Why Does My Chrysler Pacifica Radio Have No Sound?

You enjoy listening to the radio in your car while driving and even turn up the volume when your favorite song comes on. But has there been a time when no sound came out? What causes this, and how can you solve this problem? We researched to help you know the reasons and provided the solutions. 

There are several reasons sound may not come out of your radio. Some of these reasons include

  • Non-technical
    • Low volume
    • Unable to tune
    • Incorrect source
  • Technical
    • Blown fuse
    • Loose wires
    • Bad ground
    • Blown speakers

It can be frustrating when you turn on your radio, but it does not produce sound. Keep reading to know why this happens and how to solve it. In addition, learn how to improve the quality of sound and how to maintain the audio system in your car. Lastly, find out the general cost estimate of fixing car audio problems.

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica on display at the North American International Auto Show media preview January 11, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan., Why Does My Chrysler Pacifica Radio Have No Sound?

Reasons Your Chrysler Pacifica Radio Has No Sound And Solutions

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Turning on the radio in your Chrysler Pacifica is disappointing, and no sound comes out of it. Before you troubleshoot, it is crucial to know what is causing this to happen. 

Below are reasons your radio may not produce sound, both non-technical and technical:

Non-Technical Problems

Sometimes, the issues with your radio are not technical. 

Your Volume Is Down

Did you forget to turn up the volume? This is obvious, but it is possible to assume that the volume is up after turning on the radio. 

Radio Not Tuning To Channel 

You may have tuned into a channel your radio cannot receive because there is no signal. You may be in an area where the channel signal does not reach. Once you get out of the area, your car will start receiving the signals. 

So, you may have to patiently wait until you reach an area you can receive signals from the channel you want. In the meantime, you can tune in to another one of your favorites.  

Incorrect Source

Check if you have connected to the correct source, including USB, Tuner, AUX, or Bluetooth.

Technical Problems

Most of the issues causing your radio not to produce sound will be technical. Therefore, re-check to ensure you have selected the correct source.

Blown Fuse

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A fuse under the dashboard or hood protects the radio from power surges that can come from any other part of your car. When there’s no sound from the radio, first check the fuse. If it’s blown, you will see two parallel filaments instead of a continuous one. 

Loose Wires

When your radio has power but no sound, the wires may be the problem. To handle this, you will need to remove the radio from the dashboard to access and inspect the wires. If the connections are loose or the wires are damaged, there can be interference with the sound.

Tighten the loose wires and replace them if they are broken, cracked, or stripped. 

Bad Ground

A ground wire is essential in any car. It is a metal piece connecting the battery’s negative terminal to the chassis. This connection creates a path through which an unintended electrical current flows. Instead of it flowing through the speakers, it returns to the battery. So, if your car has bad ground, the radio may not produce any sound. 

To correct this issue, ensure the speakers are correctly grounded. You can verify the continuity between the speaker and the battery. 

Blown Speakers

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Speakers wear out as they age. Thus, if the cone in the speaker moves out of place, it will not work. The speakers can also malfunction if you turn up the volume too loud.

The power it uses when in such a state can cause delicate parts, such as the voice coil, to melt. In this case, the solution is to replace the speakers in your Chrysler Pacifica. 

Faulty Antenna

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If your antenna is loose or damaged due to corrosion, your radio may have poor reception. That means your radio may remain silent. Tightening the antenna or replacing it will fix the issue with your radio. 

Erased Settings

Sometimes your car may lose its settings, which can happen if you recently took it for service. It can also happen if you reset it differently or replace the battery.

As a result, the radio may not produce any sound and instead display the word CODE. It means your radio is locked, and to make it work again, you have to input the code. 

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You can find this code in the car manual, local dealer, or manufacturer’s website. Taking it to a radio installation center may be of help. They may unlock it or give you the code. 

Alternatively, you can try to reset it as follows:

  1. Turn the key in the ignition, but do not start your car.
  2. Switch off the radio.
  3. Press and hold down the radio button for a few minutes until you have reset it.

Outdated Software

If your car has outdated software, it can interfere with the volume. Replacing it with the latest version will fix the issue. 

How To Improve Quality Of Sound In Your Car

Monitor on the dashboard of the car in FM receiver.

It is not enough that you install the best speakers and head unit if you want good sound. Installing an amplifier makes all the difference. The sound will be better and even louder. However, remember not to turn up the volume too loud. Otherwise, it can damage the speakers. 

Even though it is possible to install the amplifier yourself, you are better off allowing a professional to handle the task. It prevents you from jeopardizing the quality of sound since it can be a difficult job.

How To Maintain The Audio System In Your Car

Car radio installation concept background.

You can maintain the audio system in your car if you want to enjoy good-quality sound as you drive. The following tips will help you achieve this:

Proper Installation Of Speakers

Replacing speakers in your car can be a delicate process. You want it done perfectly for high-quality sound. A wrong setup can hamper good sound.

Clean Your Speakers Often

To prevent your speakers from delivering poor sound, vacuum them often to remove dust. But do not use liquid cleaners to avoid damaging the speakers.

Ensure Good Ground Connection

Regularly check the ground connection to ensure it is in good working condition. Also, ensure the connection between the speakers and the main power supply or battery is fine. This allows the smooth flow of current that helps your speakers to produce good sound continually.

Avoid Exposing Speakers To Sunlight

Always park your car in the shade to prevent exposing the speakers to sunlight. Also, ensure the ventilator holes in your speaker are not blocked.

Cost Of Repairing Your Car Radio

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Fixing the radio in your car can cost between $25 and $300. If a fuse is blown, you can buy one for around $30 and fix it yourself since it’s very easy. If there is a problem with the radio wiring, expect to pay a technician at least $100 to inspect the wiring. 

Replacing car speakers will cost you between $60 and $140 for labor. The cost of the speakers ranges from $60 and $300. 

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To improve the sound quality in your car, install an amplifier like the one shown above. It costs between $60 and $500. To pay a technician to fix it will cost between $100 and $150.

Replacing an antenna is a DIY task. But, if you don’t know how to, a professional technician can fix it at not less than $50 and not more than $100.

In Closing

There are various reasons your radio may not produce sound even when you turn it on. It is a good idea to understand what is causing the problem so that you can find an adequate solution. To continue enjoying high-quality sound in your car, you must maintain the sound system in good condition. 

You may need to repair your sound system at one time or another. There are some issues you can repair yourself, while others are best left to a professional. 

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