How Long Does Raptor Liner Take To Dry?

If you've decided to apply a fresh coat of bed liner to your truck bed and chose one of the most well-known brands in the market, then this post is for you. In this article, we will discuss how long it takes for the Raptor Liner to dry. We researched this to bring you the most accurate information. 

According to Raptor, the drying time of the Raptor Liner depends on the weight of duty. Below is the estimated drying time at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Touch dry - 1 minute
  • Light duty - 48 to 72 hours (2 to 3 days)
  • Regular duty - 120 to 168 hours (5 to 7 days)

Continue reading as we discuss additional questions about the Raptor Liner throughout this post. You will find out how to properly apply Raptor Liner, how long they are good for, how long they last, and many more. You will find other suggested articles that will surely help you with your other Raptor Liner queries. Let's start!

How Long Does It Take For Raptor Liner To Dry?

While there is a given estimated drying time depending on how light or heavy the usage is, you might also be wondering how long to you'll have to wait to do specific tasks applying Raptor Line. We covered these for you below. 

Purpose #1: Getting The Surface Wet

The manufacturer recommends leaving Raptor Linerer to dry for at least three days or 72 hours if you want to use it in the presence of water. If the area sprayed with Raptor Liner gets drenched in the rain or accidentally gets in contact with liquid for the first 72 hours of application, you will need to do some extra work to fix it.

How To Fix A Raptor Liner That Got Wet Within 72 Hours Of Application

First, check if the surface is already dry. If it is, cover the area not affected by the water. Then scrape the uncovered spot using a UP0410. If you do not have UP0410, you can use a similar material that is already available to you instead.

Once you remove the Raptor, clean it with a degreaser, then blow it with compressed air. After that, tack the cloth area and reapply the product. 

To avoid this kind of problem in the future, make sure that you put the bed truck in a roofed area or in a spot where it cannot get wet. However, do not use a tarp or plastic sheets to cover the surface because it can disrupt the Raptor's curing process. 

Purpose #2: Heavy Use

If you need to use the sprayed bed with Raptor Liner for heavy use, you will need to wait at least seven days for the surface to dry. Once you use it for less than the recommended drying time, it may cause damage to the surface because it needs more time to harden.

Purpose #3: Coat Application

Application of coats of Raptor Liner should have a 60-minute or 1-hour interval. This window allows the layer of product to evaporate to let it harden and take a shorter time to dry. 

Purpose #4: Overpainting Raptor With A Raptor Also

If you are planning on overpainting the surface covered with Raptor, allow it to sit for at least a day or 24 hours because you will need to abrade the surface to prepare it for the paint, and you cannot do that while the coating is still wet.

Suppose you found yourself in a situation where you followed the manufacturer's recommended drying time but still found the surface wet. In that case, it must be the temperature of your workspace while applying the product.

The ideal temperature while applying Raptor Liner is between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the climate is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then expect that Raptor will take much longer to dry and fully cure.

How To Properly Apply Raptor Liner?

Polyurea coating for truck bed

You will need these materials to apply Raptor liner on your truck bed.

  • Raptor liner kit
  • 80-grit dry sandpaper
  • U-pol Acid 8 Etch Primer
  • Body shutz gun
  • U-POL panel wipe water-based degreaser
  • U-POL Grip #4 Adhesion Promoter
  • Paint tape
  • Roller (optional)

Step 1: Preparing The Surface

Prepare the truck bed surface by wiping it with a U-pol panel wipe water-based degreaser. Then, remove the parts or anchor points that are hard to mask off when applying the Raptor Liner. 

Afterward, sand the truck bed surface by machine or hand using 80-grit dry sandpaper before putting paint tape on the areas you do not want to overspray, such as the surrounding panels, screw holes, and linings. 

Clean the surface with a degreaser, then spray the U-POL Acid 8 Etch Primer. If you have areas that are not properly sanded, like the edges, you can spray U-POL grip #4 Adhesion promoter on those spots to make sure that the Raptor will grip onto the surface.

Step 2: Mixing The Raptor Liner

Pour a hardener into the Raptor bottle, then shake the bottle thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. 

Step 3: Apply The Raptor Liner

There are two methods that you can choose from when applying Raptor Liner: using a body shutz gun or a roller. 

Using A Body Shutz Gun

Paint onto sheet metal surface using a compressed air paint gun

Replace the lid with a U-POL UP0726 gun. The air pressure of the compressor that you will set to depends on the texture you want to achieve, but the recommended PSI is between 45 to 60 PSI. To check, spray the Raptor on a test panel first. Adjust it to your desired finish before spreading it on the truck bed's surface.

Using A Roller

Paint tray filled with white paint

Pour some Raptor on a paint tray and glide the roller in it. Paint through the surface until you cover the whole area with Raptor. Use a brush to fill the corners or parts the roller cannot reach. Applying Raptor with a roller can produce an excellent texture if applied in medium thickness and pressure. 

Raptor recommends using a coarse-textured foam roller to get the best finish. However, if you have a specific texture that you want to achieve, you can use the roller type of your choice instead. 

Once you apply the first Raptor Liner coat on the entire truck bed, wait an hour before applying another layer. 

Step 4: Removing And Cleaning 

Before you remove the painter's tape, wait for up to one and a half hours upon applying the last coat of Raptor.

If you notice oversprays, clean them using 2k thinners. Below is a specific list of solutions you can use depending on the surface. 

  • OEM paintwork - coarse compound, mechanical polisher
  • Raptor over Raptor - abrade and re-coat
  • Glass - glass blade, Stanley blade

To give you a video illustration of how to apply Raptor Liner properly, check out the video below.


How Long Is Raptor Liner Good For?

You can use Raptor Liner 2 years from its manufacturing date. Store the bed liner properly to ensure that Raptor will sustain its quality. Keep the bed liner in a cool and dry area. Aside from that, do not transfer it to a new bottle. Let it stay in its original container.

How Long Do Raptor Liners Last?

Once applied to the surface, Raptor Liners can last for years. However, there is no specific time because it can last depending on how high is the application method. 

Can Raptor Liner Go Over Rust?

Can raptor liner go over rust, How Long Does Raptor Liner Take To Dry?

Yes, you can apply Raptor Liner over rust. But before doing so, you will still need to prepare the surface by using a grinder tool to smoothen the truck bed and spraying a rust encapsulator. 

We have a video to help you figure out how to do the process. Check it out below.

Does Raptor Liner Need 2 Coats?

The number of Raptor Liner coats you need depends on the build needed. Raptor recommends 2 to 3 coats, but if this is not enough, you can add another batch of 2 to 3 coats after 24 hours. 

Take note that applying more than three coats is not recommended. 

What Paint Can I Mix With Raptor Liner?

You can paint Raptor Liner with any paint that is urethane based. Using enamel, water-based, or polyester paint will not work since they are incompatible.

In Summary

Polyurea coating spray gun truck bed

Raptor Liner's drying time depends on how intensely you intend to use the truck after being sprayed by the bed liner. Light duty usage needs 2 to 3 days to dry. Regular duty requires 5 to 7 days, while heavy-duty use needs at least seven days. 

When applying the Raptor Liner, the temperature can affect how long it can dry. If the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it will take longer for the bed liner to harden and cure. We hope that we have satisfied your questions. For more, check out these posts below. 

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