How Do You Program A Harley Davidson Buttonless Key Fob?

There's something inherently cool about a Harley and also about starting up an engine without even needing a key. But how do you bring these two testaments to cool together? We've done the research and have the answer for you!

There are two ways in which you can program your buttonless key fob. You can either bring it to your dealership and let them do all the work, or you can also use an AVDI tool and program the fob yourself.

When executing the latter, make sure to follow the steps correctly to avoid further issues with your key fob.

Properly programming the key fob is imperative to get everything running smoothly with your vehicle. For more information on how to program the key fob and more, head on over to the rest of the article. 

What Is An AVDI?

AVDI is an acronym for ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface. It's a diagnostic tool for motor vehicles and is used by a lot of professional mechanics when executing a complete vehicle scan.

According to the manufacturer, aside from being capable of doing a complete vehicle scan, the AVDI tool can also perform the following functions:

  • Live Data Display - a live feed from any sensor of the vehicle.
  • Actuator Testing - spot potential issues with the use of actuator testing.
  • Module Identification - obtain all applicable module information, including VIN and part number.
  • Reading and clearing diagnostic codes

How To Program Key Fob Using AVDI

A check volt of battery with motorcycle service concept

When programming a Harley-Davidson buttonless key fob, it is imperative that you do it properly. Not being able to follow the correct procedure can render your key fob unsafe to use, or worse, entirely unusable.

To program your buttonless key fob using an AVDI, follow these steps.

  1. Remove the left-side plastic cover of your motorcycle to access the diagnostics connector. This is usually tucked away and can be easily spotted once the plastic cover is removed.
  2. Take off the rubber cap of the diagnostics connector. Connect the diagnostics connector to a CB305 connector.
  3. Using a J1850 adapter, connect the CB305 connector to the AVDI.
  4. Turn your motorcycle's IGN on. The fuel pump button should also be set in the "run" position.
  5. When everything is connected and secure, run your motorcycle's software and open the "Key Learning" menu. The "Key Learning" menu can be accessed by clicking the Special Functions button on the startup page.
  6. The software will display multiple brands of motorcycles. All you have to do is to select Harley-Davidson before proceeding.
  7. To software will now do its thing and establish a diagnostic session with your motorcycle.
  8. Once that's done, the software will display multiple key fob options. Select which key fob you wish to program or reprogram.
  9. If you're trying to program a spare key fob, select the option that only has zeros as its serial number. Then, click next.
  10. Enter the spare key fob's serial number and proceed.
  11. The software will display "Operation completed successfully" when the programming procedure has been completed correctly.
  12. Try the newly programmed buttonless key fob to see if it will work with your motorcycle. Make sure all features of the key fob are working properly with your motorcycle.

Can You Start Your Harley-Davidson Without The Key Fob?

Harley davidson motor convoys on the road, How Do You Program A Harley Davidson Buttonless Key Fob?

There are several possible scenarios in which you would need to start your motorcycle without the key fob on your person. One, you could have forgotten where you've placed it. Two, it dropped somewhere while riding your motorcycle. And three, you just don't want to carry it around.

Harley-Davidson made it a feature that you could also start and use your motorcycle without the use of a buttonless key fob. You just have to input your motorcycle's security pin.

To turn on your Harley without the use of your key fob, follow these steps.

  1. Turn your motorcycle's ignition switch to the "ON" position. The security light will start flashing and it will also display "Enter Pin".
  2. Using the left directional signal button, cycle through the digits until you enter your pin's first digit. The number you cycle to will also display on your odometer.
  3. Once you're on the correct digit, press the right directional signal button to move on to the next digit of your security pin.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you've entered the five-digit security pin of your Harley.
  5. Once you've correctly entered the security pin, the motorcycle will be unlocked and the gauges will do the standard start-up.
  6. Press the start button and your Harley should now start up normally.

For a more visual guide on these steps, check the video below.

How Do I Change The Security Pin Of My Harley-Davidson?

Speedometer of a Harley Davidson

Changing the current security pin of your motorcycle to a new one is easy, given you know the proper steps. You will, however, need to either have the key fob in your person or know the current security pin to execute this procedure.

If you don't have any of the two, contact your dealer to get the job done for you. They might also provide you with a new key fob along the way.

If you have access to either of the two abovementioned options, follow these steps to change the security pin of your Harley-Davidson.

  1. Make sure the security light is flashing. Then turn your Harley's ignition switch to the "ON" position. 
  2. Follow this sequence on the off-run switch. RUN - OFF - RUN - OFF - RUN.
  3. Then, follow this sequence using the turn signals. LEFT - LEFT - RIGHT.
  4. The digital cluster will turn on and then put the ignition switch to the "OFF" position to let it reset. Wait for the turn signals to flash and then place the ignition switch back in the "ON" position.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 one more time. Once done, your current security pin will be displayed on the odometer gauge.
  6. From left to right, you will be able to change the digits of the pin one at a time. Use the left directional signal button to cycle through numbers one to nine. And with the use of the right directional signal button, you will be able to confirm each digit and move on to the next.
  7. Once you've entered the new security pin, hit the off switch on the off-run switch to save the new pin.

Check the video below for a visual example of the steps listed above.

How Do I Protect My Buttonless Key Fob And Prevent It From Getting Lost?

Motorbike keychain over black

The convenience of a buttonless key fob provides is also the biggest downfall. Because you only need to have it present in close proximity to the motorcycle and not physically use it. You tend to get too lenient that it can get misplaced or lost.

So how do you prevent it? The simple answer to that is by use of accessories. They are often in the form of keychains or straps that securely attaches to your pants or jackets.

Key Fob Cover

Key fob covers are a great way to protect the key fob itself from the elements. Water and dust can get inside the housing and build up. This could damage the internals leaving you with a malfunctioning key fob, or worse, completely broken.

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Key Chain Carabiners

A way to secure your key fob in your person is by simply attaching it to your clothing. Carabiners are the perfect tool for this job. They are small but pretty effective at preventing the key fob from falling or getting lost. Just attach it to your pant's waistband and you're good to go.

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Does My Harley-Davidson Buttonless Key Fob Use Batteries?

Harley Davidson gas tank and dash

Due to the tiny size of the Harley-Davidson key fob, you might be wondering if it still uses a battery to function properly. And the answer is yes, it uses a size CR2032 battery to power the whole key fob.

Harley-Davidson also recommends that you replace the battery every year to prevent any emergency that could stem from the key fob battery failing.

Changing the batteries is also a simple procedure. First, you just have to locate the thumbnail slot and use a thin blade to open the key fob housing.

Second, remove the old battery and replace it with a new one while also taking note of the correct positioning of the battery.

Lastly, just snap back the two halves of the housing together.

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To Wrap It Up

Harley davidson motor convoys on the road

There are a lot of security features that Harley-Davidson added to their motorcycles that make every driver's life more convenient. The ability to turn on the engine without physically entering the key and even just using a security pin is a huge upgrade to traditional motorcycles.

They've also made sure that programming a new key fob is easy and convenient with the right tools and equipment. For a company that is commonly known as being a hardline traditionalist, this is a huge plus for Harley-Davidson.

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