How Many Seats Does A Ford Mustang Have?

The Ford Mustang has gripped the world of muscle cars for generations. The Mustang exceeds all expectations in performance and exterior design, but how is the interior? How many people can sit comfortably in a Mustang, and how easy is it for them to enter and exit the vehicle? We researched all of the size and ergonomic specs of the Ford Mustang and have answers to these questions here in this post.

The 2021 Mustang, like the other Mustang generations before it, has a coupe body design. This design means that every Ford Mustang has two doors. Those two side doors provide access to the front seats and the small rear seats. In total, the Mustang has four seats in every trim for the 2021 model year. 

That's just the basics to give you an idea of the interior space and comfort level of the Ford Mustang. There is a lot more to find out in terms of measurements for foot space and seating, whether you can install a car seat, and the features of other generations of Mustangs. So, please continue reading to find out how comfortable the Ford Mustang really is. 

Yellow muscle car Ford Mustang in the desert, How Many Seats Does A Ford Mustang Have?

Ease of Access in the Ford Mustang

A red colored convertible Ford Mustang GT parked on the middle of the road

The Ford Mustang has a seating configuration common to many sport coupes. This configuration consists of two front bucket-style seats and a small rear bench with just enough space for two seats. One large door on each side allows access to the driver and passenger seats.

Both of those seats fold and slide forward to allow access to the back row. This folding and sliding action is common on most two-door vehicles with a back seat and gives passengers quick and easy access. It may not be as easy as having a separate door for each seat, but it's functional. 

How Roomy is a Ford Mustang?

Interior in Ford Mustang Convertible. This elegant interior is made with high class materials, for example aluminium and cowhide

A common complaint about cars with two-door designs is that the back seat isn't really a back seat at all. In those arguments, the back seat is just an extra place to store luggage or get a reduced rate on automobile insurance. But the truth is that sometimes two-door cars really are comfortable and not unlike four-door sedans. After all, the Ford Mustang is an American muscle car, not an Italian sports car. There's enough space on the frame to allow for an adequate back seat. 

The best way to tell how roomy a vehicle will feel is by looking at the legroom measurement. You can get a front legroom measurement by measuring the distance between the back of the seat and the floor just at where the pedals are located. For the back seat, the measurement is determined by taking the distance between the back of the driver or passenger seat all the way to the back of the rear bench seat. 

So in the Ford Mustang, nearly all the trims have a maximum front-seat legroom measurement of 45.1 inches. This means that when the front seats are all the way slid back, you'll have 45.1 inches from the back of your seat (lower back) to the place in the floor area where pedals are or would be on the passenger side. The Shelby GT500 trim of the 2021 Mustang has a slightly smaller legroom measurement of 44.5 inches. 

The back seat is where the legroom measurement is most important. For the Mustang, almost all specs have a rear legroom measurement of 29 inches. The only trim with a different number for this spec is the convertible model, which has an increased 29.2 inches. 

Ford Mustang VS. the Competition

Overall, the Ford Mustang has adequate legroom in both the front and back seats. To make a quick comparison, the 2021 Mustang has more front legroom than its biggest competitor, the Chevy Camero, which measures 43.9 inches.

Another competitor, the Dodge Challenger, has 42 inches of front legroom space and 33.1 inches of rear legroom space. So, the Mustang beats the Charger at the front seat legroom but loses at the back seat leg space competition.

Will a Car Seat Fit in a Ford Mustang?

All trims of the 2021 Ford Mustang come standard with the LATCH system. LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, and it allows you to securely attach a car seat to the back of the Ford Mustang.

You should have no problem fitting a car seat into the back of a Mustang, especially for smaller booster seats. For full-size baby carriers, you may have to place it on the passenger side, where you can slide the front passenger seat up to allow for a little more space in the back. 

Here is a video from Youtube that shows a car seat in the back of a Ford Mustang:

Do All Ford Mustangs Have Two Doors?

The Ford Mustang has a long tradition of being a two-door coupe-style sports car. The vehicle has a long tradition that began in 1964 and has kept the same body style for nearly seven generations. Mustangs have had two passenger doors on every single generation and body style, with the only variation coming in the second and third generations.

In those generations, the Mustang came in a hatchback trim, which some people refer to as a third door (or fifth door on four-door hatchbacks). But truly, the liftgate trunk doesn't count as a true door. Therefore all Mustangs are two-door cars. 

Is the Ford Mustang a Comfortable Car?

So, after all of that discussion, is the Ford Mustang a comfortable vehicle? The Mustang has a lot to offer in terms of front-seat space, beating out the other vehicles in its class on the market. Although it doesn't have the best-in-class back seat legroom, it's still adequate to be comfortable. On modern Mustangs, numerous features make the vehicle even more comfortable. 

Interior Features on the Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang creates the best possible interior environment with features like active noise control and standard premium carpet floor mats. The floor mats can be upgraded to a high-quality weather-resistant rubber mat. Additionally, there is a standard six-speaker surround system that can be upgraded to a nine-speaker setup. The front seats are bucket-style which provides a lot of comfort when seated so low to the ground. Each is wrapped in a comfortable fabric cloth covering.  

The Mustang comes standard with a manual climate control air conditioning and heating system, but it can be upgraded to a Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control system. This upgraded climate control gives each person on both the driver and passenger side total control over their respective heating and cooling. 

In Closing

Yellow muscle car Ford Mustang in the desert, How Many Seats Does A Ford Mustang Have?

The Ford Mustang is a large enough vehicle to seat four passengers, but the two front seats are much more comfortable by far. There is enough space in the front seat for large adults, but the rear seats are better suited for kids or smaller people. In any case, you can easily put a car seat in the back and use the seats as needed. There is one large door on both sides of the Mustang that provide perfect access to the front and back seats. You won't be able to use a Mustang to move, but it should fit you and three other passengers comfortably. 

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