Is Raptor Liner Waterproof?

Much has been said about the strength and durability of Raptor as a protective coating for many types of surfaces, especially for your truck bed. Conversely, you might wonder if it is waterproof. Well, we did plenty of research and have the answer below!

Yes, the Raptor liner is 100% waterproof as long as the correct application has been made and the 72-hour drying and curing time has been complied with. This means that Raptor can be exposed to or come into contact with water only after 2-3 days or 72 hours.

Raptor has become a byword in the automotive industry since it has become closely associated with truck bed liners. It has become the industry standard in truck bed coating that automotive professionals call Raptor liners. Keep reading to learn more!

What Makes Raptor Liner Waterproof?

The Raptor brand is backed by its manufacturer, U-Pol, the global leader in automotive refinishing products, including fillers, coating, adhesives, tints, and paint.

Truck bed liner polyurea coating

When Raptor is correctly applied over the truck bed, it creates a durable coating.

The chemical composition affords it to bond directly to the contours and grooves of the truck bed. There is significant adhesion to the metal, leaving no air gap

Due to the superior bond, it becomes impenetrable when fully cured and dried, leaving no chance for water to seep through. The effect is a water-tight seal.

After brushing or spraying over the truck bed, wait for another two to three days, or 72 hours, to let it dry completely. Following this timeline is super important.

Polyurea coating for truck bed, Is Raptor Liner Waterproof?

Owners of this vehicle shouldn't need to worry about their truck beds deteriorating. That goes for rain, snow, frost, mud, grease, and heavy dirt.

Water-resistant and water-repellant characteristics are closely associated and sometimes confusing with the waterproof element. Both terminologies are misnomers in marketing among competing brands of truck bed liners.

Waterproofing gives it the highest level of protection.

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That said, Raptor is perfect for surfaces submerged in water, including salt water. This is why it is also widely used in industrial and marine applications.

Besides truck bed liners, the Raptor liner works for boats, pool/jet ski ramps, sewage tanks, shower floors, storage spaces, broilers, and more.

What's The Best Way To Use A Raptor Truck Bed Liner?

Polyurea coating spray gun truck bed

To enjoy the durability of the Raptor truck bed liner through the years, the correct application should be implemented at the onset.

Every product purchase, every user, whether novice or professional,  will become familiar with its correct application through the accompanying instruction leaflet.

When you use the Raptor liner, you want a 3:1 ratio. This means three parts Raptor liquid to 1 part hardener.

A 10% tint may work if you want to add color to the coating. A roller brush or spray gun will apply this the best.

Nowadays, Raptor has become user-friendly. It can be purchased in a kit that contains almost everything you need. For a bed liner coating kit, it should have four 1-liter bottles.

Three bottles are for the liquid solution, and one is for the hardener. To complete the package, a spray gun and sandpaper are also included in the kit. One kit is sufficient to cover an average truck bed.

See this Raptor truck bed liner kit on Amazon.

Before applying it to the truck bed, prepare the solution. Get another container big enough to accommodate mixing the four bottles.

Shake each container before opening and pouring it into the mixing container. This ensures that sediments or residue are thoroughly blended before pouring the liquid.

After proper mixing, the solution is ready to be applied. You can attach it to the sprayer or use a roller brush. Using the sprayer is preferable and commonly used over the roller brush.

The latter is perfect for applying to large and flat surfaces.

The drawback of roller brush application is that it is hard to achieve an even coat and a more consistent text; hence, it is best to leave it to an expert detailer or a professional.

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What If My Raptor Liner Gets Wet?

Pickup truck bed

There are instances when the truck bed gets wet or exposed to water even when it is not fully cured; that is, the 72-hour drying time is not completed.

In this case, there will be areas that get softened quickly and are less impact-resistant. You would readily notice peeling and cracks everywhere in your truck bed by visual inspection.

If you run your palm over the surface, you will readily feel an uneven coat. Some spots appear bubbly.

Spots that crack, chip off, and some that are raised are signs that water has seeped through. Air gaps develop that make some spots appear to be raised.

All these happened because the 72-hour curing time wasn't completed. A superior adhesion didn't take place; that is, Raptor didn't fully cure.

When Raptor is not fully cured, and there are water droplets on the surfaces, you most likely need to fix the problem before it blows up. You need to redo the application. Make sure to remove the old coating before re-application.

Here are the steps to fix this:

Step 1

Ensure the surface is completely dry. Get rid of loose dirt and debris over the surface. Sweep with a broom or floor brush.

Step 2

Abrade the surface. Use a nylon grit material to sand and scuff. This is perfect for removing the old coat. Pads may be helpful for the manual scouring of grooves and contours and those hard-to-reach areas of the truck bed.

Check out these scuff pads on Amazon.

Step 3

Clean the surface with a degreaser. After the surface has been sanded and scuffed, the degreaser ensures that no old coat of Raptor is left on the surface.

See this automotive degreaser on Amazon.

Step 4

Cover the areas you don't want to be sprayed on with the automotive tape. This sets clean and sleek borders for your bed liner coating.

Check out this automotive tape on Amazon.

Step 5

Blow with compressed air. It is recommended to have a 5-gallon capacity air compressor to get the job done quickly.

Check out this air compressor on Amazon.

Step 6

Tack the cloth area. This is the final preparation of the surface before applying the coating. This removes dust and dirt that may be present on the surface and leaves no traces of lint or other residue.

3M is a trusted brand for automotive and industrial use. This isn't required in all cases but helps improve the bonding of the coating.

An alternative to this, which is cheaper, is a microfiber cloth or towel.

Check out this tack cloth on Amazon.

Step 7

Proceed to reapply the Raptor bed liner coating!

Is Raptor Truck Bed Liner Any Good?

Empty bed of a modern pickup truck

The truck bed is one of the most exposed surfaces to harsh environmental elements. Also, it is one of the vehicle's most used and abused areas.

The truck is meant to be used off-road and transport bulky cargo; as an owner, you must protect the surface from degrading quickly to enjoy these added benefits.

The Raptor truck bed liner is perfect to meet its expectations as a protective coating.

It is made to withstand the harsh elements of nature, making it UV-resistant and non-fading, and it prevents rust, even with frequent and long exposure to extreme climactic conditions.

Raptor brands to manage tough situations, too. It is anti-scratch, skid-proof, and impact resistant. You can transport heavy equipment without causing dents on your truck bed.

Users across various industries can give a long list of advantages and benefits of using the product. 

Raptor enjoys a wide latitude of flexibility and versatility. Due to its ease of application on various surfaces, consumers and professionals alike can use this product.

Even though these liners are geared for truck beds, you can use them on bumpers, floorboards, fenders, and other metal surfaces.

To Finish Up

Raptor's waterproofing will protect your truck bed from long-term damage due to rust and other harsh environmental elements.

After all, the truck bed will get these beatings as you go off-road, transport cargo, and do other outdoor activities.

As a truck owner, you would have peace of mind that your truck bed will not degrade and lose its value, despite being heavily used and exposed.

To say it all, the Raptor truck bed liner gives value for your money.

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