10 Ford Mustang Blankets That Fans Would LOVE

Ford Mustang and blanket on bed collage photo, 10 Ford Mustang Blankets That Fans Would LOVEDo you have a Ford Mustang lover in your family? A blanket with their favorite car on it could be a perfect gift for them. But finding a top-tier Ford Mustang blanket can be challenging due to the various options.

A good starting point would be looking at each option's design materials. These need to be durable and comfortable, such as microfiber or polyester. Otherwise, there's no point in buying one in the first place. Other key elements include being lightweight, machine washable, and fade-resistant. These features will have an impact on a person's happiness with their new blanket.

We intend to make sure they're happy by going over ten excellent examples. Let's see what one fits your situation the best!

1. C-Joy Mustang Polar Fleece Blanket

Our first option is 100% polar fleece made from breathable wool. This material will keep a person warm during those harsh winter nights. Using it on summer nights won't be an issue, either.

The blanket is available in three sizes, so you can get it just right for your couch or bed. Fans of all ages will enjoy this sprawled on display in their home. 

Its light design makes it ideal for travel, as storing this product will never be a problem. If the blanket gets dirty during a trip, it's machine washable (gentle cycle, cold) to ensure easy cleaning. The beautiful blue Ford Mustang print is made with fade-resistant qualities so that it will stay vibrant.

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2. Mustang SVT Cobra Shelby Flannel Fleece Blanket

C-Joy gives us another stunning choice with the flannel fleece, Mustang SVT Cobra Shelby blanket. This could be an excellent holiday gift as it's pure white background is reminiscent of a snowy, cozy winter scene.

This blanket is adaptable with your choice of three sizes: 50" X 40", 60" X 50", and 80" X 60". Both children and adults snuggle into this fuzzy fleece. The larger version would be an excellent blanket for afternoon park adventures. Its anti-pilling fleece material will make for a comfortable sitting place.

It's a little more expensive than some others on our list, so you'll have to decide whether the winter-themed design is worth the increased price.

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3. Lantern Press Vintage 1966 Ford Mustang Plush Blanket

Are you looking for a classic Ford Mustang print? Lantern Press has it covered with their 1966 Ford Mustang Plush Blanket. It'd be a perfect option for any older muscle car fans out there.

It offers unmatched durability with its premium fleece design. This construction ensures issues like tears or fading won't be a problem. You should expect this blanket to last more than a few years.

The premium fleece will offer a fluffy and cozy feel as well. Its large size, 60" X 80", will have no problems covering most beds. Your whole body will be able to stretch out and enjoy the comfort it offers.

As for the Mustang print, it's backed by a beautiful sunset background. Nobody will complain about having this work of art in their homes.

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4. Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Shelby Hooded Blanket

This next option is an appealing choice for use during a festival or concert. It's a hooded blanket to ensure you can wrap up within its cozy confines. The ultra-soft fabric will keep any chill from ruining your experience.

Its Shelby Cobra print gives the blanket a sense of toughness, mimicking the car itself. The product's microfiber fleece construction backs it up by being tear-resistance. You should expect long-lasting results from this blanket.

The blanket's available in three sizes, ranging from 50" X 40" to 80" X 60". It's a nice touch by CIWO Cks to ensure it can work for a wide range of purposes. Some of these include camping, traveling, at home, or even on a picnic.

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5. Mustang GT Logo Ultra-Soft Micro Fleece Blanket

If you're looking for a simple option, this blanket is a good choice. It doesn't go too far with the Ford Mustang print. This model uses a logo rather than the entire car printed on it.

It's machine washable, lightweight, easy to compact, and resistant to shrinking. You couldn't ask for much more from a blanket than these features.

Buyers praise the softness of this blanket. Its anti-pilling fleece material seems to offer a level of comfort that other options can't reach. They even throw in a 100% satisfaction guarantee for good measure.

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6. Ford Mustang Fleece Throw Blanket

Fjb11 offers a more detailed design with its in-depth black Ford Mustang print. It could be a real delight for a true Mustang fan. The product's multi-purpose abilities should excite them as well.

It has variations suitable for a throw or twin, full, and queen-sized beds. You could buy in bulk and get one for each member of the family. It'd be a smart long-term investment because of its top-tier durability and comfort.

The product also won't become faded or wrinkled in the wash. It has resistance abilities for each issue to ensure it looks good for a long time. It'd be a perfect addition to a Mustang lover's home.

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7. Ford Mustang Micro-Pile Blanket

This Heart Yan blanket has to be one of our more convenient options. Its 100%e polyester material offers a super soft, anti-pilling, and lightweight design to ensure long-term use. Buyers can expect it to be comfortable all-year-round. 

This print would be an eye-catcher for anyone who walks into the room. It's not an easy thing to miss, displayed proudly atop your bed, or tossed over your couch.

This blanket is easy to store for travel purposes. Its price tag is affordable, which is always a desirable trait. It could be the best deal on our entire list, considering price and features.

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8. CIWO Cks RWB Ford Mustang Hooded Blanket

Our second option from CIWO Cks is another hooded blanket. But this time featuring the RWB Ford Mustang logo. It's a bit more low-key than their Shelby Cobra model from earlier.

Aside from this difference, it offers every aspect the previous option did. These include an affordable price, lightweight design, cozy wrapping aspect, microfiber fleece construction, and three size choices.

These features make it perfect for staying warm and under the radar. Buyers were quite pleased with how it handled those cold winter nights. Those chilling temperatures were no match for its cozy warmth.

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9. Lantern Press Rear of Ford Mustang Plush Blanket

Lantern Press' Rear of Ford Mustang Plush Blanket was made with care. It has features like the hemmed edges and gorgeous rear Mustang print. Honestly, its attention to detail is astounding.

But none of this matters without the blanket being comfortable. Thankfully, it earns top marks with its premium fleece material. Sleeping under this blanket will be a delight for anyone lucky enough to experience it.

The blanket will cover a lot of space, too, with its 60" X 80" size. It should be a great fit for various activities, ranging from camping to sleeping at home. Its 2.2-pound weight will make carrying it a breeze.

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10. Lush Decor Race Cars Sherpa Throw Blanket

Our last product is a reversible sherpa blanket with a different design approach. It features numerous cars rather than a single logo, making it more suitable for a kid.

Its 100% polyester design material is a favorite among other buyers. This material makes it machine washable, stain-resistant, and soft. People have found many uses for it like use in their pet's crates, living room, or a nursery.

The two color options are other appealing traits. If you're willing to spend extra, the navy blue choice is fantastic. It would mesh well into almost any situation.

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