other apps.

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Koason Android Display Stereo GPS Navigation 

This Koason display is a multifunctional device for audio, stereo, GPS navigation, and multimedia. It is compatible with BMW E60, E61, E90, and E63 for the 2007 to 2010 series.

The unit features:

  • 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM
  • 8-core CPU
  • G+G Capacitive Touch Screen

This product can replace the original screen. You can keep the OEM head unit and retain the original radio features of the OEM camera, Bluetooth, iDrive Knob Control, radar, and steering wheel control. This stereo fits both 6.5-inch and 8.8-inch screens.

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Pioowirk Car GPS Navigation Auto Stereo For BMW X5 E70 X6 E71

This Android car multimedia player allows you to retain your OEM radio, iDrive, and amplifier system. You will need to purchase a separate AUX if your car doesn't have one.

This device does not have a radio feature, but you can use your car's radio. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB.

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In Summary

BMW 8 Series Interior detail of premium car with rear view 360 surround view camera dynamic trajectory turning la

In this post, we learned the meaning of the "No Source Available" error message that can appear on the BMW display. We also learned the causes of other error codes that may appear and some basic troubleshooting procedures.

Additionally, we tackled display problems and how to fix them. Understanding the fundamental issues and finding the proper answers can save you time and money.

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