How To Open Hyundai Accent Without A Key

One of the frustrating things as an adult is losing your keys. It is a nuisance to lose something so valuable, whether your house keys or car keys! Imagine a scenario wherein you're already running late, but you misplaced your keys, and now you can't drive your car to your work. For this post, we will be helping you unlock the doors and the trunk of your Hyundai Accent without a key.

Unfortunately, the Hyundai Accent does not come with a smart feature, meaning you can unlock your car using a smartphone application. Don't worry, as we have excellent news for you as there are a few ways to unlock your Hyundai Accent. Here are a few methods we'd like to share with you:

  • Pump Wedge Method
  • Calling the Hyundai Road Assistance
  • Call a locksmith to help get into your car
  • Call your local mechanic

Many of these methods might sound too tedious, but don't worry; we'll break it down in simpler terms to help you get started on getting the doors and the trunk of your Hyundai Accent unlocked. We will discuss each method in a step-by-step format.

The car Hyundai accent is parked in nature, How To Open Hyundai Accent Without A Key

Pump Wedge Method

Since the Hyundai Accent doesn't come in a traditional vertical car lock, standard methods such as the shoestring or hanger methods won't work. We recommend using a wedge tool kit with the emergency equipment necessary for unlocking any car doors.

Check out this 21-piece wedge tool kit on Amazon.

For the pump wedge method, we will be using a pump wedge to pry the door just enough until we can fit in a rod to help unlock the car door for you. This method is one of the most straightforward and involves minimal time and preparation.

  1. Using the provided wedge in the kit, insert the wedge on the top side of the locked door to create an opening for the pump wedge.
  2. Now, insert the flat pump wedge onto the opening at the side of the car door. Make sure at least 3/4 of the bag is in already.
  3. Pump air onto the wedge to have a wider opening for the wire.
  4. Use the wire included and insert it onto the gap that the pump wedge has made.
  5. Pull the Hyundai Accent lock; it should be near the door handle inside the car.
  6. From there, you should be able to unlock the trunk as well.

This method is straightforward, and we recommend it as it is the most efficient in our opinion.

Calling the Hyundai Road Assistance

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If your Hyundai Accent is still in warranty, you're in luck as you can call Hyundai Road Assistance, which offers 24/7 customer support. This method is not for everyone; hence, this method is a last resort if you don't have the recommended tool.

Roadside Assistance services range from:

  • Towing
  • Trip Interruption
  • Keys Locked Inside the Vehicle
  • Flat Tire
  • Dead Battery
  • Out of Gas

For your convenience, the Hyundai Road Assistance number would be 1-800-243-7766. So if you're all out of options, try giving them a call. Kudos to you, Hyundai!

Call a Locksmith To Help Get into Your Car

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Now, if you own an old Hyundai Accent, the chances are it isn't covered by warranty anymore. The alternative to calling Hyundai Road Assistance would be to call a locksmith to open the door and the trunk for you.

Depending on where you got stuck, they may charge you extra, do keep that in mind. Be sure to inform as many details as possible in your car type so they'll be well equipped once they arrive at your location.

Call your Local Mechanic

The last option that we recommend is by calling your local mechanic. If locksmiths are not available in your area, then a car mechanic would be able to help you out instead. Don't worry as they are very knowledgeable about opening locked car doors.

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They will be able to aid you in your situation quickly and efficiently as well as they are knowledgeable and experts when it comes to car problems. Like locksmiths, make sure to fully inform them about your Hyundai Accent's specific year so they know what to do and the steps they will take when they get there.

How Do You Unlock The Trunk Afterwards?

Let's say that you've managed to unlock your car doors without requiring road assistance service, a locksmith, or a local mechanic. Suddenly a bolt of lightning hit you, and you remembered that you had left your keys in the trunk. Let us provide a couple of ways to unlock the trunk without your keys, assuming you are already inside the car.

The Trunk Release Switch

Car trunk open button. Electric trunk switch controller. Car trunk electric lock button.

The most straightforward way to open your trunk is by pressing this button inside the Hyundai Accent. You have to press this button, and the trunk will open automatically for you. This method assumes that you can access your car's interior as the trunk release switch is inside your vehicle.

Folding Down the Seats of a Hyundai Accent

According to this ">video, you can easily fold down the back seats of a Hyundai Accent as there are specified knobs that you need to pull to get the rear seats folded.

Here are the steps:

  1. Reach out into the car's rear seat and search for the knobs located on top of the rear seats -near the headrest.
  2. Pull each knob upwards to release the lock that keeps the rear seats in place.
  3. Slowly fold down the rear seats one by one.
  4. A Hyundai Accent has a glow-in-the-dark lever that acts as an emergency latch that opens your trunk from the inside. Pulling the latch will open your trunk.
  5. Now you have access to your trunk even from the outside.

Assuming that your keys are in the trunk, then you're in luck as now you can grab your keys and have full access to your car.

Does the Hyundai Accent Feature Digital Key?

Digital Keys by Hyundai are the latest technology they're offering to their latest model of vehicles. The vehicles that support this feature are as follows:

  • Hyundai Elantra 2022 Model
  • Hyundai Sonata 2021 Model
  • Hyundai Kona 2022 Model
  • Hyundai Tucson 2022 Model
  • Hyundai Santa Fe 2022 Model

Unfortunately, there hasn't been any news regarding when the Hyundai Accent will be getting this feature. If you're looking for another vehicle with a similar make that offers this type of feature, we highly recommend checking the Ford Fusion with their FordPass Application.

How Do I Keep my Keys in Check?

While we're at the talks of losing keys, let's insert the topic of how you would prevent such devastating loss of a valuable item. Prevention will always be better than a cure or, in this case, the solution offered above.

Create a Go-To Spot for your Keys

opened wood key cabinet on isolated background

Repetition is the best key to learning and memorizing, and that's why we recommend having a go-to spot for your keys. It comes in various forms, such as your living room cabinet or even your bedroom cabinet. Better yet, you can always get a cabinet specifically made for your keys.

It's a simple yet effective solution to your problems.

Check out this key cabinet on Amazon.

Attach a Tracker to your Car Keys

Test after setup AirTag on the iPhone Find my app for car keys

If you want to go a high-tech route, look no further than a tracker. Using their built-in application on your smartphone device can help you get your keys in check with ease. A great example of a perfect tracker for your keys would be Tile.

Its simple design is ingenious, and it seems just another keychain you would attach to your keys. The Tile application works with Android and IOS devices, so it's compatible with basically every phone out in the market.

Create Notes and Reminders on Your Phone

A man reads recipe on a smartphone against of kitchen background

Discipline is essential in our day-to-day lives, but sometimes we have a lot to think about, and often, this usually leads to us forgetting about our keys. Mobile phones typically come with a built-in application called Notes.

Developers installed it in our phones for a reason, and that's to help us remember stuff that we couldn't keep track of daily. Creating notes and reminders is a simple yet effective way of keeping our minds sharp and focused hence it is a valuable feature of our phones.

Be Alert and Stay Sharp

Being mentally alert is the most straightforward advice that we can provide, especially when you're outdoors. Much as you're vigilant when crossing the road, you have to be mindful of where you put your keys. It pays off well since you don't have to dish out any money to hire people to unlock your doors because you forgot your keys inside your car.

Final Thoughts

That's it for this topic. Hopefully, you found this helpful, and if you're interested, we have various posts regarding lost keys on other car models.

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