10 RV Outdoor Rugs That Make Camping Even More Fun

10 RV Outdoor Rugs That Make Camping Even More FunRV outdoor rugs might not seem like a necessary part of the RV lifestyle but these products can offer actually some serious benefits for an RV owner.

A top tier outdoor rug can stop dirt, mud, and sand from entering your RV by providing a place to wipe off your shoes and feet before entering the rig. A nice mat also gives you a place to set up outdoor furniture for events such as a cookout. No more placing lawn chairs on sand, dirt or gravel.

These products provide a more comfortable environment when relaxing outside. But it should be noted that these rugs do take up a bit of storage space. This issue could be a problem for people with smaller rigs such as a campervan or a class B motorhome.

If you do decide to get an RV outdoor rug, your chosen product should offer a few essential features such as UV protection, waterproof qualities, resistance against mold/mildew. A carrying bag to store the rug with is also nice.

We'll show you a selection of products that meet these criteria. Hopefully, one of the following products will be exactly what you wanted in an RV outdoor rug!

1. Reversible Mats Outdoor RV Camping Mat

Our first outdoor rug has become a favorite among RV owners for various reasons. One of these reasons is the rug's breathable polypropylene material. It happens to be UV coated, which will protect it from those pesky sun rays.

These rays tend to cause inferior products a lot of damage such as fading. It doesn't hurt that this material's mildew resistant either.

The rug's design being lightweight and compact is another notable aspect. It will ensure moving and storing the product doesn't require a lot of effort. The included carrying bag will help make these processes even easier.

You'll have three options for both color and size as well. It gives you a better chance of finding a rug that matches your particular style. And the price remains fair even when choosing a larger model.

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2. Stylish Camping RV Outdoor Rug

If you're looking for a rug with a cute design, this product would be a perfect choice. But don't think this lovely design means it lacks in other areas.

It's quite the opposite as it's made with high-quality polypropylene material. This material happens to be breathable, soft, safe for grass and offers protection against UV rays.

The rug's two size options should make it an excellent choice for both small and larger rig owners. This type of versatility was what first grabbed my attention when looking at the rug. It being reversible only further my belief in this product as an outstanding option.

Overall, Stylish Camping seemed to cover every base with features mentioned earlier. It's even known for being easy to clean as it only requires a simple sweep or spray with water. What more could you ask for from an outdoor rug?

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3. Professional EZ Travel Outdoor Camping Rugs


Professional EZ Travel Rugs designed this extra-large reversible rug to resist mold and mildew, as well as UV- protection. It is made of 100% polypropylene plastic weaving to withstand were and tear, but still be lightweight and easy to carry. It even comes with its own carrying case!

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4. Camco Reversible Outdoor RV Rug

A Camco product making this list should be no surprise given their stellar reputation. This rug does nothing to spoil or ruin the brand's standing given its fantastic features.

These features include it being mold/mildew resistant and easy to clean. Both these features make keeping this rug in good shape more manageable.

Its six color options was another appealing trait. Any customer could easily find a color that suits their situation perfectly. The rug is available in two different sizes should also help in this regard.

Don't sleep on the rug's convenience either as it's easily foldable. It was a standout highlight for many buyers thanks to how easy it made the storing process. This aspect was something I saw praised a lot in customer reviews.

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MATS LEISURE's RV Patio Mat brings a whole lot to the table that other models can't match. Its lightweight and compact design would be at the top of this list.

Both these qualities make storing this rug a breeze. It comes with an included storage bag, too, which helps with this process.

This rug's woven polypropylene material isn't anything to overlook either. It's been known to dry much quicker than other materials used in these products.

But the real standout feature this rug offers is regarding the color choice. This rug provides four of the coolest design patterns in today's market. They're colorful, vibrant, and ready to bring a bit of style into your RV lifestyle.

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6.Epic RV Rugs Outdoor Patio Rug

This product features a beautiful floral design to entice jealously from your fellow RV owners. Epic RV Rugs also make the rug reversible with a different floral pattern on both sides.

It gives you a choice about what side suits your personality better. Plus, it makes the cleaning process more manageable. You can just flip it over when one side gets too dirty.

If both sides become dirty, you just need to sweep or spray it with water. The mat will then become as good as new. You don't get much more convenient than this rug given these features.

The nylon stake loops on each corner aren't too shabby either. These loops will make it much easier to hold the rug down in windy areas. It'll help you avoid becoming the person running all over their campground chasing their blown away rug.

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7. Green Decore Premium Outdoor Rug

Looking for the perfect outdoor rug for a pop of color to your campsite? Green Decore's Outdoor Rug happens to have a plastic-like texture, which offers some valuable benefits. This aspect reduces slippage and improves to ensure your outside furniture stays in place. It is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic straws. 

It'll make sure you don't slip as well. This benefit can come in handy for people with children who are a little reckless around the campground. It could end up saving you a lot of money in hospital bills.

This rug's material being non-absorbent is another useful feature. It'll ensure water passes right through the rug rather than pooling up and causing issues. This quality makes an ideal option for people RVing in tropical places.

Green Decoreis a global brand with a high value and they believe in using recycled and sustainable materials for their products. 

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8. Snowbird Mats Reversible RV Rug

RV owners searching for a durable RV Rug should look no further than this option. It's made from hollow polypropylene tubes woven together to create a sturdy, long-lasting product.

This design allows the rug to drain water and has mildew resistant qualities. It being UV protected just further proves that this rug's ready to last several years.

You should also find its three sizes and three color options appealing. There's no reason why a person should have any issue finding a combination that fits their situation. In fact, I'm finding it hard to choose just one.

The corner loops on each corner are another winning quality. Putting stakes through these loops make sure even windy areas won't be an issue. All in all, this product is another great one that could easily be a perfect fit for any RV owner.

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9. Green Elephant Outdoor RV Rug

This rug might be a little cheaper than our other options, but it doesn't lack in quality. It's still made from top tier materials that'll ensure it remains usable for years to come.

In this case, these materials are 100% recycled plastics and create a durable, lightweight product. Most people find storing and moving the rug an effortless task due to this design.

The rug's versatility was another aspect that had people praising it. Its weatherproof qualities allow it to work perfectly in any climate, whether it be tropical or desert. This rug can handle it all.

It even comes with four stability pegs to keep it from blowing away. All you have to do is slip them into the loops on each corner. It's added benefit and removes the hassle of having to buy stakes or pegs separately.

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10. Blue RV Rug by Reversible Mats

Our last product offers a bit more choice than most other models on this list. It comes with five color choices and two size options to ensure everyone can find the perfect combination.

You'll want to find the perfect combination, too, with this rug's many useful features. The design alone should be enticing enough with its UV protected durability to ensure a long-lasting product

But it doesn't stop there as it's easily cleaned and folded to offer peak convenience. In other words, everything a person could want in an outdoor rug is featured inside this product.

This rug even has a 1-year warranty to protect against an accident occurring with it. You aren't going to find a much better option in today's market, especially in this price range.

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I hope looking through these ten awesome RV outdoor rugs was helpful. If you have any more questions or concerns, please let us know in the comment section. We'll answer them as quickly as possible.


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  1. Camco outdoor mat is great, the best thing about this rug is that it is completely weatherproof. Large size, making it fit multiple applications. Very satisfied with it.

    • Another neat thing about this best RV outdoor rug choice is that it is easy to clean. You just need to give it a good sweeping every once in a while to prevent dust and dirt from building up on the surface.

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