How To Use A Rivian Camp Speaker [Step-By-Step Guide]

Would you like to know how to use a Rivian camp speaker? Well, we have researched this topic and have answers for you. Knowing how to use a Rivian camp speaker is vital to ensure easy use when needed.

To use a Rivian camp speaker, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the speaker from its dock.
  2. Turn on the speaker with its action button.
  3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button.
  4. Connect your phone to the speaker.
  5. Adjust the volume on the speaker.
  6. Turn the light on and off with the button on the speaker.
  7. Use the USB-C port to charge your phone or the speaker.
  8. Reinsert the speaker into its dock to charge.

This article will teach you how to use a Rivian camp speaker. We will also discuss the answers to other interesting related questions, such as how long does it take a Rivian camp speaker to charge, and why won't my phone connect to my Rivian camp speaker? Keep reading to learn more.

How To Use A Rivian Camp Speaker

Portable wireless speaker for listening to music on a log

There are many things to know about how to use a Rivian camp speaker. Let's look at a step-by-step guide to teach you everything you need to know about using your Rivian camp speaker.

1. Remove The Speaker From Its Dock

The first step to using a Rivian camp speaker is to remove it from its dock. The Rivian camp speaker will be locked in its dock unless the vehicle is unlocked. This is a protective measure to keep the speaker safe.

Once the vehicle is unlocked, you can slide the speaker from its dock by firmly gripping its handle and pulling it out.

2. Turn On The Speaker With Its Action Button

Now that the speaker is out of its dock, you can turn it on by holding its action button. The action button looks like a small circle and can turn on the speaker by being held for three seconds. This is also the same button that can be used to turn the speaker off.

3. Press And Hold The Bluetooth Button

You will need to connect your phone to play music on your speaker. To connect your phone to the Rivian camp speaker, press the Bluetooth button for three seconds. The Bluetooth button will look like two interlocking rings.

You will know if you did this correctly because you will hear an indication noise.

4. Connect Your Phone To The Speaker

Now that your Rivian camp speaker is ready to pair, you can connect your phone. Open up the Bluetooth settings on your phone and look for available devices. The exact name of the speaker can vary between devices, so ensure no other Bluetooth devices are nearby.

If you correctly connect your phone to the Rivian camp speaker, it will make a noise indicating the connection.

5. Adjust The Volume On The Speaker

Now that your speaker is connected to your phone, you can use the button on top of the speaker to adjust its volume. The button with a plus symbol will raise the volume, while the button with a minus symbol will lower the volume.

Holding either of the volume buttons will increase the rate at which the volume changes. Be sure that the volume on your phone is also up since the buttons on the speaker only adjust the speaker's volume.

6. Turn The Light On And Off With The Button On The Speaker

The Rivian camp speaker also comes with a light that can be turned on and off. The button to control the light looks like a light bulb and is on the side right next to the Bluetooth button.

Pressing the light button will alternate your speaker between different light levels: low, medium, high, and off. You can hold the light button for two seconds to turn it off from any light level.

7. Use The USB-C Port To Charge Your Phone Or The Speaker

The Rivian camp speaker also has a USB-C port which can double as a charger for your phone or the speaker. To use the speakers port to charge your phone, connect a USB-C-to-USB-C cord to the speaker and connect it to your phone.

If you want to try a USB-C-to-USB-C cord to charge your phone with your Rivian camp speaker, here are two of the best options available on Amazon.

Nimaso USB-C to USB-C Cable

You can find this product here on Amazon.

Anker USB-C to USB-C Cable

You can find this product here on Amazon.

You can also plug a USB-C charger into your speaker to charge it while it's away from the dock.

8. Reinsert The Speaker Into Its Dock To Charge

When you are finished using your Rivian camp speaker, you can return it to its dock to charge. While the speaker will charge faster if it's turned off before docking, you can leave the speaker on and play music while it's docked.

The speaker will still charge while playing music, allowing you to enjoy your Rivian camp speaker both outside and inside your vehicle.

How Long Does It Take A Rivian Camp Speaker To Charge?

Portable wireless speaker for listening to music on a log in the forest

It will take a Rivian camp speaker three hours to charge when entirely dead. While three hours is standard, the amount of time it takes a Rivian camp speaker to charge will vary depending on a few factors.

Let's look at the factors affecting how long a Rivian camp speaker takes to charge and learn how to maximize charging speeds.


When batteries are cold, it can slow the charging process. It can take a third more time to charge in the cold. If your Rivian camp speaker is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it can take an additional hour to reach full charge.

Light On

If you are charging your Rivian camp speaker while using its light, it can also take longer to charge depending on how bright the light is. If the light is on its lowest setting, it can take an extra half hour to reach full charge, while on its highest setting, it can double its charging time.

It's best to avoid using your Rivian camp speaker's light while charging unless necessary.

Playing Music

Playing music with your Rivian camp speaker can also significantly impact charging times. Listening to music at a lower volume can take a few more minutes, while listening to music at high volumes can slow charging to a crawl.

Inadequate Charging Apparatus

The type of charging apparatus you use can also significantly affect charging times. While the speaker's dock can charge the speaker in three hours using 12 volts, the USB-C port can accept voltages between five and 20 volts.

If you try and charge your Rivian camp speaker with a five-volt USB-C charger, it will take significantly longer than charging it on its dock.


To ensure the fastest charging times for your Rivian speaker, ensure it isn't too cold and that it has an adequate charging apparatus. It's also essential not to use any of the speaker's functions to provide the fastest charging time.

How Long Will My Rivian Camp Speaker's Battery Last?

Low battery or energy on blackboard, How To Use A Rivian Camp Speaker [Step-By-Step Guide]

The length of time your Rivian camp speaker's battery will last depends on what you use it for and the ambient temperature. Let's learn how these factors affect the speaker's battery life.


Similar to how cold temperatures can cause your Rivian camp speaker to take longer to charge, it can also reduce the battery's lifespan. When it's cold outside, your speaker's battery will die 33 percent faster than when it's warm.

Playing Music

When only using your Rivian camp speaker to listen to music, you can expect it to last at least six and a half hours. This battery life is for using the speaker at its minimum volume. Using the speaker at higher volumes will shorten its life.

Using The Light

When using the light on your Rivian camp speaker, you can expect the battery to last at least four hours. This battery life is when using the light at medium brightness. Using the Rivian camp speaker's light at full brightness will reduce its battery life.

Why Won't My Phone Connect To My Rivian Camp Speaker?

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If your phone won't connect to your Rivian camp speaker, it is usually due to a couple of issues. Let's learn what these issues are and how to remedy them.

Low Battery

You may not be able to connect to your Rivian camp speaker because it has a low battery. When the speaker has a low battery, it will not be able to connect to phones and will shut off after a few seconds.

To fix a Rivian camp speaker that won't connect due to low battery, ensure it's fully charged before using Bluetooth.

Software Error

Another reason your phone may be unable to connect to your Rivian camp speaker is due to a software error. Sometimes software errors can cause certain functions, like Bluetooth, not to work correctly.

The best way to remedy software errors is to turn devices off and on again. Restart your phone and power off and on your Rivian camp speaker. Most of the time, this will fix the problem.

Final Thoughts

Portable wireless speaker for listening to music on a log in the forest

This article covered a step-by-step guide for operating a Rivian camp speaker. We also learned about various things that can affect the charging times and battery life of Rivian camp speakers.

Remember, If you can't connect your phone to the speaker, check that it's charged and then turn everything off and on to fix it.

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