What’s the Ford V10 Life Expectancy?

If you are in the market for a used heavy-duty Ford pickup truck, you have probably wondered just how long you can expect the V10 engine to last. That's because Ford installed this engine as part of its modular engine lineup from 1999 to 2010 in its Super Duty trucks. What's more, most of these trucks are priced much lower than comparable diesel trucks.

But is it worth the investment, or will you better off ponying up for the diesel equivalent? To help you find out, we have researched everything there is to know about the Ford V10, so you can know just how many miles you can expect to get out of it.

The Ford V10 has a stellar reputation for reliability. Assuming the engine has been well cared for throughout its life, you can expect it to last at least 200,000 miles before needing to perform any major repairs. That means the big V10 shouldn't scare you away, unless 10 mpg on a good day frightens you, that is. 

But there is a lot more to consider when it comes to the Ford V10 engine. Is it the right engine for you, or should you stick to the diesels and V8s you're used to? Keep reading as we discuss the ins and outs of this big, unusual powerplant.

This post was originally written in May of 2019, but it has been updated with current information.

A close up of Ford logo in a parked vehicle, What's the Ford V10 Life Expectancy?

What is the Ford V10 All About?

First introduced for the 1997 model year, the Ford V10 was initially used in E-series vans and the motorhomes based on them. To create this engine, Ford simply added two cylinders to the modular, 5.4-liter V8 that was introduced at the same time.

The flexible modular engine family had already been around since 1991, so by this point, we can assume that Ford knew the ins and outs of this powerplant. Other engines in this line include the 4.6-, 5.0- and 5.4-liter V8s

The initial version of the V10, a 2-valve unit, was used until 2005. After debuting in Ford's van lineup, they made their way into the F250 through F550, as well as the Excursion SUV. This engine produced between 305 and 310 horsepower and 420 to 425 lb-ft of torque.

In 2005, a new version of the V10 was introduced. Using 3 valves, the new and improved V10 saw a power bump and was installed in a new family of vehicles. Making a maximum of 365 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque, this engine was strong enough to be used in the F750 as well as the Blue Bird school bus.

V10 Reliability

We know that, as part of the Ford modular engine family, the V10 has some solid engineering roots. And the fact that Ford decided to use this engine in so many different industrial-strength vehicles should tell us something about its durability. After all, commercial buyers won't put up with weak or fidgety engines in the vehicles they use to make a living.

After checking out the common issues and owner reports on various Ford forums, it appears that the V10 is a very reliable engine as well. In fact, it is quite hard to find anyone voicing any major concerns about the robustness of their Ford V10.

So How Many Miles Can You Expect from a V10?

V10 supercar engine

It can be hard to determine just how long an engine will last you. There is no registry of engines and their lifespans, so all we can really go off are owner and mechanic reports of their experiences with the V10. Sure, it's not an exact science, but this method usually works pretty well. Owners are often quick to warn others when they have had bad experiences with a certain vehicle or engine.

Checking the various Ford truck forums online, there are countless reports of problem-free V10 experiences, as well as engines lasting well over 200,000 miles. One owner even reports having 439,000 miles on their V10, with very few problems along the way. That's diesel engine territory!

If you have a well-maintained V10 in your possession, I see no reason you shouldn't expect at least 200,000 miles out of it, as long as you continue caring for it by the book. That means regular oil changes and everything else as prescribed in your owner's manual - fuel filters, transmission fluid, everything.

A Warning About Longevity Numbers

As we discuss the life expectancy of this engine, keep in mind that no two used vehicles are the same. Owners treat their vehicles very differently, from the levels of use and abuse to the maintenance schedule. A high-mileage engine that has been maintained religiously could very well serve you better and for longer than a lower-mileage truck with a poor maintenance history.

That means there is no one solid answer to the question of how long the Ford V10 engine lasts. Still, all trucks are not created equal. Some are just more reliable than others.

Other Issues with the V10

Repairing V10 engine in auto repair

Okay, so these engines can last a long time, but will there be tons of little issues along the way? According to most owners, the answer is "no." In fact, aside from a couple of minor repairs, very few V10 owners have had to deal with anything but routine maintenance. Still, let's go over some of the concerns with the Ford V10.

Fuel Economy

Okay, no one expects to get Prius-like mileage out of their pickups, especially heavy-duty ones. But the Ford V10 has a reputation for getting even worse mileage than just about anything else out there. Compared to diesel trucks, the V10 sucks down fuel like it's going out of style.

Checking out owner-reported fuel economy on fuelly.com, most of these trucks are averaging between 8 and 10 mpg. That's low, but what can you expect from the diesel engines? After all, these are big, heavy trucks that are more often than not towing and hauling huge loads.

Well, according to the (much more numerous) owner reports, pretty much all of the diesel engines, including the venerable 7.3-liter, get 3 to 6 more miles per gallon than the V10. That's a huge difference when we are talking about fuel economy numbers this low.

Rough Idle

One of the most common complaints about the V10 is a rough idle. For anyone who has experienced this issue, it sure can be annoying. The good news is that the fix is often a simple and cheap one.

If you happen to find an otherwise great V10-engined truck that suffers from this issue, first check the PCV hose. Often, these hoses will develop a crack over time that leads to the rough idle. And there are plenty of videos online showing you how to fix this issue yourself, such as the following:


Exhaust Problems

Other than the idle, the other main concern regarding Ford V10 reliability is the exhaust system. Many owners report that their manifold studs rust out and fail, leading to an exhaust leak. You can easily find repair kits online for less than $30 that should remedy the problem.

Check out this repair kit on Amazon.

Clearly, you would rather have an issue with a relatively inexpensive exhaust than an engine. Still, this is something to have checked on your vehicle before purchasing, just so you know what to expect down the road.

And since we mentioned repair kits, it's worth mentioning this one, a favorite with Ford fans:

Click to see this tool kit on Amazon.

Advantages of the V10

Just as there are downsides to this engine, there are also some positive things to consider.


Perhaps because of the poor fuel economy, or maybe it's because people don't know how reliable these engines are, but V10 Fords sell for thousands less than diesel pickups. And because many shoppers will only consider a diesel, they are relatively easy to find on the used market.

Gas Power

If you would rather stick to a familiar gas engine than a diesel, but still want plenty of power for towing, the V10 is a great option. From 2005 to 2010, the Super Duty V10 offered 362 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. Sure, it's not modern diesel-levels of torque, but that's a lot of power for a gas engine. Even the 2018 F-350's 6.2-liter gas V8 engine can't match that torque!

Hey, it's a V10

We haven't really talked about this yet, but V10s are cool! How many vehicles do you know of that use this type of engine? Most are supercars like the Dodge Viper, Audi R8, or the Lamborghini Huracan. So that puts you in some pretty cool company as you tool around in your heavy-duty pickup!

More Ford V10 Questions Answered (FAQ)

Does Ford Still Offer The v10?

Ford discontinued the V10 engine line in 2019. However, if you are looking for one, over 750,000 vehicles were sold with this motor. Many of the newer engines built in the last ten years were used in commercial vehicles like school buses, but you can still get your hands on the motor. 

How much horsepower (HP) does a v10 engine have?

The initial V10 models debuting in 1997 clocked in at 275 hp and reached 310 hp by 2000. The three-valve upgrade in 2005 upgraded the engine to 362 hp. This was one of the final meaningful upgrades to the engine model. 

How much horsepower does a 6.8 v10 have?

The 6.8 liter V10 debuted in 1999 and boasted 305 hp at 4,250 RPM. Through the model years of 2000-2004, the engine upgraded to a value of 310 hp at 4,250 RPM. Finally, engine models from 2005-2010 reached 362 hp at 4,250 RPM.

Is A V10 Better Than A V8 Engine?

V8 car engine repair

The V10 produces more torque than the V8. If your plan is to tow heavy loads, like a camper, the V10 may be a better option because of this extra power. Without swapping over to a diesel engine, the V10 is just about the best towing engine you can get. The only real advantage to the V8 would be gas mileage since it has had continual improvements. On a project vehicle, you could say that the V10 is a better or even a cooler option.

What year did Ford fix the spark plug problem on the v10?

Sparkplug damaged needed replacing

The spark plug blowout issue was resolved in 2002. The solution came through one of the many engine blocks and head design upgrades Ford made during the life of the V10. 

How much oil does a Ford v10 hold?

The oil capacity of your engine depends on the model. The Ford Triton vehicle specs sheet states the oil capacity to be 6 quarts, including the oil filter. Check your owner's manual or find one online for your specific model to be sure of your oil capacity.

What is the best oil for a Ford Triton v10? 

According to Ford, the best oil for a Triton V10 is 5W-20 semisynthetic motor oil. The recommended oil filter to go with that is a Motorcraft FL-820 filter. 

Click here to see this synthetic blend oil on Amazon.


Click here to see this oil filter on Amazon.

Some Ford forum site members also suggest using a 5W-30 full synthetic oil. 

Click here to see this synthetic oil on Amazon.

How can I get better gas mileage in my Ford v10?

The super-low gas mileage on the V10 can hurt your wallet, but there are a few things you can do to make some improvements to it. Replace the air filter every 10,000 miles and keep your tires properly inflated. Try to run errands in a way that limits the amount of time the engine has to cool down and drive as much as you can when it is warmed up. 

Installing a chip in the engine can also help out with your miles-per-gallon. Make sure the chip you purchase has a fuel-economy setting. The chip will give you more power when you need it and save gas when you don't. 

There are a few parts you can install to help out your fuel economy. Look into running a dual-exhaust system and a cold air intake. Throttle body spacers are also an option. These installations will allow your engine to take in more air and run more efficiently. 

Ford v10 reliability in motorhomes

Even though the V10 comes with a very high fuel bill, it is an incredibly reliable engine. Similar to other engines, the V10 needs regular maintenance and checkups. But, if you stay on top of that, issues are rare with the V10 engine. Although there are no official stats, V10 engines are known to last well over 200,000 miles. 

How many miles per gallon does a v10 RV get?

The V10 has a similar fuel economy to other RVs, including diesel engines. You can expect between 7 and 10 miles per gallon when you aren't towing another car or extra camper space. If you are towing a car behind, expect a slightly lower mileage, between 5 and 7 miles per gallon.

In Closing

Now that we know all about how amazingly reliable the V10 is, we hope that you know everything you need about making this purchase. According to all of the research, there is really no reason not to go for it. That is, unless the rather appalling gas mileage figures scare you away.

But that really is the only major concern with these engines, and we suspect anyone shopping for a V10-powered, heavy-duty truck isn't too terribly concerned with fuel economy in the first place.

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  1. I have a 2006 F350 Dually short bed with the V10 with only 60,000 miles on it. It does a great job towing my 5th wheel camper and will haul it up the mountains with no problem at all. Towing gas mileage is around 7 mph. I added a 35 gallon gas tank to the bed so I can travel between lower gas prices.

      • I have 1999 v10 in my motor home . Plenty of power , about 10mpg , 2mpg better than my old 460 . Plenty of power , holds speed on steep uphill grades ( regularly cross passes in the rockies ) used to have my foot into the 460 , smooth power delivery and more ponies on tap should they be needed . Easy to get parts and service in small towns as well as gas every where compared to diesel . I’d buy another one in a heartbeat but our 30ft motorhome fits the wife and I , two dogs and the occasional couple of friends . V10 rocks !!

  2. I just purchased my first 2013 V10 F53 6 months ago. My last 2 motorhomes were Workhorse 8.1L which are far superior to Ford F53 chassis, the only advantage the F53 has is, Ford is only gas chassis still available for motorhomes. I hate this gutless V10 and now regret not buying a deisel. It only has power over 4000 rpm and not much, the very definition of vague steering and crappy brakes. My last Ford ever, should bring back the 460 and put brakes on it.
    Is this article written by Ford?

    • Hi Steve,
      No, the article was written by one of our in-house writers. We’re not affiliated with Ford in any form or way. Thank you for sharing your experience here. Hopefully, it will be something others can consider before investing in a V10.

    • @Steve Scown, Hate to hear that your v10 is gutless, i also had a 2013 f53 v10 but she was not gutless may have weighed in different/geared different. i have had several v10 fords and no issues at all, f-250, excursion still have and i have has many 460 powered fords and i can’t stand gm products cheap fall apart crap.i now have a 15 f53 with the banks power pack kit and tow a mitsubishi mirage and she responds with an un believeible 13 mpg. the banks kit was already installed when i bought it from a family where they bought it new and 6 mts later the man died. Last year we went from tuscaloosa, al to fairbanks alaska and back in the 15 and ran the t-totalling holy hell out of it no issues at all if i wanted to run 85 so be it.. banks can wake up most all motor homes. my 1st motor home was a gm workhorse with the gutless 454 which in 20,000 miles blew 1 engine and 5 transmissions and 6 mpg bought used and already had been thru a engine and transmission and had about 28,000 miles on it when i got it when the last tranny blew in abilene tx i tradeed that bitch in for the 13 ford f53 at the nearest rv dealer to get back home.. good luck

  3. I don’t know what Steve’s talkin about I just bought a Forest River fr3 30 DS with the V10 it’s got all kinds of Power every time I look down I’m doing 78 miles an hour pulling a 24 ft trailer with two side by sides, as far as the f53 chassis goes you need to do the sway bar relocation fix and it will handle like a dream.

    • I’m look at one with over 366 thousand miles.
      It was a fleet truck and well cared for. Still very Nervous about buying! What’s your opinion?
      Have you bad any major repairs? Exhaust Manifold cracking or bolt rusting , fuel or water pump ….

  4. I think the most common reason people talk bad about v 10 engine is because they never own one I have a 97 motorhome power by v 10 till this day on top of that I have a 99 f350 dually is a v10 also so I don’t know what you people r talking about diesel yeah we all know it’s got power but I don’t want the fact that one injector cost more than 8 plugs for my v10if you think about it gas mileage wise it’s all the same I put my v10 to the test with diesel all the time on the freeway I don’t think any of these diesel can come close to my v10

    • Bruce, we always suggest going with the manufacturer recommended oil weight. If you live in or travel to an area that requires some deviation it is a good idea to speak with a dealer.

      • I asked my mechanic the same question. He said if full synthetic oil us used, the oil having smaller molecules will get past the oil deals and drip a little. He suggested using a synthetic blend.

    • @Bruce C Neumeister, I always use royal purple 5W20. Also use royal purple 75/90 in the transfer case and 75/140 royal purple in the differential and it will drive like a new vehicle forever.

    • I owned 1999 E 350 van pulled a 30 foot camper with it had awesome power got it with little over 60000 miles on it when I got another ford truck with 5.4 was so unhappy with it sold the van had over 350000 miles on it looking for another ford with v10

    • I got to 415,000 miles on my 1999 V10, there is some smoke coming today from my tail pipe, a hose from cooling system broke engine got hot , I stopped, fixed hose refilled radiator, but damage was done, now “the smoke” , always changed my oil, But do I need a new engine? I see $ 3400. For rebuilt, what does Mechanics work cost ?

  5. Rented a 2017 greyhawk traveled to Los Angeles-Disney Land 1200 miles loved it. Came home and a RV dealer had 2006 E450 greyhawk with 27000 miles paid $38k engine oil light flicked 3-4 times then blew up-had 679 miles RV dealer said “that is to bad,sorry “

    • Sorry for your bad experience, always test drive a vehicle of any type as long as they will let you drive it ,go as many miles as they will allow, start up cold let idle till it reaches operating temperature listening for any odd noises check all fluids to make sure they are nice and clean revealing if it was taking care of ,bring a certified technician with you for the ride if possible make sure engine transmission and rear differential brakes ect ,perform flawlessly, before your purchase, dont ever let a salesman or owner push the issues that he doesn’t have time for this move onto another choice, good luck.

  6. Wes Miller I have an 2000 250 V 10 . Just reached 100.000 miles. No problems Love this truck for pulling my camper !

  7. Wow, I can’t believe no one has mentioned the spark plugs blowing out of the V10..My 2002 Motorhome had blown a plug out of the head before I bought it. As we neared the Alaska customs in 2017, it blew another one.200 km tow to Whitehorse. And 1200.00. When we got home to BC a few weeks later, I removed all the plugs to check them.I found another loose plug. I lubed them and re-torqued them. We’ve driven it about 5000 kms since and no more problems yet but will remove and re-torque spark plugs again next spring.

  8. Sorry if this runs long but I feel I need to share. First I agree with all these assesments. Owner of a 2000 F250 here, Super cab long bed, with the 2 valve PI 6.8. Bought it used in 2009 with 98,xxx miles on the odo, drove it for a decade and it now has 248015 on it. I just had a plug do the blowout thing recently and its already fixed and parked outside ready to work again. Still running the factory alternator, water pump, starter, etc. No special maintenence tricks just do it on time. Insider tip for engine parts: go with Motorcraft parts only!!!!1!! The forums are full of cautionary tales of budget epay parts crapping out shortly after install. Mileage has been a best of 14.4 on highway trips with empty truck, towing gets about 10.5 short haul, 11 long haul, and around town empty averages 12.75. If you are in the market for one of these trucks used I have the same advice for everyone: buy the lowest mileage truck in the best shape you can afford and cry once. In my case I paid $7000 (in Cali of all places!) because it sat for most of its first 10 years with a camper in the desert and the paint got sandblasted, so it was mechanically young but looked like roadkill. Cool side fact: my truck is a 49 state OBD-1 model first sold in Nevada, and I didn’t even know those were available after 1996. No issues registering it in California as it was used. So if you are thinking about your own Ford V10 purchase, do your due dillegence and research whatever 6.8 powered platform fits your needs, buy the best and cry once, and I hope to welcome you to our ranks!

  9. 2003 super duty with 128,000 miles number 8 plug blew out spent 1100.00 dollars to repair and replace all the rest , I change oil every 4000 miles this truck will pull my 31 ft foot 5th wheel with no problem. I love this truck

  10. Like Mark says I’ve had similar experience with my 05 Excursion V-10 pulling a 30′ travel trailer down the interstate and look down to see whoops I’m doing 80mph!!! I’m at 245000 miles and have only had minor wear and tear issues; brake pads, battery, alternator…

  11. 2002 for f250 6.8l v10 I love it. I have on it 432,000 miles. The only problem was: it spit out 2 spark plugs due to not checking them when supposed to. Also at 383,500 my transmission started to slip, (easy fix) I bought a new one from gov auction for only $900 and installed it my self. By the way for the last 3 years I’m changing the oil once a month due to 4,000+miles/monthly . I like the truck just kind of boring to see my friends getting new trucks because theirs won’t last longer .

    • Mike thanks for sharing your experience with us. We are glad that your truck has been awesome despite some minor issues. Thanks for reading.

      • Has anybody heard anything bad about the 2020 F4 50 chassis for motorhome.Of course the dealer is saying they’ve done some changes with the V 10 and created more torque and just a tad better gas mileage anybody else here and that.My last motorhome was a 2009F 350 never had one issue with the engine.

        • If you can wait for a 7.3 gas. They can be juiced up to some pretty good horsepower if you would choose to. They should be available in the 2020’s and they are all in the 2021’s. There’s nothing wrong with the V10 but Ford is really hit a home run with the 7.3 gas because there are so many great options to juice up the horsepower. Ford is even working on a twin turbo version that is experimental at this time. It’s expected to put out about 710 HP!!

  12. I have a 2002 F250 V10 bought used from original owner with 211,000 miles. Now has 242,000 miles. Original owner only replaced alternator. I replaced muffler although a couple of mechanics thought heat shield at first. Fuel pump only unexpected repair. I do routine maintenance and switched from regular oil to synthetic. I don’t tow and original owner didn’t tow much either. its a solid beast!

    • Thank you for the comment, Tiffany. It sounds like your F250’s V10 engine has been treating you well! 242,000 miles is impressive, and the fact that it has been so trouble-free is a testament to the durability of Ford’s V10 engine. It sounds like your engine has plenty of life left in it, so we hope it continues to serve you well for years to come!

  13. Bought a 3-year-old v-10 2009 F-350 quad cab long bed dually with 9,000 miles on it. Since drove it 100,000 miles with NO mechanical trouble at all, though one AC valve under the dash required replacement and I’ve replaced the front brake calipers. Does not burn any oil, but has gotten a little noisy — I am told it’s the timing chain guides. Most of these miles are cross-country tows of a 10,000-pound enclosed car trailer. Everyone is right about the mileage — or should I say footage? But figure I am still money ahead considering the higher cost of diesel fuel, plus oil changes, plus the diesel engine itself.

    • Thanks for stopping by, James! We’re glad to hear that your F350 engine is still running strong. It sounds like it still has plenty of life left in it. A diesel engine is certainly a much more costly option, and it sounds like your gasoline V10 is pulling your trailer just fine!

  14. I have a 2002 F250 with 216000 showin. Have no problems except #5 cyc I hate and wired it special.I also had SRT Ram with the Viper V10 and it sucked,I thought it would be a hoot but it was slow. I’m backing my f250.THANK YA VERY MUCH

    • Thanks for the comment, Stan. It seems like your F250 with the V10 engine is still running strong and has been fairly trouble-free. The general consensus from readers that have owned this engine is that it has a great life expectancy. With the manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance, we’re confident that this engine will continue to serve you well.

  15. I have 2004 ford excursion with the v10 6.8 shoc with 319.678 miles with 3.73 rear end and the truck pull anything with no problem and never give my any regular maintenance

    • Thank you for the comment, Gabriel! 319,000 miles is impressive, even by today’s standards. That goes to show how routine maintenance can significantly prolong the life of an engine! The Excursion is an excellent towing vehicle, especially when equipped with the 3.73 rear.

  16. I own a 99 f350 v10. At 90k, the oil cooler failed, filling my coolant system with engine oil. After replacement and some serious flushing, it’s back on the road. The truck has been little trouble. Had to replace the front hubs/4wd1200.00 for front end and 900 for the oil cooler. Looking for electrical info as I have a blown fuse which took out cruise ctl and horn. Any help here? Tnx

    • We appreciate the comment, John! We’re glad (but not surprised) to see that your Ford V10 engine has been mostly trouble-free. The general consensus is that this engine is extremely reliable. We’re sorry to hear about the electrical problem — our recommendation is to take your truck to a certified and reputable mechanic in your area for a proper diagnosis. We hope you get it figured out!

    • Clock spring between steering wheel and steering column will brake and cause a short to ground and blow that fuse. Hope this helps. Im also a proud owned of a 99 f350 superduty 4×4 v-10.

  17. Bought a used 2003 F250 Crew cab extended bed V10. I carry a couple of tons of plumbing equipment everywhere I go. There have been no major problems and I m over 150k. Love this truck. P.S. gas mileage is between 10-12 mpg

    • Thanks for joining the conversation, Andrew. It sounds like your V10 F250 is holding up quite well! The fact that the truck has been generally trouble-free for over 150,000 miles is a testament to the quality and longevity of the engine. 10-12 mpg is also not bad at all for a 3/4 ton gas truck hauling that much equipment around all the time. We hope your truck continues to serve you well for years to come!

  18. I have a ’02 F-250 with 7.3. Everything was good until 278,000 miles when the high pressure oil pump went out. With all my research on the pump I can’t believe no one has even mentioned it. Installed new one and couldn’t get it to prime. After much grief and frustration I finally got it primed but still don’t have it running. Quite a have had them go out, one man told me that he has owned 4 F-250s with 7.3 and 6.0 engines and now he just gets the high pressure pump changed every 100,000 miles.
    I also own a 04 Excursion with a V-10! Absolutely love it! We bought it used with about 130,000 miles for $6,000.00. I now have 303,000 miles on it and very little trouble. Nothing with the engine. Since I already had a diesel we looked for a diesel Excursion but couldn’t justify the extra $8-10,000. The clear coat has now started to come off which is very grievous. However I recently told a friend that if the engine blew tomorrow that I’m quite sure I would drop a new engine in it! Probably wouldn’t plan on wearing it out though! Love my Ford vehicles!!

    • Thanks for the comment, Arlen! It sounds like your V10 Excursion has been a solid and reliable vehicle! 303,000 miles is impressive, especially since those were mostly trouble-free miles. For our readers’ benefit, would you mind sharing your approach to routine maintenance/upkeep on your Ford V10? Thanks again for stopping by!

  19. Just bought a 01 f350 v10 after having a 8 f350.
    This truck is a powerhouse for towing our stock trailer.wish I’d had it years ago.!!
    Don’t drive long distances so not to worried about the gas!!

    • We appreciate the comment, Marianne! We have heard nothing but great things about this engine (except for the fact that it’s a gas guzzler, but that’s a given). We hope it continues to serve you well for years to come!

    • Purchased a V10 gasoline Excursion a year ago with 150,000 miles for $7k. It seemed to have a slight misfire while driving it. After 10 coil paks and plugs it drove fine for over a year. Now it’s doing the same thing. Took it to several mechanics qnd got several outcomes. I was exhausted and nervous about it having q blown motor. So I replaced 3 more coil paks and plugs and dome erg krg valve and it really didn’t help my problem. So 8m shopping for a motor and in the meantime I drove it from Columbus OH to long Island straight through with gas stops only and back to Col. Not to mention a few other road trips. 1 mechanic told me it was loxing half it’s caressing and was guessing internal. Can anyone suggest alternative solutions on what might be wrong? I love this truck and have invested another $6k on upgrades at my choice.

  20. I have a 2001 f250 heavy duty super cab fwd V10 has 809,689 miles no issues ever. And it’s my daily driver love this lifted truck. Has no serious rust issues either. Only thing i done is kept oil changed regularly and had change brake pads . An changed the tranny oil n filter regularly. That is it gas guzzler tho. Handles great. Steers great. Give it perfect 10 on those V10 engines. Runs forever.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Eric. Your account is impressive to say the least. Firsthand experience like this should eliminate any doubt about this engine’s reliability and longevity. This also goes to show the importance of staying on top of routine maintenance.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jeff. Wow, that might just be the most impressive number we’ve seen thus far. Your experience is yet another firsthand account that attests to how reliable the Ford V10 engine is. We hope your truck continues to serve you well for years to come!

  21. I am a huge V10 fan but we’ve recently come up with a power issue. It’s a 2000 f250. It will run but falls on its face when you give it gas. We just bought it around a month ago and the trouble just started. Of course my son is now leaving for college in a borrowed truck. We put a fuel filter on it and then a fuel pump. It’s no better.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Brady. We’re sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with your 2000 Ford F250. We recommend taking the truck to an independent local mechanic. In my experience, these kinds of mechanics are highly knowledgeable, and their work generally won’t cost you an arm and a leg (as opposed to having work done at a dealership’s service center).

  22. Just purchased a 2005 Excursion with 25000 miles (not a misprint 25k miles) love it, and love to hear how reliable these v10s are. My only concern is hearing about blowing spark plugs, as i have blown them in my 1997 expedition around 120k with the 5.4. Love this truck and the sound of the engine. I also have the 4.30s in the rear for towing, which I’ve herd is a must. Plan on keeping this truck a long long time.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Todd. You certainly found a gem — Excursions with that kind of mileage are unheard of. It’ll serve you well for a very long time! As for the spark plug issue, simply ensuring that they are torqued down to the manufacturer’s specification should prevent this from happening. I also recommend changing the spark plugs ahead of schedule just to be safe. Thanks again for the comment, and we hope your Excursion serves you well for years to come!

  23. Has anyone experienced having the Engine start, sudden loud clattering, violent shaking of the Motor Home.. Now we can’t get the engine to fire and run… Replaced the 3 batteries, pulled the Starter and checked it…passes all the testing on the modern test equipment. Hand checked with jumper cables to see if the starter was spinning and ejecting the drive toward the fly wheel.

  24. I have a 2003 F-250 FX4 CCSB. I bought it in 2008 with 66000 miles on it. I have maintained this truck myself using Motorcraft 5W-20 Synthetic Blend oil and Lucas synthetic oil stabilizer. Have changed the oil every 5000 miles, transfer case fluid and transmission fluid and filter every 30000. I also have changed my spark plugs every 60-90k due to the possibility of a blow out. Always used Motorcraft plugs, anti-sieze, and proper torque. Most V-10’s after 2002 had very few plugs blow out according to my Ford Service Manager because of improvements made to the heads and plugs. Have only had to replace three coil packs and just last year had to replace all the coil on plug boots because they had started cracking because they were so old! My truck has a 4” lift, a Banks Power Stinger intake and exhaust system, and fifth wheel hitch for our 37’ camper. It pulls great and I have only had to replace my air conditioning compressor, orfice tube, and accumulator because the A/C clutch disintegrated! That was at 270000 miles this past summer. (I live in Alabama, the A/C has done more than it’s share of work) The only issue I had recently was the solenoid pack in my transmission was leaking fluid in the connector and was causing the transmission to shift erratic and slip. I had just serviced my transmission. Now I have had two fluid changes in about 5500 miles! Anyway, love the truck! My reply to dumb comments and questions I get….”No, it’s NOT a diesel, but my truck sounds like a Italian sports car when it fires up.” I’m retired USAF and hope to keep this truck until I can pass it on to my kids as a vintage vehicle one day. Hey, you guys with over 500,000 miles deserve some kind of special treatment from Ford! I call these testaments free advertising!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jeffrey. We appreciate you sharing your experience with a Ford F250 V10. It’s curious that some people bash on the gasoline V10 engine simply because it’s not a diesel — many of the testaments we’ve seen here about this engine put it right up there with a diesel engine in terms of longevity. It might not match a diesel as far as the torque output, but based on our readers’ experiences, this engine certainly doesn’t lack pulling power.

  25. Great Thread. I am about to pull the trigger on purchasing a 2001 F250 V10 SuperCab with 60k miles on it. Really appreciate all the input in the comments and the article.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Bryan! A 2001 F250 V10 with only 60,000 miles is a great find. Based on our own research and the testimonials from our other readers, we’re certain you won’t regret it.

  26. Very interesting reading all the comments on the V10. I have owned a 1999 F350 Super duty crew dually since it was new. It has a V10 with 80,000 miles on it and has been very well maintained. Never had any issues other than normal wear and tear. I tow a camper and an 8000 lb boat every summer. The V10 is a very reliable motor. I think the 1999’s do lack a bit of power. I’m in the market to replace this truck and would like more power for towing. Not a big diesel fan but the new trucks sound impressive. Not sure if Fords new 2020 7.3L V8 gas is as impressive as it should be. have you heard anything on this new motor for Ford? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment, Todd! We’re glad your V10 has served you so well. We haven’t heard much about Ford’s new 7.3 V8 — I think the jury is still out since it’s so new. We’ll definitely be curious to see how reliable it turns out to be.

  27. Wow I’m surprise there are many people loving the ford v10s. I drive a 1999 Ford F-250 superduty 6.8l v10 and has about 210000 miles on it even though I brought it back from it’s grave. The truck was sitting outside as long I was a kid and after I graduated high school and learn more in automotive, I was able to get it started. I replaced the fuel pump(cleaning the tank too), changed the fuel filter and oil change, but first it didn’t start but I did more research online and notice that ford truck had a fuel reset switch, so I pressed the switch and turning the key switch to pressurize the fuel and start it up. After a few cranks later it started. Soon later I clean it up and drove it, I ran fine for a truck that been sitting for about ten years and it was just the fuel pump needed replaced. I never been interested in ford brand because the people around me talk smack about them, but there something about that truck maybe because it’s my first truck I feel proud of myself for getting it running and feel responsible for bringing this nice truck to drive. Well the truck had a few problem after it was brought back from the dead. Like it has idle issue, exhaust produce smoke and smells bad, shifting to reverse made a noticeable thump feel and noise, and it shakes when I reach third or forth gear(idk which gear is on when I reach 40-55 mph that’s where I feel the truck shakes). However, there are no leaks, engine cooling system working, Intake and exhaust lookin good, and the electrical system working fine. I still drive the truck long and short distance, and repair or replace any components that needed to be fix. I hope to make my truck last much longer(even though it had 200000 miles when I first got it started), and able to get it to run like new, yet I’m still surprised it still running after I put a good amount of abuse on that truck like hauling heavy loads and driving off-road.

    • Thanks for leaving us a comment! That’s great that you were able to resurrect the truck after it had been sitting for so long. We also appreciate your experience – both the positive and the negative.

  28. I have a 2001 ford f250 super duty xlt with a triton v10 iv had this truck for about 15 years.. as far as the engine itself goes iv tortured it and has still been good to me it currently has 683k miles on it and about a month ago I warped a valve. Never had any engine problems until this. I love this engine so much that I found another v10 just like it and purchased it immediately. As long as you keep the maintenance up on them they will run forever.. currently my 01 is in the shop having a new motor installed. The mechanic was so blown away by the mileage he commented the engine needed to be in the hall of fame.. I had issues with minor things such as coil packs and starter alternator and wheel cylinders but the engine itself in my opinion is the most reliable engine on the market

  29. I bought a 2001 ford E450 cutaway van with a 6.8 V10 in 2010.It had 150,000 miles on it.The guy I got it from said he had done little to it beside regular maintenance,oil, fluids,plugs and the #2 coil.I bought it and have had it ever since it now has 506,874.3 miles on it and still runs strong,I have had to replace ,a few coils,plugs,MAF,EGR,starter,alt,and a few hoses but nothing major.One day it may stop running but I don’t see that happening any time soon,It has no knocks ,chadders,or ticks

  30. Anyone know if Ford will help with replacing a V10? Bought a used F350 with a V10 only had 99k mileage, had for a year at 105k motor blew.

  31. I’m looking at a motor home with a V10 with 99K miles on it these comments are so helpful – glad I found your site. AS with anything Ford I guess you can fix anything that breaks. This one has a bit of a knock and the oil is darker than I want it to be but the coach is in good shape. If the engine starts having problems I’m wondering how hard it is to – say – replace one of those blown spark plugs. Sometimes you just have to pay your money and take your chances I guess.

  32. Let me voice my opinion. I am a certified mechanic and the v 10 is a very exceptional motor of you open her up and let her breath and throw a tune on her she will knock your socks off. The motor does have a problem with plug blow outs and I do not agree with going motorcraft parts for repair, as Ford is the reason the reapair has to be done to begin with that I do not understand with owners if the original equipment fails well isn’t it kind of ignorant to use those parts again? Do your research and everyone wants to be a mechanic now days because of you tube Wich is great I know shops rob people blind that’s why I went independent but listen people this is not a very difficult repair but if you do it wrong or miss something or are just a little off because you simply can’t see the back spark plug holes the fix after that is head replacement and that well well exceeds what a good mechanic will charge you to put in the inserts and pry give you a warrenty. If you do tackle this yourself do your research there are some great kits out there and don’t skimp on price because it will cost you tons more in the end. I am not affiliated with them in any way but time sert makes in my opinion the best insert kit on the market but it’s not cheap especially since you as an owner will pry use it only once but you might find one on eBay cheaper. All I’m saying. Is when it comes to the plug inserts dont attempt if you aren’t for sure you can accomplish it because a screw up could cost thousands not hundreds. Good luck to all of you and if you don’t trust your mechanic find one you do we are just like Drs they do your body we do your cars if you don’t trust us then like I said move on till you find one you do and also a price if paper saying they are ase certified does not make them good it makes them proficient in a book not in the real world. College education does not replace experience.

  33. Hello everyone, I just purchased a used 2012 jayco greyhawk 31fs with the 6.8l v10. never owned a motorhome, but test drove it for about 10 miles on the idaho interstate, which the speed limit is 80. Had it up to 80 a few times and it did well until any upward incline. Still did well, but definitely was in overdrive. My question is: does anyone recommend a speed that is safer for the engine. I know it will eat gas faster, but do I risk damage?

  34. I’ve had my 03 Excursion for just over a year now, 4×4, 3.73 gears and 30″ tires V10. We’ve put about 18k miles worth of road trip miles on this beast mostly running between Utah, Amarillo, and Four corners in the southwest. I usually average in the middle 14 mpg range running between 75 and 80 mph. The nicest thing about the Excursion is the space it gives everybody during the road trips and the HUGE fuel tank that gives extreme range. The odometer is clocking 218k miles so far. Running around town I usually average about 11mpg. I originally bought it to just be a tow vehicle but it’s turned into everybodies favorite ride. I plan to do an exhaust upgrade, and don’t really want to mess with the chip because it seems the 2003 Excursions get the best mpg out of all the other years from my research. One realistic expectation though, the V10 really seems to run out of breath at high altitudes, but then again, you don’t HAVE to go 80mph all the time LOL. Suspension upgrades on the way !

  35. Bought my 04 Excursion new. Put 175000 miles on her. I had a love hate relationship. Loved the 44 gallon tank ,hated filling it. Replaced the plugs @ 100k, coil packs also( because I could). K & N air cleaner averaged 15 miles a gallon. Plenty of power when I towed. Only major issue, replaced the trans (my fault) @120000.I did not do the proper maintenance on it. Traded her for another Ford for the boy to drive to college. Again, love /hate miss it, would recommend the v10 in a minute. Just do the proper maintenance. Ran 5w20 semi for 16 years.

  36. I have a 2001 f250 superduty and a 2004 f250 superduty xlt both with v10s and have never owned a more reliable or stronger truck. My 01 got me 693k miles yes 693,000 before I had to do internal work on the engine. I pull a 25ft dump trailer daily as well as a 16ft flatbed with my skid steers. . Only major work it’s ever had was the stuck exhaust valve. Wouldn’t own anything else

  37. I have a 2001 V10 6.8 gas 3/4ton truck and everything is perfect except some body damage. I bought it with no tailgate because the previous owner pulled 5th wheel with it’s got almost 21800 miles on it the truck is just sick with power I have never had a pickup truck with So much balls!I got it to complete our fix and flip home to haul materials from Lowes ect…after the job is done I’m gonna go back to a small Range 3.0 5 speed like I did have. I keep the oil fresh and run high test gasoline in the V10 yeah it likes the fuel but the overall performance the v10 6.8 for a 8.800 pounds of superduty f250 it’s like driving a locomotive down the interstate.

  38. I have a 2004 Ford Excursion with the V-10 engine. My issue is it want pull my 25 ft camper Up the mountain anymore. I’ve had my local mechanic checkout the vehicle and can’t fine anything wrong. I ask him about catalytic converter being bad. Mechanic said it was fine. I hooked up 12 feet trailer with my Razor Loaded on it. He hooked up gauges and drove it up the mountain and didn’t fine anything wrong. When I pulled trailer with razor it was a battle pulling it. I’m know mechanic by any means. I just feel the Catalytic converter could be the main issue.

  39. I have a 2000 ford excursion 4×4 with a v10 that the engine finally spun a bearing in at 396452 miles. This truck has been driven by 4 employees and spent all it’s miles pulling tractors, dozens and working construction sites. It has not had an easy life. Now I’m gonna drop about 30k into this old ride and build it back to brand new. Best truck I ever owned. I’ve had 7 3, 6.0, 6.4, and 6.7 diesels that have all failed while this old dog kept leading the pack.

  40. My V10 oil filler / fill tube is missing with a wobbly replacement. What have others done for this? This is the oil fill tube on which the oil cap attaches, tube into the valve cover passenger side. Model year 1999 with the 2-valve Triton V10.

  41. I have a question – I absolutely love my F250 4wd 10cyl triton agreed it is a beast. I have one issue – It’s a bear to start after it sits overnight. I have to turn on the ignition wait to hear the fuel pump, repeat but this time pump gas, repeat as it tries to start then it finally starts and runs strong the rest of the day. What could it be? Fuel pump not holding the gas? I laugh about my routine but I’d really like it to go away. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

  42. I just turned over 467,000 miles on my 2000 V10 Excursion and I drive it every day, an hour each way to work. All major parts are original and the truck still looks great. Looking at reaching 500k comfortably. V10 is the best, most durable engine I’ve ever owned. And, I’ve owned a lot. Gotta use 93 octane, though. We like to say “you can pass everything but a gas station”!

  43. I have a 2000 Excursion Limited V10 with 467,000 on it and it’s still running strong and looks great. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. It has some weak points, but not many. If you want horsepower you need fuel. We like to say that it’ll pass everything but a gas station. We’re on our way to 500,000 miles!

  44. I have a 2002 F250 v10 with just over 450,000 miles and still going. I bought it new and never had major issues on it just two coils went out at different times. Easy fix. Had starter replaced one time. Always serviced it. I love it and wish I could buy a new 2023 v10 if they were available. Unfortunately may have to downsize to a v8 or bump up to a diesel.

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