How To Unlock Honda Odyssey Door Without A Key [What To Do If You Are Locked Out!]

You lost your key to your Honda Odyssey, and now you can’t access your car. What can you do in this situation? We researched this concern for you and asked for help from different industry experts to give you the following answer.

Different methods are available for you if you can’t open the door to your Honda Odyssey if you don’t have the key. Some of these choices are:

  • Use a slim jim
  • Tie a knot
  • Press the button with the windshield wiper
  • Call a locksmith

Take note that some of these techniques are usable for certain Honda Odyssey models. So continue reading as we talk about these possible solutions in greater detail.

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How Do You Unlock A Honda Odyssey Door Without A Key?

Bear in mind that the following techniques are only for educational purposes. You shouldn’t use the methods highlighted in this post to gain entry to Honda Odysseys other than yours. Remember, using these unlocking solutions for other vehicles that you don't own can result in legal charges against you.

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Use A Slim Jim

A slim jim is a lock-picking tool that you shouldn’t confuse with the snack of the same name. This particular piece of equipment has a long and thin design that usually has a metal construction.

Take note that a slim jim won’t typically work with newer cars, particularly models made from 1999 to the present. However, this technique may work for Honda Odyssey models made between 1998 and 1999.

honda motors car remote keys

It’s because the slim jim works by allowing the user to pull a wire within the door’s mechanism. This wire connects to the locks, allowing you to open the door if you don’t have the key.

But bear in mind that the slim jim only works with opening car door locks. You can’t use it to start your vehicle’s engine.

After taking note of those particulars, continue this process by following these steps:

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Insert the slim jim into the small gap in the Odyssey’s window. 2. Turn the slim jim at a slight angle facing the door lock once you reach the end of the door’s internal space. 3. Pull the slim jim upward while it’s still at an angle to unlock the door.

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Take note that you can repeat this process as many times as needed until you’re successful. But the slim jim’s metal material and reasonably sharp edges may harm your car’s bodyshell and/or its paint job.

You can reduce the risks of these issues from happening if you have a fairly steady hand and you know the location of the wire.

Watch the video below to see a visual guide to the steps mentioned above:

Tie A Knot

If you don’t have a slim jim or you can’t leave your Honda Odyssey to purchase that tool, you can use a piece of sturdy string or rope to unlock the car.

However, this technique only works for Odysseys with manual lock cylinders. Like this previous technique, this potential solution won’t work if your Honda Odyssey has power doors.

Nonetheless, here’s a quick rundown of the steps to help you complete this task:

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Remove the shoelace from your shoe. Or, grab another strong piece of string.
  2. Wedge a pen or flathead screwdriver between the door and its gasket.
  3. Slide the string or shoelace to the top corner of the car door.
  4. Wiggle the string or shoelace until you reach the door lock’s cylinder.
  5. Tie a slip knot on the lower side of the string or shoelace.
  6. Pull the top of the string or shoelace to allow the knot to go inside the car door.
  7. Twist the knot to get the right orientation.
  8. Wiggle the string or shoelace until the lock cylinder goes inside the hole.
  9. Pull both ends of the string or shoelace to tighten the knot and capture the lock cylinder. 10. Pull up on the string or shoelace to unlock the Honda Odyssey’s door.

You can also watch this video for a visual representation of this procedure. This clip also shows you additional techniques to help you unlock your vehicle:

Also, the following clip shows you how to tie a slip knot for this task:

Press The Button With The Windshield Wiper

Certain Honda Odyssey models with power doors will have a lock and unlock button by the driver's side door. If you have an Odyssey with that feature, you can use the vehicle’s windshield wiper to unlock the door without the key.

Take note that the window needs to be slightly open for this technique to work. If so, proceed with this procedure by following these steps:

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Remove the windshield wiper from its mount. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you need help with this step.
  2. Stick the windshield wiper through the window.
  3. Maneuver the windshield wiper until you can press the unlock button on the driver’s side door handle.
  4. Open the door and return the windshield wiper to its original location.

Call A Locksmith

If your DIY methods didn’t work in unlocking your Honda Odyssey’s door, you can call a professional automotive locksmith to do the job for you. But ensure that the technician you call can provide you with reliable and exceptional services.

Some of the qualities that you should be looking for in a car locksmith are:


You can gauge if the locksmith will be accountable for their actions by the sound of their voice as they took your call. It's a good sign if the technician or the customer service representative talks to you in a calm yet assuring voice. You don’t want a locksmith with a rude personality.


Although not every locksmith can cater to customers 24/7, a car unlocking service that can provide quality services during off-peak hours can be quite helpful. Search for an automotive locksmith that can help you, even if it’s the middle of the night and you can’t leave your Honda Odyssey behind.

Customer Reviews

Many professional auto locksmiths have websites and/or social media pages you can visit. Read through the comments posted by previous customers to better ascertain the quality of the service provider.

Remember, you may see a bad review or two. But you might still choose a particular locksmith if the number of good reviews found on the company's website or page outweighs the negative comments.

How Do You Program A Replacement Key Fob For A Honda Odyssey?


First, purchase a compatible key fob for your specific Honda Odyssey model. Once you have the replacement key fob, follow these steps:

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Gain access to the vehicle’s cabin.
  2. Sit in the driver’s seat, and close all the doors and windows.
  3. Insert the mechanical key into the ignition switch and turn it to the on position.
  4. Press the lock or unlock button on the key fob for 1 second. Take note that this step requires you to do it within 4 seconds after inserting the mechanical key into the ignition switch.
  5. Turn the ignition key to the off position after 4 seconds.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 as many times as needed until the vehicle responds to the new key fob.

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Can You Open A Honda Odyssey Door With A Smartphone?

Yes, you can open a Honda Odyssey door through the HondaLink smartphone app. With it, you can navigate through the app to unlock the car’s door without using the key fob.

But take note that the application isn’t free, as it requires a payment of $110 per year for you to take advantage of its remote features.

Final Words

white glossy metallic honda odyssey under the bridge

If you can’t use your key to unlock your Honda Odyssey’s door, you have different options to gain access to the vehicle.

Some of these DIY techniques include tying a knot around the lock cylinder and opening the unlock button with a windshield wiper. Still, you can rely on professional locksmith services if the methods you tried didn’t work.

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