Best Ford F150 Tow Mirrors (By Year of Truck Make)

Best Ford F150 Tow Mirrors (By Year Of Truck Make)Let's face it, new pickups don't always come with great tow mirrors. That's why there is a huge aftermarket for tow mirrors, especially for uber-popular trucks like the Ford F150. There is a good reason to consider these products if your F150 mirrors are not up to the job. After all, seeing around your trailer is a very important safety factor to consider when it comes to towing.

Upgrading to dedicated tow mirrors gives you not only larger mirrors, but a better angle for seeing past your trailer or 5th wheel. Plus, many pickups owners prefer the "beefy" look of tow mirrors over the small-ish basic mirrors that come on some trims of the F150.

Many owners opt for these aftermarket tow mirrors to replace their factory tow mirrors as well, considering the high build quality and price that comes in at a fraction of what the dealers charge. So, today we are examining all of the very best F150 tow mirrors on the market. These are the only mirrors you need to consider for your truck.

2019 and Newer Model Years

First, we will cover the newest F150 models - 2019 and newer. As you will see, the selection is slightly more limited than with older model years, but they are still out there for anyone who wants to upgrade their side mirrors for optimal tow usage!

K-Source Clip-On Mirrors

Because manufacturers have not had a long time to design products for the newest F150s, there are fewer options for anyone who owns a 2019 or newer truck. These clip-on K-Source mirrors, however, are approved for use on 2019 and newer F-150s. Even though they do not look like a factory-installed part, they function extremely well and can be easily removed after you are done towing so that you can use your regular mirrors for day-to-day use.

Ford Manually-Operated Trailer Tow Mirrors

These tow mirrors are sure to work great on your F150 because they are supplied by Ford themselves! Sure, they cost a little more than most aftermarket options, but for now, while the aftermarket is still coming up with designs for the newest F150s, these are your best bet for a great-looking and functioning set of tow mirrors. The downside is that you have to perform all of the adjustments - telescoping, folding, and mirror adjustments - manually. For a more user-friendly option, check out the next product.

Ford Power-Operated Trailer Tow Mirrors

This is the ultimate option for 2019 and newer F150s (Raptor excluded). These mirrors can perform all the functions you would expect a factory-supplied mirror to do: power adjustments, heated for winter use, puddle lamps, and turn signal. Really, the only downside is the price, which exceeds aftermarket units by 2 to 4 times. If you can afford it, though, I say go for it because there is nothing like a factory product for your brand-new truck!

2015 to 2018 Model Years

Our next category covers 2015 to 2018 F150 pickups. Newer models use a slightly updated wiring system, so they may not work with 2019 and newer trucks. In fact, those trucks are so new, there really aren't many aftermarket options. That's why we are starting with this set of trucks.

Nova Tow Mirrors

There are many reasons these Nova tow mirrors are so popular with their owners. Their modern design is very slick compared to most other aftermarket tow mirrors. That, plus their huge list of features, makes these mirrors hard to tell apart from a stock Ford product. They have a heating element,  power operation, turn signal light, and a telescoping function.

That's all fine and dandy, but if those functions don't actually work, there is no reason to buy these mirrors. Luckily, these Nova mirrors are currently one of the highest-rated products on Amazon for F150 tow mirrors. That should give you plenty of confidence. They rave about the quality and ease of installation, but you should know that they only fit certain F150s, so check out the listing to make sure your truck will work with this product!

Auto Parts Avenue Tow Mirrors

Auto Parts Avenue makes another great set of tow mirrors for newer F150s. Using the 6-pin connector, these mirrors offer a defrost function, power adjustment, and amber signal light. Owners find that these mirrors are very easy to install, which is great to know before you sign yourself up for a big project!

These mirrors are great for anyone looking for something more than the standard black design. With the chrome-capped look, these mirrors definitely stand out more than most other options on the list.

While most reviews are positive, there were a couple of complaints to mention: one owner found that these mirrors whistle at speed, which could certainly get annoying in a hurry. Another review mentions that they shake more than a factory mirror as well.

K-Source Clip-On Mirrors

Don't want to spend a ton on tow mirrors? Maybe you tow infrequently or don't want to deal with the hassle of driving around with those big tow mirrors at all times. These clip-on mirrors are verified for use on 2015 and newer F-150s. Once installed, they widen your viewing angle, helping you see around your trailer. Then, once you are done, simply unclip them from your side mirrors and you are back to normal!

As far as owner experiences, these mirrors appear to have favorable reviews. Some owners report that they do not fit well on their vehicle, including some F150 owners. The seller,, reports that they have personally tested them on a 2016 F150 and had no problems, so there is a good chance this is simply operator error.

2007 to 2014 Model Years

The next model range covers most 12th-generation (2009 to 2014) F150s. These trucks were mostly similar to the previous generation, but there was a small mirror update done in 2007.


These YITAMOTOR mirrors are a great option for F150s between 2007 and 2014. Just like your factory mirrors, you can use your electronic controls to adjust the mirrors. They also include efficient LED signal lights as well as puddle lamps to illuminate the ground next to your door.

And for those cold days, these mirrors automatically defrost anytime you turn on the rear defrost. And, to get the perfect angle on the road, you can manually telescope these mirrors between 18.5 and 21 inches from your vehicle. They also feature a manual folding mechanism so these big mirrors don't get in your way in tight spaces. Reviews are favorable for these stock-looking mirrors, with many owners pleased with the value proposition and ease of installation.

Trail Ridge Tow Mirrors

Here is another great, well-reviewed set of mirrors. According to the majority of those reviews, these Trail Ridge units are stock-looking, easy-to-install, and work great. Plus, even if your truck doesn't have puddle lights or a defrost function, it will after you install these.

One owner mentions that they used these Trail Ridge mirrors to replace a damaged stock tow mirror, and was very happy with the results. Now that's confidence inspiring - someone who has experienced the factory Ford mirrors feels that these hold up to that quality. The only missing function is the lack of an auto-folding feature.

Stage 3 Tow Mirrors

State 3 offers these great aftermarket tow mirrors for 2007 to 2014 F150 models. By installing these, not only will you expand your field of vision, but you will gain puddle lights and turn signals. Owners love these mirrors for their functionality as well as their easy installation. Once on, owners claim that these units are basically stock in their functionality and appearance.

The main benefit, of course, is that these provide all of the benefits of stock Ford tow mirrors, but at a fraction of the cost. Many F150 owners have reported being quoted around $600 to $800 for Ford to install new tow mirrors on their trucks. After realizing this, it is easy to see why so many people are turning to these fantastic aftermarket mirrors!

2004 to 2006 Model Years

Finally, let's look at some mirrors for 2004 to 2006 trucks. While they look nearly identical to 2007 to 2008 models, the mirrors were slightly updated in 2007, so make sure you are buying mirrors that fit your exact year!

SCITOO Tow Mirrors

Many of the newer model year trucks have mirrors with cool functions like built-in turn signals, puddle lights, and defrost, But surely these older models don't offer that, right? Wrong! These SCITOO mirrors offer all of that same functionality, even on 15-year old F150s.

The manual telescoping feature helps you find the right angle from the driver's seat, while the wide-angle mirrors on the bottom help you check those blind spots while towing. Many of the reviews on Amazon are positive, but some owners do report some issues with poor quality or rattling. As always, we can take these statements with a grain of salt. After all, these mirrors are almost exclusively self-installed and you never know if these folks are putting them on correctly.

Replace Manual Towing Mirror

Sold by, these Replace brand mirrors are a great bargain option. If you don't need all of those fancy electronic features offered on more expensive units, these are for you. Sure, you won't have puddle lights, turn signals, manual adjustment, or a defrost feature.

But many people don't care about all of these bells and whistles, and simply want a mirror to help them safely see the road while towing. Simply adjust the mirrors by hand to get them perfectly situated, and you are all set. Aside from some amber turn signals, these mirrors look almost identical to both factory and more expensive aftermarket units. That makes these a highly appealing option for budget-minded shoppers.

K-Source Snap & Zap Towing Mirrors

These just might be the best-rated mirrors on the whole list. Custom-fitted to 2004 to 2006 F150s, these mirrors slide right over the stock mirror, adding on a new mirror on the outside. Compared to "universal" mirrors, these easy slip on without the hassle of straps. That means they tend to be more stable and easier to install than those mirrors.

Now, I have personally used mirrors just like these on a 2011 F150 and can attest to their effectiveness. But don't take my word for it - has collected over 1800 reviews at the time of this writing, and you will be hard-pressed to find any serious complaints. Of course, they are not as big and beefy as those dedicated towing mirrors that replace your factory units. But for the price, these are sure hard to beat.

Tow Safely, Now!

No matter which mirrors you choose for your F150, you have made the right choice to buy towing mirrors. Sure, some folks decide to just use their factory-installed mirrors while towing, but that's simply not as safe as using a great set of tow mirrors. Once you have your mirrors put on and have used them a couple of times, make sure to leave a review so the rest of us know what your experience was!

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