How Big Is Lexus NX300 And NX300h

The Lexus NX is a reliable and luxurious compact SUV and is one of Lexus' top-selling models. Nowadays, SUVs are gaining popularity for growing families since they are versatile vehicles. Ever wondered how big a Lexus NX is? We have asked automotive experts about the dimensions of the Lexus NX models. Here is what we got from them.

Lexus offers the NX in two variants, the NX300 and NX300h. These SUVs are similar, the primary difference being, the NX300h is a hybrid.

Both the NX300 and NX300h dimensions are:

  • a wheelbase of 104.7 inches,
  • a length of 182.7 inches,
  • a width of 73.6 inches,
  • and a height of 64.8 inches.

The only size difference between these trims is the minimum ground clearance, which is 6.9 inches for the NX300 and 6.7 inches for the NX300h.

In the fleet of Lexus' cars, the NX is the middle child in the crossover SUV lineup, sitting in between the UX and RX models. The NX is able to fit into tighter areas because of its smaller size compared to larger SUVs offered by Lexus. For more information about the NX and Lexus, keep reading below.

A gray colored Lexus NX300 photographed on a parking lot, How Big Is Lexus NX300 And NX300h

Which Lexus Is Bigger: UX Or NX

The UX and NX vehicles are both crossover SUVs created by Lexus. The UX stands for urban crossover while the NX stands for nimble crossover. Crossovers give the practicality of a full SUV but are built on a car platform. 

The NX is larger with a wheelbase of 104.7 inches, while the UX is 103.9 inches. The length of the NX is 182.7 inches, while the UX is 177 inches. For the width, the NX is 73.6 inches, while the UX is 72.24 inches. Finally, the NX stands at 64.8 inches while the UN stands at 60.6 inches.

New Lexus cars and SUVs displayed at the dealership

If you're looking for a smaller vehicle, the UX is your best bet, while the NX will be better if you need a bigger car. Even if the UX and NX are reliable vehicles it's still best to have them regularly checked by a mechanic to extend their life.

Is The Lexus NX Good In Snow

A gray colored Lexus NX300 trekking the snowy path

Yes, the Lexus NX is capable of handling itself on snowy roads. With a decent ground clearance, you'll be able to traverse ever deeper snow. Having sufficient ground clearance when driving on snow is needed so that your car can move freely.

There are two drivetrain options for the NX; it can either be a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Both the front-wheel and all-wheel drive variants handle nicely on snow. Also with the car's traction control, your car will be more stable.

While driving the front-wheel-drive version on snowy roads, you might notice a bit of wheel spin and traction loss moving from a stopped position. For driving on snowy roads, the front-wheel version almost performed as well as the all-wheel drive.

The all-wheel drive on the other hand has the advantage of acceleration and has more traction in deeper snow. The front-wheel drive is beached once in a while if driven in very deep snow, while the all-wheel drive has the advantage since all of its wheels are moving giving it more traction.

In the end, it does not matter what version of NX you have; if you don't have the right tires for the weather, you will experience problems. It's best to put on some winter tires if you plan to drive in the snow.

Does Lexus NX Need Premium Gas

If you have the NX300 model, Lexus recommends that you should top it up with 91 octane gas. But if you have the NX300h model, which is the hybrid, you can top it up with regular 87 octane gas.

If your vehicle really needs gas, the NX300 and NX300h can both run on regular fuel. But to maintain optimum performance, it is recommended to use premium gas on the NX300 model. Running regular fuel on the NX300 may also void your warranty.

Lexus recommends that running the NX300 on regular gas or gas with an octane rating below 91 can cause damage to your engine. In addition, your engine can develop knocking with will ultimately damage your vehicle in the long run.

How Long Does A Lexus Last

A Lexus emblem on the grill of a Lexus NX300

Lexus cars last a long time, they are one of the most reliable car brands on the market. Even though some luxury car brands tend to have a reputation of not being reliable, Lexus is not one of them.

A Lexus can easily surpass the 100,000 mile mark and usually last 250,000 to 300,000 miles. With less aggressive driving, your Lexus will last you up to 15 to 20 years. Lexus like their sister company Toyota has made reliable cars. Even to this day older models still hold up.

You can also prolong the life of your car with proper maintenance. This will help keep track of all your fluids to make sure everything is fully lubricated to make its components run smoothly. Your mechanic can also inform you if your vehicle is developing other problems.

Should I Buy A Lexus NX

A white Lexus NX500 in the parking lot

If you're looking for a reliable and luxurious crossover SUV, then yes, you should get the Lexus NX. The NX is a crossover that means it's built on a car platform, making it smaller than a full-sized SUV. This will give you the advantage when driving in the city.

The Lexus NX is also offered as a hybrid, that model is called the NX300h. Being a hybrid the NX300h offers better fuel economy, while the NX300 gives you more power.

Though the NX is best used for city driving it is also very capable in rougher terrain. The NX is also offered in an AWD option, with that you'll be able to traverse rougher roads or even deep snow with ease. Just remember to put on the proper set of tires.

Does Lexus Take Toyota Parts

A tall Toyota signage photographed on a sunny day

Toyota created the brand Lexus back in 1986, the brand's purpose is to produce luxury cars for Toyota. The major difference between the two brands is Lexus focuses more on the luxury side of car manufacturing.

Lexus can take Toyota parts, Lexus and Toyota share some components especially if they share the same platform. Parts such as drivetrain and chassis are shared between the two brands.

You may also find some minor parts such as lights, mirrors, and windows that are shared by the two. If you want to find cheaper parts for your Lexus try searching if there is a Toyota counterpart for that specific component.


A gray colored Lexus NX300 photographed on a parking lot

The Lexus NX is a great overall car, it's smaller than a full-sized SUV but still has its practicality. With the Lexus brand backing it you be assured that your car is very reliable.

If you're planning to drive on snow remember to put on winter tires this will help your vehicle get the traction it needs. Though Lexus makes reliable cars it's still important to get it regularly checked to prolong your car's life even more.

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