How Do I Reset My F250 Sunroof?

Your F250 sunroof is not working correctly, and you need to reset or program it. You've been using it without issue the past weeks, but, suddenly, it's not working as it should. We gathered the information to reset and resume your sunroof to its efficient condition.

Here is a simple guide to resetting your F250 sunroof:

  1. Turn the key on to your car
  2. Press and hold the open button until the sunroof is wide open
  3. Then, press the open button twice to push back the sunroof and hold it for 10 to 15 sec. until you hear a bump sound. Let go of the open button once you hear the bumping sound
  4. Press the open button again. Push one more time. Hold it still, and you will see the sunroof close.
  5. Now, you can test your one-touch open button to see if it has reset to its proper working condition. Push the open button once, and the sunroof will automatically move.

Resetting a vehicle sunroof can be tricky. You cannot solve it with a single push of a button. Following the simple guide will make resetting a breeze. But read further to learn more about the details, how to maintain and manage your F250 sunroof, and more features.

Resetting My F250 Sunroof

Some vehicles come with sunproof. It is usually a rigid body-colored panel that can be bent or detached by hand. You cannot see through the sunroof from outside. The outside appearance is similar to a body-colored metal board.

Ford F-250 display at a dealership

There are seven types of sunroofs you can see in cars. Each kind has unique features and services to offer. Find out the different sunroofs and their aspects with the list below:

  • Built-in sunroof - suitable for SUVs with fully automatic feature
  • Pop-up sunroof - the cheapest type of sunroof and has a manual setup
  • Panoramic sunroof - covers a large space in your car with the latest features
  • Spoiler sunroof - has a tilt-and-slide operation similar to the built-in sunroof
  • Folding/Ragtops sunroof - has a folding fabric panel like the old-fashioned convertibles
  • Solar sunroof - has an eco-friendly system while letting a cool temperature inside your car
  • Removable sunroof - has a manual system and detachable panels

Why Reset Sunroof

You need to reset or repair your sunroof when it's not working. And if it makes unusual tug sounds or the panels are not coordinating with the one-touch open button or other buttons of your sunroof.

Another reason your sunroof needs a reset is when you disconnect your " target="_blank" rel="noopener">battery and see that the buttons are not charging, especially the one-touch feature button. You may also find your sunroof buttons not functioning after doing something to your sunroof, whether a minor repair or a retouch or anywhere in your vehicle.

Reset Procedure

Your " target="_blank" rel="noopener">F250 sunroof commonly can break when you disconnect your vehicle's battery or do some work in your sunroof itself or parts of your car. However, after the reset procedure, your sunroof will work as well as it should.

Your F250 sunroof has an automatic or one-touch feature for the open button but not the close button. That's the design. It has a vent that needs to be closed with a button.

Sunroof Common Problems

Sunroof common problems

The sunroof has other usual problems. Any vehicle feature may encounter issues when it's not maintained. Learn other problems you may encounter with your sunroof and how to solve it:

Leaking sunroof

It is one of the most common problems with sunroofs. It is due to old or worn-out rubber seals or clogged sunroof drainage. Get it fixed at once before it causes more damage to your car interior or begins to affect critcal areas.

Sunroof cracks or breaks

Sunroof glass is heavy-duty, but it can still break. Broken glass destroys the aerodynamics of your vehicle. It leads to more fuel consumption. It also makes the hot weather hotter and the cold weather colder. 

Electrical problems

Your sunroof is not working because of a faulty motor or electrical connection. This is cheap to fix, but it's better to ask for professional service than do it yourself. You're always hesitant to leave with a faulty sunroof due to sudden rains or strong sunlight.

Mechanical problems

There are chances when the motor is fine, but your sunroof is still acting up. It may be due to clogging of dirt or debris in the gears to make your sunroof work. Take out the glass panel and inspect the clogged gears and the areas.

Glass explodes or shatters

This is rare, but can happen. There is no definite reason behind it, but little glass cracks can lead to the shattering or exploding of your sunroof.

Sunroof rattles

Rarely, you may hear a rattling sound from your sunroof. This is more of an annoyance than an issue. Lubricate your sunroof end, or if it's still ongoing, there may be some error in your glass alignment. Have it checked by a professional.

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How To Maintain Your Sunroof

Maintain your sunroof is similiar to care for the rest of your car and is just as important. A premium sunroof can last up to 20 years and more. It can last that long or longer with regular maintenance and cleaning. The sunroof is exposed to different weather conditions and environments. That's why maintenance is a must for every car owner.

  1. Deep clean the sunroof. First, remove the dirt with a vacuum. Then, wash it with a toothbrush for hard-to-reach spots on your sunroof.
  2. Put a few drops of lubricant in all moving parts of your sunroof to ensure proper functioning. Use a heat-resistant lubricant, such as white lithium.
  3. Be more detailed in cleaning your sunroof, especially when you live in a dusty area. Remove the dust every time on your sunroof with a low-pressure blower, and clean the drain tubes with a firm wire to remove dust and debris.
  4. Never delay any issues like leaks or cracks you find on your sunroof. Ask for assistance from an auto glass professional. Delaying the small issues on your sunroof can make you spend more when it gets worse.

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Possible Dangers Of Sunroof

Inside a vehicle looking up to a sunroof with water droplets

Cars with sunroofs have been selling well for the past years in the USA. It seems more car owners love to enjoy the sunroof. It has unique features of having access to the outside view and relaxing on the road. 

However, the car sunroof also causes some dangers to car owners. There have been records of injuries and deaths caused by closed sunroofs. There have been some solutions to regulate and avoid these accidents.

Incidents of sudden sunroof shattering have caused car owners to file complaints. When it breaks, it makes a loud sound and shocks the driver. There are suggestions for recalling these cars. Although, the car manufacturers assured us that it is not usual.

What Do I Do If My Sunroof Won't Open?

Sports car closed sunroof in the rain

Your sunroof won't open due to some reasons. Some debris is stuck in the gear or tube, and there may be a faulty motor. And if the shaft doesn't turn, you have a jammed motor. Or, inside the motor, the contacts may be melted or flared even though the motor is running.

How Can I Temporarily Fix A Broken Sunroof?

Damaged glass roof window or sunroof on the red car glued with duct tape

You can temporarily fix a broken sunroof with duct tape and a plastic bag. Place it under the sunroof to prevent leaks into your car. You can also duct tape cracks to secure them in place until your get to the auto repair shop.

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Does A Sunroof Affect Fuel Economy?

Yes. The opened sunroof adds air resistance which acts as a force to pull away from the travel direction. How wide open the glass is, the more saves the economy. But a tilted maybe just a margin of your fuel economy.


Resetting your F250 sunroof needs some tricks and fixes with setting your sunroof buttons. Turn the key in your car and punch the open buttons multiple times to return it to its automatic setting. The close button is non-automatic, and it should be fine by then. 

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