How Do I Disable Ford Double Honk?

The double honk that comes from some Ford vehicles has proven to be an annoyance to many Ford truck and SUV owners. If you are wanting to have this feature disabled but don't know where to start, we can help you. We researched these methods in depth so that you'll know how this can be done.

Disabling the double honk in a Ford truck or SUV is a multi-step process. You can achieve this by doing the following:

  1. Download FORScan on a laptop
  2. Connect an OBD2 adapter to your Ford's OBD port
  3. Run the FORScan software
  4. Find and disable "double honk"

Now that we know the steps you will take to disable your Ford's double honk, we'll look at each one in more detail. You might also be wondering why your vehicle is honking on its own or what would make a double honk happen in a Ford. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Ford F-150 Raptor Most Extreme Production Truck, How To Disable Ford Double Honk

How To Disable Ford Double Honk

The new Ford Explorer on the road, How Do I Disable Ford Double Honk?

Ford owners will probably have noticed that if they leave their vehicle running and exit it for any reason, the Ford will blare a loud double honk when they move a few feet away from it. This has prompted many to disable this feature. 

This is a multi-step process that involves your laptop being connected to your Ford vehicle, a software download, and the manual disabling of the software that encompasses the double honk.

Though not a quick process, it's not an overly complicated one. Follow the detailed steps below and you'll have double honk turned off in no time.

1. Download FORScan On A Laptop

FORScan is a software scanner designed for Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, and Mazda. This program will let you into the vehicle's onboard computer, showing you what has been loaded, what is enabled, and what might be malfunctioning.

This software scanner has both a free version and a paid subscription version. If you are only going to use FORScan to disable double honk, we recommend using the free trial version. But if you are planning on making occasional use of it, you might consider paying for it for the sake of convenience. 

On a laptop, download FORScan. It won't take too long. When the download is completed, you'll want to install it and prepare to connect your laptop to your vehicle.

2. Connect An OBD2 Adapter To Your Ford's OBD Port

You will need to get an OBD2 adapter for the next steps. Also known as a vehicle interface adapter, it allows a computer to access the vehicle network.

Plug the OBD2 adapter into the Ford's OBD port. When this is connected, you'll be ready to search for the double honk feature.

3. Run The FORScan Software

Open the FORScan software on your laptop. Click on "Module Programming." Then, click on "BCM Module." Find the "base configuration" section. When this is open, you'll look for "horn double honk."

4. Find And Disable "Double Honk"

Once you've found "horn double honk," you will be able to see if it is enabled or disabled. Select "disable."

As soon as you've disabled it, save your changes. Close the FORScan program and disconnect the OBD2 adapter. Your Ford should no longer double honk!

If you would like to watch a video tutorial on disabling the double honk on a Ford vehicle, we suggest viewing the one below:

Keep in mind that Ford has this feature for its vehicles for safety reasons. They do not approve of or endorse the disabling of the double honk feature in any way.

One of the primary reasons to keep this feature working is so that you are alerted in case you accidentally leave your vehicle running in a garage or other enclosed space. 

Consider your options before you decide to do away with this feature.

What Makes A Ford Honk Twice?

Earlier in this post, we discussed that certain model Ford trucks and SUVs will double honk when you close the doors and walk away from the vehicle with the engine running. But this is not the only reason a Ford vehicle will honk twice. 

Ford vehicles will also honk twice when you lock them using your key fob. Walking away from your ford truck or SUV, you will instinctively press the lock button. If you hear two honks, it means that a door or trunk latch has not been properly closed. This is a warning so that you'll check that your vehicle is secure.

Keep in mind that if you disable the double honk feature using the method we outlined earlier, then your vehicle will not double honk in this instance, either.

Ford sign at Ford dealership

Why Is My Car Honking On Its Own?

If someone tries to open your vehicle's doors or trunk without disengaging the alarm, your horn will go off until you silence it. Simply pressing the unlock button on your key fob takes care of the issue, silencing the loud horn.

But what if your horn won't stop honking for other unknown reasons? While there are several reasons why this could be happening, the two most common ones are a malfunctioning horn relay or a faulty horn switch. Most laypersons will not be able to identify which one is the culprit, however.

We suggest you silence the horn and get your vehicle inspected. A trained technician will be able to identify and correct the problem.

Closeup inside the vehicle of hand pushing on steering wheel honking horn

How Can I Silence A Horn That Won't Stop Honking?

A car honking for no reason can be very unsettling. You'll want to take care of the problem as quickly as possible so that your horn won't disturb others. Doing so is as simple as opening your fuse box and removing the proper fuse or the horn relay. 

Failing that, you have the option of popping open your hood and disconnecting the battery. While this won't fix what is making your horn honk for no reason, it will silence it until you can get it taken care of.

Steering wheel

Is It Illegal To Honk Your Horn?

Vehicles are built with horns for a reason, and using them for their intended purpose is not against the law. But many drivers abuse this feature, perhaps running afoul of the law without realizing it.

Legally, you can use your horn if it is reasonably necessary to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Tapping your horn at a vehicle that is about to hit you, alerting a pedestrian that they crossed in front of you, or alerting a driver of a traffic light change are legal reasons to use the horn.

But blaring it at a car that is speeding by you is not legal in most areas. Using your horn to express your anger or dissatisfaction at another's driving is not only discouraged but will likely get you a ticket.

Angry driver is honking and is yelling by sitting of a steering wheel.

Final Thoughts

The double honk feature is used by Ford to alert you that your vehicle is running with no one inside of it. While this can be an annoyance, it is considered by many to be an important safety feature, helping you avoid accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

There is a way to disable the double honk if you don't like it, but it is not endorsed or encouraged by the Ford Motor Company. 

We hope this post on Ford vehicles answered your questions. For additional information on Ford, we suggest reading the following posts:

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Ford F-150 Raptor Most Extreme Production Truck, How To Disable Ford Double Honk

Ford F-150 Raptor Most Extreme Production Truck, How To Disable Ford Double Honk

Ford F-150 Raptor Most Extreme Production Truck, How To Disable Ford Double Honk

Ford F-150 Raptor Most Extreme Production Truck, How To Disable Ford Double Honk

Ford F-150 Raptor Most Extreme Production Truck, How To Disable Ford Double Honk

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