How Long Do Tires Last On A Tesla?

Premium vehicles should come with premium tires. For the amount of money you pay for a Tesla, you'd hope the tires would last for quite a while. If you just purchased a Tesla and wondered how long you could expect the tires to last, we can help you. Let's get into the answer below!

The factory-installed tires from Tesla will last the consumer an average of 30,000 miles. However, the way the vehicle is driven and maintained and what conditions the tires are exposed to can significantly impact this timeline.

Now that we know the average factory-installed Tesla tire will last 30,000 miles, we'll look at how to get the most out of these tires. You might also be wondering how much it costs to replace a tire on a Tesla or if Tesla tires wear out faster than other tires. For the answers, read ahead!

Michelin Tires on a Tesla Model 3 parked while Supercharging on the Tesla Fast Charging Network, How Long Do Tires Last On A Tesla?

How To Make Your Tesla Tires Last

It's impossible to predict exactly how long any tire will last. There are numerous variables, some in your control and some out of it, that will impact the useful life of auto tires.

But while you cannot control random vandalism, unexpected road hazards, or mother nature, you can control several factors that will greatly add to the life of your tires.

Red Tesla electric car wheel

Let's take a look at the best ways to get the most out of Tesla tires below:

Regular Tire Rotation

Any passenger vehicle will need to have its tires regularly rotated. This ensures a more even wear and will make your tires last longer.

Tesla recommends that the tires they install on their vehicles get a rotation every 6,250 miles. Keep with this part of your regular maintenance schedule, and you'll get the most out of your tires.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Like any tire, the tires on your Tesla will lose air over time. This can be for many reasons, but even a brand new tire that has never been placed on a vehicle will slowly leak air.

Driving on underinflated tires creates more friction when the tire is spinning on the roadway. This excess heat will damage the tire. It can also cause the tire to wear unevenly and even make a blowout happen.

Know what PSI your tires should be inflated to and check them every two weeks with a quality tire gauge. 

Careful Driving

While you cannot possibly see every little nail or screw in the road, you can certainly be alert when you drive and miss objects that will damage your tires.

Be careful when parking so you don't "curb check." Avoid potholes as much as possible. When you must drive over one, do it at a much slower speed.

How you maneuver your vehicle will go a long way in protecting your tires and other wearable parts.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tesla's Tires?

The price per tire for your Tesla will depend on the brand of tire and the model Tesla you are driving. The range is quite significant, starting at $196.99 and going as high as $377.99.

Here, we've broken down the price ranges by Tesla model to make it easier for you:

  • 3 - tires range from $196.99 to $299.99.
  • Y - tires range from $279.99 to $313.99.
  • S - tires range from $220.99 to $377.99.
  • X - tires range from $278.99 to $355.99.

These prices are much higher than tires placed on vehicles with gasoline-powered engines. Of course, you can put non-Tesla tires on your Tesla so long as it is compatible with the car.

But understand that Tesla's tires are engineered for a fully electric vehicle and that putting other tires on it will cause those tires to wear out much faster. We'll talk more about that ahead in the post.

Tesla Service Center

Do Tesla Tires Wear Out Faster Than Other Brands?

You might have heard that fully electric vehicles will have their tires worn sooner than conventional vehicles. The tires in this type of vehicle have constant torque applied to propel them in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Being a fully electric vehicle, Tesla is no different. These tires will wear out at a rate that is generally 10% faster than tires on another gasoline-powered one.

These tires are meant to handle all of the extra torque they will receive. Tires not explicitly engineered for a fully electric vehicle will not be able to withstand the extra torque and, as a result, will wear out much faster.

Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021 MY drives on a highway

Do Tesla's Come With A Spare Tire?

Some newer model vehicles are not coming equipped with a spare tire. You'll find that some automakers are getting away from even providing their cars with an emergency donut tire.

Tesla does not have a spare tire of any kind on their vehicles.

Citing statistics that show most spares are never used, coupled with 60% of people not knowing how to change a tire, they opted out of putting an extra with their cars.

There are full-sized spares that you can purchase from any tire dealer for those who are cautious.

Keeping one in your Tesla will take up a good amount of cargo room, but some will sacrifice that for the peace of mind of having a spare tire.

facade of Tesla store at night

What Is Tesla Roadside Assistance?

So what happens if you break down or have a flat tire in a Tesla? Are you on your own?

Thankfully, Tesla has a reputable roadside assistance program that is available 24/7.

If you are stranded somewhere, call (877-798-3752) for a dedicated specialist. They'll dispatch someone to you ASAP who can get you a tire, change it, and get you back on the road.

Online reviews of this service are overwhelmingly positive, with some users claiming that they were back on the road within 45 minutes of calling the hotline.

Do Tesla Tires Come With A Warranty?

Auto manufacturers will not generally warranty the tires on any of their vehicles. Tire warranties are given directly from the tire manufacturer. But they don't cover what you might think they do.

These warranties only cover manufacturer's defects. So if you run over a nail or blow your tire out from hitting a pothole, you won't be covered.

And if your tire wears unevenly due to your vehicle being out of proper alignment, you will void your manufacturer's warranty.

Whenever you purchase new tires from a manufacturer, you will sometimes have the option of getting insurance from them that will cover roadside hazards.

They will usually be covered up to a specific mileage/time. The cost will vary from brand to brand, but the peace of mind is worth considering.

To Finish Up

Michelin Tires on a Tesla Model 3 parked while Supercharging on the Tesla Fast Charging Network

The tires on a Tesla won't last as the tires on a conventional gas-powered vehicle due to how torque is applied. It's advised to only use the engineered tires for Tesla model vehicles, as they are made to operate with more torque.

Though Tesla doesn't offer any spare tires for their cars, they have a great roadside assistance program to help get you back on the road in no time. Drive safe!

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