Does The Lexus NX Have A 3rd Row?

Finding the perfect car can feel like an impossible undertaking at times. Do you want to look into purchasing a Lexus NX but don't know whether it has a third row of seating? Well, we've done plenty of research and have all the answers waiting here for you. Let's get into it.

Unfortunately, the Lexus NX lineup will not have a third row of seats. Unlike the RXL, GX, or LX models, the Lexus NX comes with two rows and five seats in total. This is pretty standard, considering the NX is a compact crossover SUV, so if you're looking for a bigger vehicle, the NX may not be your best option.

As we begin, we will cover all things Lexus NX and discuss how many people can fit inside of one. Whether you're new to the brand or want to switch your current model, we're here to offer some help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Lexus NX 200t I front view, Does The Lexus NX Have A 3rd Row?

How Many Does The Lexus NX Seat?

Lexus NX at the international press launch. The cars waiting on the parking before the first tests drives

The Lexus NX will be able to seat five people comfortably. As we mentioned, this lineup is more of a compact SUV option, meaning you won't get as many people inside as an RXL, GX, or LX.

That said, Lexus does promise that the NX is spacious and leaves room for people of all shapes and sizes, so it shouldn't be a tight squeeze if you have five people riding together.

Can You Add A 3rd Row To The Lexus NX?

Unfortunately, Lexus has not made a third-row addition possible for NX drivers. Of course, that's not to say the company won't ever do a similar upgrade like the RXL for this car, but the demand isn't high enough for them to visit the idea [as of now].

Again, Lexus markets the NX lineup as a sportier, more compact SUV option, so adding a third row would mean a major redesign for the vehicle's interior and possibly exterior.

How Big Is The Lexus NX?

The Lexus NX will measure 184 inches long, 73 inches wide, and between 65-66 inches tall. This is a pretty standard size for compact crossovers and is great for those not wanting a super bulky car.

With that said, the NX does pack a punch in terms of cargo storage, offering 17.7 cubic feet of trunk space behind the rear seat and up to 54.5 cubic feet in total. Again, this vehicle won't be as big as an RX, GX, or LX, but we think it's worth looking into if you don't have a big household and prefer something more sporty.

Is The Lexus NX A Full-Size SUV?

No, the Lexus NX won't be a full-size SUV option. Although it can seat up to five people, the NX lineup isn't quite big enough to fall into a full-size category.

As we mentioned earlier, the NX is a compact crossover, meaning it will be bigger than a mini SUV but not as large as a mid-size or full-size SUV design.

How Big Is The Lexus NX Trunk Space?

 Lexus NX at the international press launch

For anyone wondering about the size of the trunk in a Lexus NX, it doesn't disappoint. As we said, the NX offers roughly 17.7 cubic feet of space in the trunk behind its rear seats and up to 54.5 with its back row folded down, so this is more than enough room for transporting everyday items.

That said, if you need to move something that won't fit into the trunk, you can always try folding down your NX's back seats, so this SUV is made for much more than carpooling.

Which Lexus SUV Has The Most Cargo Space?

The LX lineup will have the most cargo space out of the SUVs that Lexus manufactures. This vehicle also offers three rows of seating and fits up to eight passengers, which is considerably larger than an NX.

On top of that, the LX will have between 16.3 and 81.3 cubic feet of cargo space available depending on whether you fold the seats down or not, so this might be a better option for transporting bigger items/more people.

Which Is Bigger: Lexus NX Or RX?

The Lexus RX will be bigger than an NX between the two SUVs. In overall size, the RX will be around 192.5 inches long, which is almost ten inches more than an NX model.

Considering that the RX is a mid-size SUV, it's understandable that it offers more space than the NX, although they do share many design similarities. Again, that's not to say the RX beats the NX in every way, but if you want something more spacious, we recommend it.

Is The Lexus NX The Same Size As A RAV4?

These vehicles are somewhat similar in size for those debating between getting an NX or a RAV4. As we covered earlier, the Lexus NX will measure roughly 184 inches long, while the RAV4 is closer to 181 inches, so this isn't a significant difference.

With that said, Toyota owns Lexus, so it's common for the two brands to be compared, although Lexus's lineup will usually be better in quality and design, and in this case, also size.

Is The Lexus NX Reliable?

Lexus NX 200t car running on the test road

Yes, the Lexus NX will be a reliable SUV option. Considering this lineup has a JD Power predicted reliability score of 91/100, it's safe to say that Lexus knows what they're doing.

US News also ranks the 2021 NX tenth out of all luxury compact SUVs in its class, which is very impressive considering the brands it's competing against. That said, Lexus tends to score well for their vehicles, regardless of their size, and the NX is no exception to that.

Is The Lexus NX Expensive To Maintain?

In general, maintaining a Lexus NX won't be very expensive. According to CarEdge, an NX owner can expect to pay around $7,136 for maintenance and repairs during its first ten years of service, which beats out industry averages.

They also estimate that the Lexus NX only has a 20.47% chance of requiring a major repair during its first decade on the road, which is relatively low for a vehicle of its size. Of course, your NX's maintenance costs will vary depending on how well you take care of it, so don't forget to schedule routine checkups and practice good driving habits.

Does Lexus Make A 7 Seater?

For those wanting to get a Lexus that seats seven, you want to go with their RXL or GX lineups. Considering that these are the only SUVs Lexus offers with seven seats, your choices are somewhat slim.

On the other hand, the Lexus LX fits up to eight passengers and offers the greatest amount of cargo storage among its vehicles, so that's another option to think about if you want more than seven seats.

What Lexus Models Have Third Row Seating?

When it comes to which models Lexus offers with third-row seating, you'll have to choose between an LX, RXL, or GX. As we covered earlier, the GX and RXL will have three rows and seven seats, while the LX offers three rows with eight seats, so that is their biggest SUV option.

That said, all of these models have their unique features, so your choice will ultimately come down to what design you prefer and how many people you plan to drive around.

Is Lexus A Good Brand?

Front grille of the Lexus LS flagship sedan

Overall, we would agree that Lexus is a good brand. Considering how many awards and safety certifications Lexus has received over the years, it's reasonable to assume that they make great cars.

On top of that, Kelley Blue Book named Lexus the Best Overall Luxury Brand and Most Trusted Luxury Brand for 2016/2017, and the company has received Edmunds' Most Wanted Award for its RX 350 and ES 350 models.

So if you're on the fence about buying into Lexus, we think these accolades speak for themselves.

To Wrap It All Up

Whether you have a Lexus NX or want to get one, it's essential to know how many people it can seat. We found that the NX doesn't offer three rows of seating but instead has a compact two-row design.

On top of that, the NX features quite a bit of cargo space, boasting up to 54.5 cubic feet with its rear seats folded down, which is impressive. This luxury compact SUV also promises to seat five people comfortably and has a sleek, sporty design, making it a great option for smaller families/those who like to travel.

Regardless, make sure to find a car that works for your lifestyle, and don't be afraid to upgrade to one of Lexus's bigger models if extra seating is what you need.

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