16 Awesome Gift Ideas for Mustang Lovers

Luxurious black Ford Mustang on a rocky patch of road with dim lights turned on, 16 Awesome Gift Ideas for Mustang LoversIs there a Mustang fan in your life? We have some awesome gift ideas geared specifically for Mustang lovers!

The Mustang is perhaps the most iconic of all American vehicles. From its beginnings in the 1960s all the way up to its current configuration, it's a car that inspires loyalty. Mustang people gather for rallies, trade stories about the cars that were, and show off the ones they have restored it's so fun to gift shop for a Mustang aficionado. You know what they love, which helps make your search that much easier. We've found a collection of sixteen gifts sure to please any Mustang lover on your list, and all are available to order easily online.

1. Mustang Inspired Boombox

This portable Bluetooth speaker is made to look like a classic '65 Mustang's radio. The tuning knobs for the FM/AM radio have retro speedometer styling. Charges with a USB cable or power adapter and features easy-connect Bluetooth to pair with your favorite device. This is a great little player for the garage or the car rally.

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2. Classic Mustang Tin Sign

This is a really cool tin sign that reproduces an old Ford Mustang advertisement. It has pre-drilled holes and rolled edges for easy hanging and safety. It features a classic Mustang convertible superimposed over the Mustang emblem. What a great piece of wall decor for the huge Mustang lover in your life. It's a great size at 16" x 12.5" to fit in all sorts of spots.

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3. Mustang Bi-Fold Wallet

You know they spend all their money on their car habit, so why not give them a wallet that speaks the truth. This wallet measures 4.0x3.5x0.5 inches and features the standard billfold, five card slots, and a windowed ID holder. It's made of vegan leather, and it's licensed by Ford. The maker uses an advanced printing technology that ensures years of use without fading.

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4. History Of The Mustang Wall Clock

This clock takes you back through the years of the Mustang, with each hour representing a different year's model. This sound clock gives you the roar of a Mustang's engine at the top of each hour. A light sensor deactivates the noise when the room is dark, so you don't need to worry about it waking you up. Pretty cool, right? It takes 3 AA batteries and is about 13" in diameter.

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5. Heavy-Duty Chrome Mustang Key Chain

This 3D heavyweight key chain is the perfect gift to either accompany a key to the new car, or to give to someone who just bought a new, or new to them, Mustang. It's made of durable chrome-plated metal alloy and comes with a 1 1/2" keyring.

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6. Neon Mustang Light

You will win multiple brownie points if you wrap up this beauty for your favorite Mustang fan. This neon light sign hangs from a chain and is illuminated within a piece of glass. It plugs into a standard outlet. Size is about 8" x 12". This would be super for any wall.

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7. Mustang Cobra T-Shirt

This shirt honors one of the baddest Mustang models there is—the 1968 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet. This poly-cotton blend T-shirt has a retro feel and vintage look that will be a favorite in your gift recipient's closet. It's available in all of the regular sizes as well as plus sizes. Colors look as they are represented in the photo.

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8. Ford Mustang Evolution 1000 Piece Puzzle

Are the roads icy and your favorite Mustang driver can't get out to play in their car? Well, how about this great puzzle to relieve the boredom. The 1000 piece puzzle comes together to reveal a historical image of Mustangs from the beginning with 29 different models in all different colors. The finished puzzle size is 19.25" x 26.5". Once put together, why not glue it to a board and frame it? It's just that cool.

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9. Mustang Highway Sign

Here's a fun surprise for your Mustang crazed car friend: an embossed sign in the shape of a shield. It has pre-drilled holes for super easy hanging, and the phrase "Mustang Highway" with the iconic Mustang logo will look smashing on the wall of any man cave, garage, or teen's room. You've probably already figured out exactly who this gift will be perfect for.

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10. Vintage Album Mustang Wall Clock

This clock is pure ingenuity. Crafted from an old 33rpm album, this clock is repurposed, recycled, and revved up. The Ford Mustang logo is cut out of the top, and a silhouette of a Mustang and the waves of the road complete the image. In the center is an analog clock that runs from 1 AA battery. The old album is 12" in diameter.

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11. Grip Fender Cover With Mustang Logo

Here's a super gift for the car restorer in your life. This grippy fender cover drapes over the edge of the car, protecting it from any dings from tools, belt buckles, or the like. It's a heavy-duty material and measures 22" x 34". It's non-reactive to all engine fluids, so the user doesn't have to worry about spills, and those fluids won't leak through. It's washable and an official licensed logo product. The Mustang logo on this one is unique, with yellow and orange flames covering a black Mustang body.

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12. Mustang Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

The last thing anyone wants to do is spill any sort of liquid inside of a pristine restored Ford Mustang. That's what makes this travel tumbler a perfect gift. In fact, why not gift two of them, so the passenger and the driver are prepared. This tumbler is in black with the Ford Mustang logo in silver to match the stainless steel rim. It has a press-on lid with a sliding drinking opening. It fits in most cup holders and holds 14 oz. of liquids.

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13. Ford Mustang History Coffee Table Book

Here is the definitive history of the Ford Mustang in images. With over 400 individual photos from historic and media archives, this is a book that should occupy the shelf of every Mustang lover. It's written by acclaimed Mustang writer, Donald Farr and was created in cooperation with the Ford Motor Company.

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14. Mustang Evolution Poster Print

This stunning poster compiles a visual history of the lineage of Ford Mustang cars. The poster is 24" x 36" and is available unframed, framed, or laminated. Fifty different models are printed on the poster, with each car's year marked below it. At the bottom, it says, "Evolution of a Thoroughbred."

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15. Ford Mustang Boss Lighted Canvas Wall Art

This piece of wall art is super unique. It features the imagery of a 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 model. Fiber optic lights installed behind the canvas light up the headlights, the running lights, and the highway stripes. It requires 2 AA batteries and has an on/off switch if you'd rather not have the lights on. The overall size is 12"H x 15.75"W x .75"L.  This sporty yellow Mustang is sure to light up someone's life.

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16. Mustang Embossed Circular Sign

This is a nice 12" diameter tin sign. It features the classic Mustang logo on a silver background. Across the top, it says "The Legend Lives" and "Mustang" on the bottom. Great for a rec room, garage, bedroom, or office. This gift will be sure to put a smile on your favorite muscle car friend's face.

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There's a little bit of everything on this list, but for the Mustang fan, anything you choose that recognizes their passion is a winning gift. Have a great time selecting that perfect item.

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