10 Travel Trailers That Can Fit In Your Garage

Hitting the open road in a travel trailer is a dream for many RVers. However, not everyone has space for a large RV, hence the growing interest in travel trailers that can fit in your garage.

The market offers many compact, garage-friendly options. This guide highlights top travel trailer models for garage storage. It outlines the benefits of owning such a trailer and gives tips to measure your garage for the perfect fit.

A garage-fit trailer offers versatility, cost savings, and easy maintenance. Then, you can buy an RV and hit the highway with confidence.

Compact Trailers That Fit In Your Garage

Here are our top 10 small trailers for standard garages:

  1. Happier Camper HC1
  2. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK
  3. nuCamp TAB 320S
  4. Aliner Expedition
  5. Jayco Hummingbird 10RK
  6. Forest River Flagstaff
  7. Scamp 13
  8. Safari Condo Alto R1713
  9. Meerkat Travel Trailer
  10. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland

Important Note: Measure the width and height of your garage door opening. Also measure the internal length, width, and height of the garage space. This ensures a hassle-free fit for your chosen travel trailer.

Standard Garage Dimensions

When considering a garage-friendly travel trailer, it's crucial to understand the typical dimensions of a garage to ensure a proper fit. A standard 2-car garage measures 20 x 20 feet, while a 1-car garage measures 12 x 20 feet.

Garage doors are often 7 to 8 feet tall on average. These measurements usually show external dimensions. Interior space could be less due to wall thickness and other structures.

Travel Trailers That Can Fit In Your Garage

Trailer Brand Length Width Height Dry Weight
Happier Camper HC1 13' 5" 7' 0" 7'8" 1,100 lbs
Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK 12' 3' 7' 0" 7' 9" 1,763 lbs
nuCamp TAB 320S 15' 3" 6' 8" 7' 8" 1,969 lbs
Aliner Expedition 18' 7' 0" 5' 8" 1,850 lbs
Jayco Hummingbird 10RK 13' 0" 7' 4" 7' 0" 1,545 lbs
Forest River Flagstaff (closed) 14' 4" 7' 0" 5' 4" 1,608 lbs
Scamp 13 13' 6' 8" 7' 6" 1450 lbs
Safari Condo Alto R1713 17' 6' 11" 6' 11" 1,683 lbs
Meerkat Travel Trailer (closed) 13' 5' 6' 5" 1,180 lbs
Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland (closed) 15' 6' 7" 7' 2" 1,978 lbs
Table summary of trailers that can fit in a standard garage with length, width, height, and dry weight.

1. Happier Camper HC1

The Happier Camper HC1 maximizes space in just 13' 5" length and 7' 8" height. The lightweight fiberglass build simplifies maneuvering in home garages. Inside, the 6' 6" width prevents a cramped feeling. The bed measures 6' 11" wide, perfect for 1-2 people.

At 6' 1" interior height, most can stand comfortably. A 110-150 lb tongue weight maintains stability and balance for storage and towing. Key features like the kitchen, toilet, and ample storage make the HC1 functional for travel despite its compact size.

2. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK

The Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK makes garage storage easy with dimensions of 12' 3" length and 7' 9" height. At 1,763 lbs empty weight, it is lightweight and simple to maneuver in tight home garages.

The cargo capacity of 1,135 lbs allows you to pack without exceeding weight limits. A 258 lb hitch weight maintains balance during towing.

Inside, the layout feels spacious despite compact measurements. The awning provides shade when parked outside your garage. For a trailer tailored to standard garage dimensions, the Rockwood Geo Pro is a great choice.

3. nuCamp TAB 320S

At just 15' 3" length, the nuCamp TAB 320S easily fits in standard garages. The exterior height of 7' 8" gives ample room inside the 6' 8" wide trailer. The cozy 71" x 72" sleeping area comfortably accommodates rest after adventures.

With a dry weight of 1,969 lbs, the TAB 320S is lightweight for maneuvering and storing in home garages. The versatile nuCamp TAB 320S maximizes function and comfort despite compact dimensions.

4. Aliner Expedition

The 18’ Aliner Expedition fits in garages with its slender 7’ width. The low road height of just 5' 8" allows passing easily under obstacles. Weighing a light 1850 lbs, the Expedition is maneuverable for garage storage and towing.

The space-optimized interior provides ample storage and comfortable quarters. The Expedition's compact profile lets you store a versatile travel trailer in your garage without sacrificing comfort or features.

5. Jayco Hummingbird 10RK

At just 13’ in length and 7’4” in width, the Jayco Hummingbird 10RK easily stores in standard garages. The low profile with 4’5” interior height allows maneuvering with ease.

Weighing only 1545 lbs unloaded, the lightweight Hummingbird is simple to tow and park inside home garages. The well-designed layout feels spacious, with a comfy bed, kitchenette, and ample storage inside.

6. Forest River Flagstaff

The Forest River Flagstaff travel trailer fits in garages at just 14’4” in length and 5’4” in height when closed. The 7’ width allows sufficient interior space without a bulky exterior.

With a lightweight 1608 lb dry weight, the Flagstaff is easy to maneuver and store at home between adventures. The versatile Flagstaff provides ample space for travel despite its compact garage-ready measurements.

7. Scamp 13

The Scamp 13 travel trailer effortlessly fits in garages with compact dimensions of 13’ in length, 7’6” in height, and 6’8” in width.

At 1450 pounds, the lightweight Scamp 13 is easy to tow and maneuver in tight home garages. The interior layout makes the most of the space, with a 10’ living area, 6’3” headroom, and 6’6” width for a cozy feel.

For insights on towing safety, you may want to read the article on VEHQ titled, "Can You Tow a Travel Trailer Without Sway Bars?" to understand the importance of sway bars better.

8. Safari Condo Alto R1713

At 17’ long, the Safari Condo Alto R1713 provides ample living space in a garage-friendly package. The 6’11” width and height allow easy maneuvering and storage.

Weighing just 1683 lbs dry, the Alto R1713 is lightweight to tow and park in home garages. Sleeping arrangements accommodate 3-4 people comfortably.

To help with your decision, you might want to check out the article "Which Travel Trailers Are The Lightest? (13 Models Reviewed)" for an in-depth look at lightweight options.

9. Meerkat Travel Trailer

At just 13’ long and 5’ wide, the Meerkat trailer effortlessly fits in standard garages. The 1180 lb dry weight keeps towing and maneuvering light and easy.

The 6’5” exterior height leaves ample 6’1” headroom inside, comfortably accommodating 1-2 people. The Meerkat maximizes function and comfort in a garage-friendly small package. For convenient storage and travel, it’s an efficient choice.

10. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland

The Taxa Outdoor Cricket fits standard garages at 15’ length and 7’2” closed height. The 1978 lb dry weight keeps towing and storing lightweight and easy. The versatile interior comfortably fits 2 adults and 2 kids for family adventures.

The Cricket Overland maximizes features and space in a garage-friendly package. For a trailer combining garage convenience and outdoor function, the Taxa Cricket Overland is an ideal choice.

Consider exploring the "15 Best Travel Trailers Under 4,000 Pounds" to find lightweight options that are easy to tow and park.

Choosing the Right Travel Trailer for Your Garage

To pick a trailer for your garage, look at its height, width, weight, length, and features. For garage storage, focus on the height and width to avoid damage when moving the trailer.

Height and Width: Measure your garage door's height and width. Add 2-3 inches to these measurements for clearance. Consider your garage ceiling height, and if it's sloped, a lower-profile trailer might be necessary.

Also, account for any beams or obstructions in your garage. Knowing the maximum height and width helps narrow down your choices.

Weight Considerations: The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) represents the combined weight of the trailer, cargo, and fluids. For lightweight garage storage, aim for a GVWR of less than 3,500 pounds.

Features: When selecting a travel trailer, it's important to decide on the features you desire, like a bathroom, kitchen, or slide-out living space. Also, consider lightweight and durable construction, accessibility and stability when parked.

Consider key features like an exterior shower, evaluate storage by checking refrigerator size, and assess sleeping capacity. A list of must-have features will streamline your search for a travel trailer that fits well in your garage.

Interested in learning more about buying a travel trailer? Check out this article: How Much Does A Travel Trailer Cost? 

4 Benefits of Garage-Friendly Travel Trailers

Many RV enthusiasts are turning to travel trailers garage-friendly. Here are four benefits:

  1. Convenience: These trailers are easy to store and transport. There's no need for separate storage facilities or paid parking lots.
  2. Cost-Effective: Being typically smaller than other RVs, garage-friendly trailers lower both purchase and maintenance costs. Plus, you save on storage and parking fees.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Garage storage shields them from harsh weather, reducing wear and tear. Easy access facilitates routine upkeep.
  4. Versatility: Designed to fit in standard garages, they are versatile for camping, road trips, tailgating, and more.

By choosing a garage-friendly travel trailer, you'll enjoy these benefits and be on the road with confidence.

For tips on maneuvering your trailer, check out this helpful guide on how to back a trailer into a tight space.

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